Wesel and surroundings: Here are the Osterfeuer determined

After two years, the Corona-Pause lights up in Wesel, Hamminkeln, Schermbeck and Hünxe again in the vast Osterfeuer. An overview.

After two years, Pause will be re-established in the East, and a tradition will be established: The background of the Crown-limitation must be for the two-year-olds of the world – who will not be left alone – the Easter fire will be destroyed. In this year the cannon fodder can be found again in Wesel, Hamminkeln, Schermbeck and Hünxe. We have an overview, where and when the public fire is determined.

Osterfeuer: Protect and protect the fair in Wesel

The City of Wesel There are 23 entries for Osterfeuer, including the editorial office – the owners of private and private companies. Like in the warring years, the Osterfeuer der St. Petri Junggesellenschützenbruderschaft 1450 in the vicinity of the Bolzplatzes is located outside the sports ground in the field fields in Büderich. Am Sonntag, 17. April, ab 20 Uhr lädt der Verein dazu ein. For drinks and grilled sausages are available. I can also use unmarked wood without needles. Die Schützen weisen daraufhin, dass da Holz nicht selbstständig zum Veranstaltungsort gebracht werden soll – sondern es vorher telefonisch unter 0176/20463471 anzumelden ist.

The St. Pankratius Schützenbruderschaft Gest 1684 released on Sunday, April 17, at 8 pm, for an Easter fire. Traditionally, the area of ​​the old railway station / Höhe Bahnhofstraße / Ecke Winkeling is located on the land. Also Luftportfreunde Wesel-Rheinhausen on Sunday after 7 pm their fire on the airfield Römerwardt. Until the end of the Easter season, the possibility of cutting fire is still available. Contact about Phone or Whatsapp: 015678/225445.

Also in Bislich found on Sundays an Oster fire. At 6 pm the mess is served on a new fire station on the Ecke Bislicher Straße / Bergen. It is still a day of drinks and sausages from the grill.

Das sind die öffentlichen Osterfeuer in Hamminkeln

In Hamminkeln are only 85 Osterfeuer members, but also here from Privatleuten. The Jungschützenverein Hamminkeln 1703 Charged on Saturday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m. Your traditional Osterglühen event Bürgerschützenverein Mehrhoog: Am Sonntag, 17. April, brennt ab 18 Uhr das Feuer auf dem Dorfplatz.

Bereits am Samstag, April 16, from 7 pm, celebrated Schützenverein Havelich am Schnellingsweg 2. Der Marienthaler Bürgerverein followed on Sunday, April 17, at 6 pm on the Pastor-Winkelmann-Straße in Marienthal. In Ringenberg left of the Heimatverein am Sonntag, April 17, at 7 pm on the Osterfeuer an der Schloßstraße in Ringenberg. And the Spielmannszug Dingden-Lankern left for the same time on the Lankerner Schulweg 2 ein.

Osterfeuer bei Vereinen in Hünxe und Schermbeck

In Hünxe stehen am Sonntag, 17. April, ab 18 Uhr, zwei Osterfeuer gleichzeitig an. On the Wiese am Hardtbergweg is located Jungschützenverein Hünxe a For the best choice of visitors with fresh fish on the grill, cold drinks can be found. The possibility of the Hünxer Bürger bis Karfreitag Holzabholwünsche bei den den Vorstandsmitgliedern, e-mail info@jsv-huenxe.de, bei der Förster GmbH, under: 0157/52966666 and on the website www.esv-huen.

The wood was removed on April 16 from the junglesellen. It can be seen that the timber board or garage garage is available. The wood is easy to use and can be reached by hand. JSV Hünxe will be able to use a small amount of money. The Schützenverein Krudenburg is located at the Osterfeuer on Sunday at 6 pm at Poll.

The Golfclub Weselerwaldam Steenbecksweg 14, in Schermbeck makes the beginning in the community. On Saturday, April 16, at 7 pm, the Osterfeuer will be here. Zuvor gibt es das Osterfeuer Tournament. On the field over the Schießkeller, on the Kirchstraße, load the J.unggesellenvereine Gahlen-Dorf and bruch zum Fire, on Sunday, April 17, at 6 p.m. The Schützenverein BrichtAlte Poststraße 57, left from 5.30 pm on Sunday, April 17, to the East Fire.

The overview has no answer at all. Associations or organizations, which are also open to the public, can be accessed by e-mail at lok.wesel@nrz.de

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