What young Essener should I do for Acrobatic Training:

Seit zehn Jahren trainer Acrobatic groups in TV Essen-Bredeney following Hebe- and Wurffiguren. Warum diese Sportart immer beliebter wird.

  • Acrobatics is on TV Bredeney one: right new Sportart:.
  • The groups are listed as: wachsender Beliebtheit:.
  • The Active graduates: Shows and bathrooms:.

Your acrobatics show the acrobatics of the Bredeney Tournament in 1895 – and in the last years Jahren sees the Zuwachs. When training in this sport jungen Sportart so besonders macht and warum man dabei etwas fürs Leben lernt.

Der Verein TV Bredeney konnte bereits vor zwei Jahren sein 125-jähriges Bestehen feiern. Acrobatics as a means of equestrian training has been around since 2012. Join the TVB for new training and set up a training course, training, craft and recreational training. Acrobatic gilt dabei laut TVB-Geschäftsstellenleiterin Ayse-Fatma Kayadelen als „Dauerveranstaltung“ wie etwa Judo and Aikido.

Die Acrobatik-Gruppen des TV Essen-Bredeney gibt es seit zehn Jahren

“The acrobatics are exactly the same as Bodenturnen,” says Gerhard Schupp, CEO of Bredeney TV. Posts about Flickflack or Rad seien die Grundlage. You can stay in Bredeney for many years with a small group of 30 children and young people, and now you have around 150 active members of the Academy for acrobatic training. Trained in acht Teams, stretched to the Altar and playgrounds.

“Relatively new is the Erwachsenen Group”, by Ayse-Fatma Kayadelen. If you see anfang des Jahres gegründet worden and bestehe vorwiegend aus Ehemaligen, die neben Studium od Beruf weniger Zeit hätten, aber den Kontakt zu ihrer Sportart behalten wollten. “If you are also an elite eltern dabei, the Acrobatic bei your Kindern toll fanden and jetzt selbst active sind.” Der Sport has also a strong social aspect. “Die Aktiven müssen sich ja bei den Wurf- oder Hebefiguren 100-prozentig aufeinander verlassen können”, says Ayse-Fatma Kayadelen.

Die Gruppen leitet Coach Anke Christ (37). You have a part number on TV Bredeney. “Before Jahren had a meeting with one of the students in the week, given that the interest in acrobatics was so great, that I had the most challenging experience,” he said. Anke Christ has completed a training course at the Gymnastics Club at the Dore-Jacobs-Schule School and is currently working on Acrobatics with Workshops.

“If you want to be a cheerleader, you have to go to an acrobatic event”, the coach explains, with the groups of different minutes and shows being studied. Showakrobatik is a combination of Hebe- and Wurffiguren, combined with Tanz and Bodenturnen.

You can show the Active Dann at the Wetkampfen with some of the German Masterpieces. “People can also open groups for openings on arrangements. When it comes down to it, it is important to have a short or long program with one or more groups, ”said the trainer. The Bredeneyer Sporters are also available at the Jahreshauptversammlung des Essener Sportbundes auf.

The Shows live also from the colored costume:

There are many spectacular colors and shapes in the Pyramids that are similar to those in other sports. „The Active Matching Kraft- and Beweglichkeitstraining, and the biased ratings for the Show to open. Bei den Würfen werden ja zum Beispiel in fünf, sechs Meter Höhe Salti ausgeführt “, so Anke Christ. Bei den Programmen geht es oft farbenfroh zu. The shows are not only from the choreography, but also from the costumes, the parts of the chorus are self-contained.

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