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Land break in the profibereich – bad again, and definitely the last in the season. The ball rolls on the weekends in Berlin and the surrounding area is naturally beautiful. It includes regular points games, night games, cup games. Und hoffentlich wenige coronabedingte Absagen. Here are some tips for an outing to a little football:


Vormittags in Zehlendorf

We will be able to play at the stadium on Saturday at the stadium in the south-west of Berlin. On the Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld play at 11 o’clock the A-Jugend von Hertha 03 Zehlendorf in the regional league against SV Babelsberg 03. It is a nightmare in an idyllic setting. For the well-paved meeting hours, you will be given direct access.

Directly behind the Glienicker bridge

We are located in the city of Zehlendorf from the Glienicker bridge to Potsdam. Only the Hundert Meter dahinter is located in the Berliner Vorstadt sports complex of the ESV Lokomotiv Potsdam. It is one of the most beautiful football pitches in the area. Directly on the waterfront, with a view of the UNESCO-Welterbeh Park Babelsberg. At 3 pm Lock in the country class West den SV Eiche 05 Weisen.

Ex-Bundesligist in Ludwigsfelde

The Bundesliga is paused, a minor Bundesliga player is on the sidelines: Blau-Weiß 90 war 1986/87 in the First League, serving under Borussia Mönchengladbach and playing against FC Bayern. Am Saisonende ging es trotzdem wieder runter. 1992 war Blau-Weiß 90 pleite, fing unter neuem Namen ganz unten an.

This year you can play again in the old name and have current cards in the regional league. On the way to the Oberliga-Spitzenreiter a match at Ludwigsfelder FC is free (14 hours, Waldstadion).

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Half final in Eichkamp

Also, be sure to watch the cup again. At 2 pm, the Hans-Rosenthal-Sportanlage in Eichkamp is open, and the team is the first in the Berlin Cup. Favorit ist Drittligist FC Viktoria 89, Herausforderer Oberligist Hertha 06. Mit Daniel Volbert stet nach Dietmar Demuth und Volkan Uluc bereits der dritte Trainer der laufenden Saison an der Linie. The second half of the finals will be held on Sunday before the regional league Berliner and VSG Altglienicke (14:00, Poststadion).

Erste Liga im Wildspitzweg

Two Bundesliga parties to Berlin on Sundays are available: On one of the Dörpfeldstraße, the B-Junior junior of the 1st FC Union at the end of the FC Neubrandenburg meeting and at one place on the square three blocks. On the other side of the Wildspitzweg, in Victoria 89 against the Eintracht Braunschweig play (jeweils 14 o’clock).


From a city limit to others

Negotiations with other countries are on the right in Berlin. But you can also get a couple of kilometers together. Etwa am Sonntag für die Spieler des SV Schmöckwitz-Eichwalde. From the Eighth Place in the south-east, very close to the city border, to the Hakenfelde Stadium in Spandau, very close to Brandenburg, you are 50 kilometers away.

Good, but the land game at SSC Teutonia is not allowed under the week of admission, except Sunday at 12 o’clock.

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Spitzenreiter in der Polarena

In addition, there is a similar entrance to the Kunstrasenplatz on the Markgrafenstraße in the Tempelhof daher. Dafür ist der Name, den einer der dort spielenden Klubs für die Anlage verwendet, umso netter: Polarena. The dazugehörige Verein kann nur Polar Pinguin sein. Just like the Kneipentruppe founded, the Polar 2015 from the Leisure League under the roof of the Berlin Football Association. Seitdem gab es vier Aufstiege, aktuell ist das Team Sechster in der Landesliga.

At 2 pm, the supervised BFC table manager will be invited to the Gast. Dessen Trainer is Weltmeister Thomas Häßler, Co-Trainer of the former Hertha-Profi Thorben Marx.

Thomas Häßler (li.) And Thorben Marx are playing a game of BFC Preussen.Photo: Imago Images / Koch

Kleinste überdachte Tribune Berlin

The sun was not there, but a beautiful, overturned tribune was always there. The kindest of their art is located at the “Rasen der Leidenschaften” in Berlin on the Züllichauer Straße.

Topspiel in Lichterfelde

As for the Tribune: The Lichterfelde Stadium was built in 1929 and included in a very high-ranking Old Tribune, in which the cabins are integrated. At 2 pm, the Spitzenspiel in the Regional League-Nordost of the Women meets Victoria 89 and the 1st FC Union. Beide Teams graduated at last week’s first point game in 2022, with additional results: Union played 0: 0 against Carl Zeiss Jena II, Victoria 0: 1 at Bischofswerdaer FV.

On the following day in the Stralsunder Straße

Man kennt das ja: Der Tag neigt sich langsam dem Ende entgegen, doch ein abschließender Spielbesuch würde noch gut passen. Here is the deadline for: 17 o’clock, Stralsunder Straße, Kreisliga C. The second team of Rot-Weiß Viktoria Mitte trifft auf die dritte von VfB / Einheit zu Pankow. Für eines ist in der Kreisliga C ja eigentlich immer gesorgt: Tore. 113 pages in the 19th party of the guest, so 124 at the guest house. On the other hand, on a weekly weekend.

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