You can live in Dorsten and around Ukraine

The button is a week old war in Ukraine, the second man is on the air. Many Dorsteners want to spend. We want to know if we can find you.

Vladislav Sokolowski (l.) And his chef Andreas Hoffmann with a share of the Spenden for Ukraine, the area of ​​the first day of the action at Elektroinstallationsbetrieb Hoffmann on der Marienstraße 18p is closed. © Michael Klein

The official help for the conflict of Ukraine-conflicts is also in Dorsten. The city starts with a special offer and a permanent living room for sale, but also for private individuals and companies can be protected by Sach- oder money.

  • Private Hilfsgüter action by Vladislav Sokolowski: There are canopies (medical goods as well as blankets, raincoats, sleeping bags, isomatten, socks and spicy food and snacks, crackers, crackers, etc.) at the warehouse of Elektroinstallationsbetriebes on der Marienstraße 18p available; only with registration under Tel. (02362) 99944-0 or Tel. (0175) 5846482, damit auch sicher jemand vor Ort ist.
  • Lensing Media Association Verlages: “Boeselager-Stiftung”: This round of two weeks runs the Hilfsaktion unseres Verlages in Kooperation mit csilla-von-Boeselager-Stiftung for Ukraine. The experience is overwhelming. Bisnerstagmittag stone bisher 226,033.33 Euro total. “Das ist einfach gigantisch,” said Jan Voss. It is located on Pate auf deutscher Seite das Hilfsprojekt der Stiftung in Beregovo, in the west of Ukraine, near the Hungarian border. Diese Stadt was bisher noch nicht Ziel russischer Angriffe, gleichwohl gibt es auch dort viele Flüchtlinge. The other points of support of the Foundation in Ukraine are dramatic. Vor allem in Saporischschja, wo vor einigen Tagen das größte Atomkraftwerk Europas beschossen worden war, sei die Not extrem groß. It’s bad for everyone, you have to help yourself again.
    Spendenkokoto: Csilla von Boeselager Stiftung Osteuropahilfe
    Sparkasse Arnsberg-Sundern
    Swiftcode / BIC: WELADED1ARN
    IBAN: DE41 4665 0005 0000 0333 32
  • Help of the city of Dorsten: Wer privately Fluchtende aufnehmen möchte, kann vorhandenen Wohnraum über ein Formur on melden. If you want to contact the city of Dorsten, contact us.
    The Socialist Party offers a course for integration activities, which offers special accommodation and support during the whole day. Who is interested in these interesting facts: Mail at
    “Deutschland hilft action”: Alle Dorstener can choose this action. Send a deposit to the City of Dorsten, Sparkasse Vest, IBAN: DE 46 4265 0150 0010 0007 01, Verwendungszweck “Ukraine-Hilfe”. Wer ende Spendenquittung wünscht, gebe seine Postanschrift mit an. With the speed limit, we can also support the airwaves, the animals here.
  • Dorstener Corona Teststellen: Common Spending Action: One test report has been obtained, a fixed amount of money has been spent, and others have been admitted from the Corona Citizens’ Test in the coming week. We also have to test certain tests, and the test stations are optional. The shares of the joint stock are included in the Spendenkonto der Stadt Dorsten bei der Sparkasse Vest, IBAN: DE 46 4265 0150 0010 0007 01 to be added, in addition to the very large Dorstenerins and Dorstener Spendengelder äberwiesen.
  • Verein TransSilvania Dorsten: Altbürgermeister Lambert Lütkenhorst said: “We want to sell the Dorstener account in our joint account, which we have in Romania in the border region of Lebensmittel and other caretakers for women with their children. The guarantee is personal, but everyone is welcome. ”Das Spendenkonto: TransSilvania eV, Sparkasse Vest, DE43 4265 0150 0016 0160 16
  • G&K Kfz-Teile on the Gelsenkirchener Straße will take people in the war regions. Die ukrainische Botschaft in Stettin ist Kooperationspartnerin. In the Barbarastraße business district, in the following days, “the number of deliveries to the Utensils will be extended”, as Marit Gatzka, a member of the Mitinhaber, said. Dorstener dürfen gerne wieter zu den Geschäftszeiten von 8 bis 17 Uhr Sachspenden abgeben, sagt er.
  • Mikhai Ostapchuk von der Wienbachstraße 22 ist Ukrainer, seit 20 Jahren lebt er in Wulfen. He is in contact with Ukrainian companies and Ukrainian churches. It is a collection of medicines, packaging materials, food ingredients, water mats, hygiene items, batteries. Spenden nmmt er unter Tel: (0176) 72194352 entgegen.
  • The company “Vital Med Rettung- und Brandschutz”, The Lembeck also offers a test center, such as baby food, windmills, hygiene items, preserves, preservatives, medical supplies and medicines. Hilfsgüter can be found in the “Vital Med” driving hall in Endelner Feld 10 (metal construction). Contact: oder Phone: 02369-2497720.
  • Lembeckerin Sylvie Heuserova: The provision of dog and cat fodder in the war zones in Ukraine is well known, but the people of Lembecker are on foot. It can be reached at the Raiffeisenmarkt in Lembeck (Am Sägewerk 77) and at Niewind (Am Pastorat 34).
  • Coordination center Kreis Borken: The municipality of Raesfeld is located on humanitarian aid. Ask the district coordination office: Tel. (02861) 6812500 (montags bis freitags von 9 bis 17 Uhr) or per Mail: Further information at:
  • City of Bottrop: “WIR help”: Sachspenden: Wie Pampers, Trockennahrung, Tierfutter, Wundsalbe, Verbandsmaterial, Hygieneartikel, geladene Powerbänke zur Stromversorgung von Smartphones, Getränke, Decken etc.
    Summelstellen zum einen das ehemalige Karstadt-Gebäude, das die Devello AG zur Verfügung hestellt hat. There are currently 10 to 18 hours of accommodation available. The entrance is located in the delivery area, Poststraße 5-7. The city also has the city’s Immigration Center. The Impfzentrum can be easily installed until 10 o’clock until 16 o’clock.
    The promotion is free of charge on Friday (March 10) and the freight day is a transporter in the direction of Ukraine.
  • Goldschmied Dietz (Kirchhellen) sold Schmuck für die Ukraine: Round 50 pieces of gold-plated food, which in the shoemaker’s shop is a good place. The Goldsmith is not a customer of a grave value as well as worth of snuff. The customers are well-informed and well-behaved, and their lives are well-received and well-known. Currently, Steffen Dietz has a return to the Volksbank Association, a member of the Spendneurlös on a bank account can be transferred to you, from which the money comes from, which is really used.
    Die Goldschmiede Dietz am Johann-Breuker-Platz 1 has access to the following hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm or Wednesday and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

    This list will be updated and will offer a complete offer on the basis of completeness. If you also have a Spend project, you can also send an e-mail

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