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From: Tim Vincent Dicke


In the area of ​​the Order of the Border Guards Eschwege is the mobile Blitzer out – a new device for the 2022 year of use. © Photo: Carsten Rehder / dpa

In Kassel, Göttingen and the surrounding area, the Behörden can be found on mobile Blitzer. Here are the radar falls between March 21, 2022 and March 27, 2022.

Kassel – Rasen can be found for drivers, and Blitzer can also be found in Hessen at the Landes’ Office. The city of Kassel *, the Hersfeld-Rotenburg region, the Göttingen district and the Northeim district also have a weekly mobile flash drive.

Doch wo befinden sich die Blitzer in Kassel und dem Umland? You can see the cities and districts of the Radarfall. The applications should be supported, if necessary, by applying the brakes. Find all current Blitzer resorts in the region.

Mobile Blitzer in Kassel and surroundings on Monday – best location

In Kassel, check the tax collectors and the tax collector of the order of affairs on the roads and week. The city is now well established, with Blitzer between Monday (March 21, 2022) and Sunday (March 27, 2022) being – and has a receipt for all traffic jams. “Please keep the time limits in general,” he said on the city’s homepage. Here are the mobile devices in the room:

  • Moritzstraße
  • Grenzweg
  • Ihringshäuser Straße
  • Kunoldstraße
  • Breitscheidstraße

Neben den mobilen Blitzern hat Kassel stationäre Messanlagen aufgestellt. The city is well-known for its fast-paced entertainment activities. By permanently overtaking, the driver will be able to drive a long-distance, long-distance driver.

  • Wilhelmshöher Allee, Höhe Sophienstraße (Messages in many directions)
  • Bundesstraße 83, Höhe Lilienthalstraße (Messages in direct directions)
  • Frankfurter Straße, Höhe Horst ‐ Dieter ‐ Jordan ‐ Straße (City Standing Message)
  • Steinweg, Höhe Zwehrenturm (Measurement in reverse directions)

Mobile Blitzer in Göttingen and surroundings: Warning for drivers

Also in the region at Göttingen see Blitzer. The Landkreis Göttingen uses the messages of the United States as a result of the misconduct of the authorities as well as the “partnerships and agreements of the Verhaltens el Verkehrsteilnehmer”.

Stadt Hann. Münden, Duderstadt, Herzberg am Harz, Bad Grund (Harz)
Gleichen Municipality, Herzberg am Harz, Osterode am Harz
Gemeinde Staufenberg, Samtgemeinde Gieboldehausen
Flecken Adelebsen, Bad Lauterberg im Harz, Bad Sachsa, Duderstadt
Flecken Bovenden, Samtgemeinde Hattorf am Harz, Stadt Herzberg am Harz, Stadt Osterode am Harz

The resorts can be found on the list. The groundwork: In the Göttingen district, we have to check with the police – also by the police – and situation-dependent changes in the plan. There is also an “Enforcement Trailer” * for sale. On this basis, a speed limiter is found, and the round about the watch can be. The location of the alarming trailers can be seen at any time.

Blitzer in Kreis Northeim: Here you can see the driver

Raum Hardegsen / Uslar
Raum Northeim / Katlenburg
Raum Bad Gandersheim / Kalefeld
Raum Einbeck / Dassel
Raum Nörten-Hardenberg / Moringen

In addition to the total area of ​​Northeim, you must be able to use Blitzern. Also, the semester stations “Alice” * are located on Monday (March 21, 2022) until Thursday (March 24, 2022) in Raum Hardegsen and on Friday (March 25, 2022) until Monday (March 28, 2022) in Raum Moringen. “For the sake of speed, you will be able to do the best in your life on the road, so be careful,” said the Landkreis.

Blitzer in Hersfeld-Rotenburg: Osthessen Police Station not located

Also in Osthessen, the police station is open to the public, and in the commemorative week it will be published. In the time of March 21, 2022, until March 25, 2022, there were other Blitzer roads on the following streets:

A7, between the Homberg / Efze and Hersfeld / West connections
L3176, Hünfeld Hemarkung, in Hünfeld Fahrtrichtung
Schotten, Laubacher Str., In Laubach Driving School
B27, Hemarkung Haunetal, in Fahrtrichtung Bad Hersfeld
K110, Fulda, in the Karl-Storch-Straße direction

In the main focus of the beams in Osthessen, there are special stops on the roads outside the closed areas as well as the motorways. Also in the Hersfeld-Rothenburg region, the police station on the “Enforcement Trailer”.

Wichtiger Hinweis: This article will be available on a weekly basis, including the latest locations and dates of the Blitzer. (tvd) * hna.de is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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