With bicycle on the detection tour in Kiel and surroundings

Germany will always be to the bicycle country. Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer sells, 1.46 billion Euros for the year 2023 in more bicycles for investment. Changes are also available on the land as well as in different cities – Kiel is also on the list.

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Kiel at night offers a fascinating view.

Why drive a bicycle?

Erfreulicherweise sind immer mehr Menschen mit Citybike und Co. in our German cities underway. You will also be able to use the bicycle racks and e-bikes for the fortress in the city, as well as the market – at the dealership – for specialists, one of the travel models is suitable. For the Alltag in the city, there is a possible choice of a city bike, the optimal option, which is easy, easy and cheap. Although it is a natural variety of options, so that one of the optimal guides is given. There are many good grounds, driving to drive, give:

  • Time and cost savings – Unabhängigkeit von öffentlichen, häufig verspäteten Verkehrsmitteln, Staus und Langwieriger Parkingplatzsuche; is fallen weder Versicherungs- noch Spritkosen, Kfz-Steuer und Parkgebühren an
  • Beautiful environment – the Klimawandel hangs like a Damokless value over us; is equipped with the car from the garage, produced by CO2 and makes external noise
  • Health aspect – Cycling keeps fit, sorts for better outsourcing, has a strong heart rate system, steals our concentration and also has personal well-being and help with stress management.
  • Sportart, the savior makes – comfortable work is possible in all areas, cities and countries from a new perspective; Attractions and tours to attractive attractions with family or friends make a favorite leisure activity with young people and others

The most beautiful rides in Kiel

Kiel is a charming town in an attractive location directly on the Ostsee. In the summer it is closed for a refreshment while waiting for a return trip with a bicycle. White sand beaches are available for a break or a picky pick. There are also various cafés and restaurants in Kiel, which are traditional and international. After choosing the route, the bike tour with interesting interest is connected.

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Bike tours for unforgettable moments in life.

Bicycle tour Kieler Süden

The south of the Schleswig-Holstein state landscape is preserved with its extensive natural landscape. The roller coaster has a strong forest air and the view on the selected fields as well as the river Eider. Unterwegs trifft man auf viele idylische Plätze, an denen sich bestens entspannen läst. The Badestelle Schierensee, the Museum of World Heritage, is located on the grounds of demolition.

  • Start / Ziel: Hauptbahnhof Kiel
  • Distance: 75.5 Kilometers
  • Driving time: about 3.5 hours

Bike tour Probstei und Förde

The sunset is in the maritime atmosphere of the Kieler Forde. Unscrupulous snowy sails glide with deep blue over the world. Powerful ferries can be reached on the way to the city center. The probstei is open to tourists with a flair and a painterly landscape from the beaches, Wiesen and Seen. It is recommended to have an intermediate stop in the laboratory for visiting the technical museums U-995, the conclusion about the excellent life of the marine soldiers in the second World War.

  • Start / End: Dorfteich Schönkirchen
  • Distance: 42 Kilometers
  • Driving time: about 3 hours

Mountain bike tour Kieler Wege

These tracks can be used for mountain bikes. The Landeshauptstadt Schleswig-Holsteins is also located on the outstanding route. The Kieler Wege round trip takes 55.2 meters of Kuckucksberg, which is located in the Langensee, Kuckucksberg and surroundings landscape area. It offers valuable living rooms for many animals and plants. After a long trip, you can enjoy mountain biking in the genus. For a leisurely break you can enjoy the sports and recreation park Gaarden.

  • Start / End: Radstation Umsteiger
  • Distance: 17.4 Kilometers
  • Driving time: about 2 hours

Bicycle tour Eckernförder Bay

Radliebhaber, die ihren Urlaub in Kiel verbringen, sollten auf die Tour entlang der malerischen Eckernförder Bucht nicht verzichten. You can enjoy panoramic views of the sea and on the steel corners Stohl and Sweden. Bevor es dieselbe Strecke zurückgeht, ladt der Südstrand in Eckernförde mit seinem weichen Sand zu einer Ruhepause ein. Wer auf der Suche nach einem tollen Fotomotiv ist, plant am besten einen Abstecher zum Leuchtturm Bülk ein. The sports friends can combine the cycling tour with the unparalleled cages in the Altenholz / Eckernförde Hochseilgarten.

  • Start / End: Kieler Stadtteil Schilksee
  • Distance: 52.6 Kilometers
  • Driving time: about 2 hours

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In the Eckernförde, you can enjoy the sunset.

Bike tour beautiful views

The name shows that the lanes of this track, on the radler with fantastic views, are: The old Levensauer Hochbrücke is also known for its Schleswig-Holstein landesinner shchauen. In the Danish-Nienhof town hall can be seen in the clear weather with the Fernglas up to Denmark. It is also the view of the high bridge over the fort with the locks as well as the canal. For one of the most interesting stings, there are fish dishes with freshly fried herring and co. on the promenade in the beach perfectly perfect.

  • Start / End: Kieler Hauptbahnhof
  • Distance: 54 Kilometers
  • Driving time: about 2.5 hours

Small Kieler bike tour

A great family flight can be found on this very easy course. There is also an attractive Channel, which is also overcrowded and can be overlooked – the round tour on the Wunsch is still open. Zum Einkehren also offers Café des Guts Warleberg an. You can also enjoy the season in the cold store with fresh fruit, dark pearls, southerly and sour cherries, beef, Johannesbeer, Heidelbeer, marmalades and sweets in the offer.

  • Start / Ziel: Place Belvedere in Kiel
  • Distance: 28 Kilometers
  • Driving time: about 1 hour

Bike tour Seenrundfahrt

The roller coaster can be found on this road with a view of the Seen Passader, Dobersdorfer and Selenter. The Kieler Harbor is located on the highlights of the Seenrund round trip, and the regular events are open to the public. Dazu has the Kieler Week, the world-wide Sailor Sports Hall and the Volksfest Nordeuropas gilt. The cyclist, who, as a tour point of the June, has chosen, does not know this festival: Facettenreiche Live-Musikshows can be found on the program of the international market as the Schlemmen and Fejern.

  • Start / End: Kieler Stadtteil Oppendorf
  • Distance: 61.5 Kilometers
  • Vehicle time: about 2.5 hours

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