WM-Qualifikation: Österreichs Frauen bei Pflichtsieg in Torlaune

In the case of Hinspiel in Liepaja, it is possible to obtain a WM-qualification of 0: 1 to give a clarity of 8: 1 to a maximum value of the clarity. In the case of Sarah Puntigam, a self-contained handler was used (10th) and a pair of coils were used to replace the left hand (14th). .

This means that the ÖFB sparkling wire is used to replace the chancellor. hatten bei einem Stangenschuss von Barbara Dunst Pech. On the other hand, 58 minutes from Katharina Schiechtl, on the other side of the train. This is the case with Maria Plattner, who is a scholarship member of the Schutzenliste (64.). At 6: 0, Katharina Naschenweng, Lettlands Torfrau Enija-Anna Vaivode mit einem direkt verwandelten Freistoß (68.) überraschte. At 7: 0, Lisa Makas (76.) was born, and Plattner with a three-fold turn (92.)

The score was 3: 0

Celina Degen trifft bei ihrem Startelfdebüt. The 20-day run is only 3 to 0 in (16).

“We have been able to do so in the past. We have found that this is not the case and that it is not possible to do so, ”said Teamchefin Fuhrmann of ORF-Interview. ‘If a sparkling product is found, it is possible to use it. They are both dynamic and self-contained. These are very difficult to use, but they are also used in other areas. In this case, the premiums may be granted. This is the best way to go about it and it will work for you. ”

For the purposes of the Nord-Siege Act

The mixture is dried to a 3: 1 ratio in the form of a mixture. Zwei betrafen den Angriff, wo Lisa Kolb anstelle von Toptorjägerin Nicole Billa und Julia Hickelsberger-Füller für Naschenweng begann. Im Mitteldeld durfte Marie Therese Höbinger anstelle von Laura Feiersinger ran. In the present case, Marina Georgieva was appointed. For the purposes of this Regulation, Laura Wienroither den Vorzug. The gonorrhea of ​​the coronavirus infection was performed by Viktoria Schnaderbeck on behalf of the Bank.

Puntigam per Elfer zur Führung

The handpiece is also suitable for the ÖFB-Frauen. Sarah Puntigam tritt an und verwandelt souverän zum 1: 0 (10.)

We would like to know that this product does not fall within the scope of this Regulation. The splice is further derived from the Latvian alpha as well as in the case of an overhang. Ein unnötiges Handspiel von Kapitänin Sandra Voitane war der Anfang vom Ende. Puntigam verwandelte den Elfmeter in ihrer 118. Partie souverän. One minute after the last leg of the French Legionnaire with a speed of 20 meters from the Kreuzeck den Nächsten Treffer nach. Dem noch nicht genug, köpfelte Degen eine Maßflanke von Barbara Dunst ins Tor.

Stange verhindert höhere Pausenführung

Pech verhinderte eine höhere Pausenführung. Freiburgs Kolb schoss an die Stange (20.), ein Abschluss von Schiechtl wurde von Lettlands Torfrau Enija-Anna Vaivode dorthin gelenkt (21.). The other parts of the plant are subject to the conditions laid down by the Swedish Government, and the Swedish company is responsible for the operation of the underside.

Naschenweng trifft through Freistoß

The free hand of Katharina Naschenweng got a freund and a small turn and mixed 6: 0 in Tor (68.).

These measures were taken by the Nasschenweng, Feiersinger and Plattner to the right of the Swedish authorities. Schiechtl traf per Kopf nach einem Naschenweng-Corner (58.), zudem agierte Plattner im Abschluss kaltschnäuzig. Ab der 68. Minute duration of the Schnaderbeck spielpraxis sammeln. Danach competes with Naschenweng and freistoß direct and passes to Makas, for the first time in the EM 2017 traffic transfer, in the absence. For the purposes of the decision, the Plattner was replaced by a third party.

Rennen um gute Position für Play-off

This new event in the event of an event in the European Championships in England is a wake-up call for WM-Play-offs. This is the case where the transfer price is valid for a third country from the country where the WM-Ticket is issued. The best possible group is established in the Play-off Round.

Plattner fixed 8: 0-Endstand

The 8: 0 end was fixed by Maria Plattner at the end of 92 minutes.

This is the case where the Teams have been fixed for the 2020nd term between Australia and New Zealand. The Intermediate-Play-Off Team will be scheduled for February 2023 with a chance to qualify. For example, the WM-Schedule may be used for the purpose of the Parties. For the purposes of the WMF Qualification, the ÖFB Group was approved on 3 September at the end of the year in the United Kingdom and on 6 September at the end of the year.

Stimmen zum Spiel:

Sarah Puntigam (zweifache ÖFB-Torschützin): “We have been involved in the work of Gegner. Ich denke, wir haben es gutacht, gute Leasungen gefunden und viore Tore gemacht, das ist immer schön. Wichtig ist, dass wironnen haben, es ist egal, wer die Tore schießt. Wir können schon das eine oder andere Tor mehr machen, aber 8: 0 ist ein super Ergebnis. What is needed here. In this case, the first step is taken. Bei der Euro wird es ganz etwas anderes. Da haben wir andere Gegner, stärkere Gegner. That is not the case. “

Maria Plattner (zweifache ÖFB-Torschützin): „The glaze, which is the same as in the case of a spatula, is described below as having been used in the form of a spatula and the tongue of the sputum. In this case, the name of the company is set at zero, even if it is naturally occurring. These measures may be taken in such a way as to ensure that the goods are used and the capacity is reduced. ‘

Frauen-WM-Qualifikation, Gruppe D


Österreich – Lettland 8: 0 (3: 0)

Stadium Wiener Neustadt, 1,350 Zuschauer, SR Valentova (SVK)

1: 0 Puntigam (10./Elfmeter)
2: 0 Puntigam (14th)
3: 0 Degen (16th)
4: 0 Schiechtl (58.)
5: 0 Plattner (64th)
6: 0 Naschenweng (68th)
7: 0 Makas (76th)
8: 0 Plattner (92nd)

Austria with: Zinsberger – Schiechtl, Wenninger (68./Schnaderbeck), Degen – Dunst, Zadrazil (46./Feiersinger), Puntigam, Höbinger, Hanshaw (46./Naschenweng) – Kolb (56./Makas), Hickelsberger-Füller (46. / Plattner)

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