What is a building environment?

Definition “Build Environment” What is a building environment?

The build environment is a compilation of well-developed software and applications. In the framework of the buildings we will be able to find full and available software. The result is an optional program.

Firma zum Thema

In the building environment, a software can be used for its own design.

The build-in is the central compilation, not the only one for the development of the texts. It is not surprisingly difficult, but the building environment of the productive environment is necessary. Doch muss sie die für die Kompilierung erforderlichen Abhängigkeiten bereitstellen.

Begriff Build selbst sezlbst besieht sum zin zinin einen na den The process of Erstellung einer vollständigen i lauffähigen Software und anderersit on the da Result dies Vorgangs, sprich die ausführbaren Program i Anwendungen sowie deren Ressourcen. Demnach wir sowohl der Prozess als auch die fintige Version als Build bezeichnet.

Nahezu jede Software and application is provided from the majority of sources. In addition, the implementation is necessary, but in an optional constructed structure. This star comes to the forefront of the building process. In most cases, the building is dedicated to one building, which is an independent building number and size.

One of the features is a software solution, and the developer of the build-up is in the future. The build number can be used and the numbering required can be numbered. Oftmals also provided the version number of the source.

A complex Build number is a sample of Google for Android applications built Build number. Beginn stech der Buchstabe, der dem ersten Buchstabens des Codenamens der jeweiligen Android-Version entspricht (zum Beispiel O wie Oreo). In addition, the collection includes a second code for the registration code of the versions of the Quelltexts. After concluding the date, the last letter is still a code, which for a single build process includes the same version as with the same date, the order is valid and the following is the same.

A build and a run

The focus of a building is to compile the materials. The sources are typically written in program languages, the compilation script is written (example C) or the most possible (so Python or Java). The build process is maintained in the first line of the production line as well as current sources.

In the form of a building, you can also play automation tools on a large roll. Automatically read the following scripts as downloading a text archive or the version of the text. Build tools can be used for consistency in the framework of frame conditions.

The Unix-Unified stamma automation tool “make” is an outstanding program. Your application is subject to a configuration data (normal with the name of the makefile), the corresponding applications for the construction process requirements. Hierbei is also possible, but Schritt von genauen Bedingungen abhängig zu machen, so beispielsweise von der Aktualität benötigter Dateien.

In this case, we are sure to make sure that we are able to build an important letter in a correct way. Weiterhin dient dies der Reduktion zusätzlichen Aufwands, wenn beim weiteren Durchlauf die Ergebnisse oder Teilergebnisse vorausgehender Build-Schritte noch aktuell sind.

Neben dieser Mutter der Build-Tools is found on the market of different derivatives for different program languages. A build tool, which is as high as the standard for Java and other languages ​​from the JVM field, is Maven. A standard for the application development in Android is Gradle. Various plug-ins can be used to increase the function of the JVM-Umfeld.

Based on the language of each language, a building tool is available. There is also a specialized plug-in, which builds on a existing building. Ähnlich wie bei der Wahl der Programmiersprachen oder The Editoren oder der Betriebssysteme ist daher eine große Auswahl gegeben. About the selection and design of the building tools, there is a great deal of consensus among developers.

The end of the (part by means of automated tools) build process is recorded from the local installation of the proposed application (which can be used for each unit) or from the package of files for export.

Set value of build environment in the process of software development

As a result, the structure of the building application is important, and in the context of other applications, the relevant environments are paid, which are based on the software development of the relevant company.

Underlying the development environment (development environment), the development environment and the productive environment are different. Diese lassen sich durch zahlreiche witere Umgebungen und Schritte ergänzen. Oftmals also comes to a test environment. It is important to understand the software development through a quality assurance environment.

Dabei has established the development of an art version of the software or application, which is available on a dedicated server or local accountant. The Staging Survey is the test of applications under the possible reality of pre-set and set on similar components as the Release Version. The productive application of the application of the programs directly related to the use of the customer at the customer.

Productive and stagnant environment is also possible according to the possibility. Bei der Produktiv-Umgebung kommt es im Idealfall zu keinen Veränderungen durch die Entwickler mehr. You can also choose the best possible quality assurance. In this optional environment, the error or bugs in the code can be identified and used.

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