Wesel and surroundings: Exit tips for the Easter holidays

Kreis Wesel.
Exit the weather in the east: We have a couple of ideas for Wesel, Hamminkeln, Hünxe and Schermbeck combined.

Osterwochenende lockt mit schönem Ausflugswetter – und bekanntlich lässt sich am Niederrhein an der frischen Luft besonders viel erleben. We have some ideas for the rest of the holiday festival: From the children’s hiking trail to the grill machines, paddle tours, the visit to the beer garden and inspiration for a bike tour:

A path for children through Marienthal

Marienthal is certainly a recognized Dörfer in Hamminkeln and can also be used by others. For families, the flora and fauna can be found, it is the most interesting children’s path, the place where the little ones are born can be found. 15 Stationen finden Visucher hier vor, von denen acht im Dorfkern liegen, die andher eher im ländlichen Bereich rund um Isselmannsweg und Hanßenmannsweg zu finden sind.

The shortest roundabout through the village is two kilometers long and can also be found with small children. The largest round is only a kilometer long and can also be driven with the bike ride. The paths are well known, but they are also available for children. You can also pick up benches for food or pick up. The park can be visited on the Pastor-Winkelmann-Straße in the Ortsmitte. An entrance to the long round is the farm, Pastor-Winkelmann-Straße 15.

At the selected points, visit the outsourced knowledge of goods, dogs, catkins, canines, fishermen, chefs, over the other islands, houses, houses, ponies, needles, fuchs, reh and eichhörnchen. With a little glitch, I can see the animals and many other things, it was beautiful and fluent, it turned out. For the children there are the Esel vom Bauernhof Buchmann am Hanßenmannweg der Höhepunkt der Runde – he is a newcomer from Wiese an den Zaun kommen, um zu schauen, ob ein Apfel für sie abfällt. Not very interesting for adults: He also has a salesman and a saleswoman Automatic with grill from the region. A good route plan is available at www.marienthal.de

Exit tips for Schermbeck and Hünxe

Some stand-up paddlers experience the season in the middle of March. At temperatures of 18 degrees and sunshine, a trip to Lippe is a viable alternative. Who likes to take the boat with the hose boat, but he really likes to play in the area Hünxe-Krudenburg see in See. The paddle station is open only at the beginning of May.

In Schermbeck lohnt sich der Dämmerwald zum Osterspaziergang. The two-kilometer-long pillar of the event leaves the hiking trail of an old book and the Eichhenwald on the wilderness of the morgue. Was in Dämmerwald wächst and wer dort lebt, see information boards. Animals can be found with the virtual app.

Biergarten or cycling in Wesel

See the weather again, it’s also the beer garden Rheinpromenade in Wesel again provided – and also the Ostertage will be available as soon as possible. The lock is not only with the wonderful view of the river, so it is also new with an extended map. “We have a restaurant menu,” said Lazgin Bice. The fish is found on the ground, but the beer is also not served on the day of the wedding. The opening hours are open to the public, and the company starts at 12 and goes to dinner.

Wer liber mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs ist und nach Inspiration sucht: Der Kreis Wesel hat auf seiner Internetseter under www.tourismus-kreiswesel.de eine Broschüre mit zehn ausgewlten Radrouten veröffentlicht. One 50 kilometer long route between Wesel and Hamminkeln connected dabei die beiden Flüsse Rhein und Issel. It is located below the Ringenberg Castle, through the Dörfer Loikum and Wertherbruch after the Mehrhoog and on the Diersfordter Wald zu den Rheinterrassen as well as further to Bislich. At the end of the knot points, all tours from the brochure can be followed.

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