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The Serbian Topstar Novak Djokovic nennt es “verrückt”. The WTA, ATP and Martina Navratilova are found to be sanctioned. The alliance of Wimbledon with the breakdown of Russian and Belarusian tennis professionals has led to criticism and discussion.

The prestigeträchtigsten Tennis-Tournament is a member of the World Cup in the United States.

The organizers of this meeting have decided not to accept the accession of the Russian Federation to Ukraine. It is therefore possible to use the provisions of the Rules of Procedure and the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament in the context of the construction of tennis courts.

“These are not complete,” said the Swedish spokeswoman Jelena Switolina der BBC. “We have not been able to meet the requirements of the Russian Government, but also in Austria.” These Ukrainian spheres have been shown to be 27-fold for the organization WTA and ATP in the Russian and Belarusian spheres, for example.

Athletes and athletes are all involved in the work of the Serbian German-Hungarian Dexist. “The policy in the field of sport has not been achieved,” said the Wimbledonsieger. For the purposes of this Regulation, the Association of the Balkans has been established. Erste der Erste, der Kriege verurteile, betonte Djokovic auch mit Blick auf das Leid der Zivilbevölkerung in Kriegen.

Navratilova: Tennis is a “democratic sport”

The Tennis Icon Navratilova fühlt mit der ukraininis Bevölkerung and den Sportlern, hämens auschluss for the traditional Grand Slam Tournament on 27. juni bis 10. juli aber für falsch. “Tennis is one of the most important sports in the sport. Der Krieg sei schrecklich. Derived from the towing of the towing vehicle, it was errderlich sei.

Wimbledon greift zinem Schritt, der andere Maßnahmen im Tennis überschreitet. The Welsh International Trade Association of Russia and Belarus is a member of the Russian Federation in the field of the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup. Wimbledon is a member of the Tournament, and the Russian and German invasions of the Russian Invasion in Ukraine.

The ATP and WTA tours of Russia and Belarus are not included in the national budget. The landfill in the city of Stuttgart is considered to be the main destination and the plan for the production of Wimbledon-Halbfinalistin Sabalenka in Belarus. The Grand-Slam Tournament will enter the French Open in Paris an.

WTA and ATP are used in the preparation

The professional organizations of WTA and ATP react with the Critics, and the work of the classical experts in the field of food has been improved. The ATP will be “unfair”, the nationality of which is discriminatory, and the effect of “potentially unfavorable”.

The WTA is designed and used for the purpose of carrying out the operation of the dam organization. “The WTA is completely embedded in concrete, which is not suitable for the use of sports equipment and equipment for the construction of the construction of the western part of the construction work.”

The Wimbledon-Organizisatoren räumten ein, es sarthe hart for the Betroffenen, dass sie unter the Handler of the Russian Federation, is a member. In the context of the Verwaltungsgerichtsen, the Russian Federation has the right to use the measures provided for in this Regulation. In addition to the requirements of the Russian Federation, the rules of the rules governing the use of tennis professionals in Wimbledon have been adopted. (dpa)

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