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Augsburger Panther und Fränen: The company specializes in the production of sports equipment.

Were the comments made by the DEL-Eishockey-Team Augsburger Panther, the Werkzeugmaschinen-Zulieferer Haimer and the CAD / CAM Specialist Open Mind an einem Strang ziehen? The DEL-Eishockey-Team Augsburger Panther wird von Haimer als Premiumpartner unterstützt. The complete set of circuits according to the invention, in which the Panther model is used in the production of components and components, is used. The implementation of the program is based on the CAM-Open Open Mind with different software hypermill.

The “Augsburger Panther” from the DEL (Deutsche Eishockey Liga) is classified as “Panthern”. The fan and partner of the Eishockey-Profit team in Haimer GmbH, in Igenhausen, for 30 minutes from Augsburg, were treated. In addition, the products used in the manufacture of metal products are used in the production of an aluminum, such as a panther from aluminum. The show bauteil, for example, has been shown to be a 5-axis drive with a drop-off system and a roll-on metal bearing in the sawmill, the graft and the dynamics have not been used.

Konstantin Brodowski, Leiter des Anwendungszentrums, sieht weitere Parallelen: Jeder Spieler muss über herausragende Technik verfügen and sie in eekfectes Zusammenspiel einbringen. These high-tech products are equipped with state-of-the-art CAD / CAM software for high-performance applications. ‘

Author: Wolfgang Klingauf ist Technik-PR Specialist.

In this case, the Panther model is designed to be dimmed, and in this case the part of the effect is slow. Bild: Haimer / Open Mind

Doppelpass zwischen Zerspanungs- und Programmiprofis für eonsonen Augsburger Panther

For the purposes of the “Mitspielern” for the Panther project, a project was launched at the CAD / CAM Open Office. The CAM-System Hybrid system is designed to provide a 5-axis drive and optimally designed for complete circuit design. For the purposes of the application, the program for the production of such exhibitions and the use of the product may be replaced by “Yes”. Christian Neuner, Manager of Global Engineering Services, said: “This model is based on the requirements of the Company and the Flexibility of the Software. Ein Panther bietet for the same analogue. Denn Hypermill has been involved in the operation of the CAM machine, as well as in the construction of the machine, for the purposes of this Regulation. ‘

So Jakob Nordmann, Application Engineer and Open Mind, for a couple of years in the field of gold in Igenhausen, has been involved in the development of the program. These machines are thus suitable for the use of a DMG MORI HSC70 linear, high-performance and high-performance aluminum for the production of aluminum.

Employment measures for sports activities

As a result, the bearings of the Panther-Copper cattle were removed, and a small part of the land was found under the auspices of the landfill. This method is described above as follows: These are used in the form of a single crystal, in which case the compound is used as a fertilizer, and in the case of a Lang Macro Grip 5-axis spanner.

Augsburger Panter CAD / CAM Werkzeuge
Herausfordernde Bearbeitung: In the case of a large part of the plant, the shape is subjected to extreme vibrations. Bild: Haimer / Open Mind

To this end, the right to use the supply chain is justified. These special devices are designed for use in the manufacture of vehicles having a power of up to 278 mm. This was described by Daniel Swoboda, for which the modification of the working Duo-Lock device was performed. The system is preferably made of a metal-forming device, which is a stable system with a solid state value. In particular, a combination of two or more lock units is used. These measures are considered to have taken place and have been used in the long run. These are very important, and the aggressive and defensive properties are ideal. “The cylindrical and unshielded components of the Duo-Lock device are equipped with a power pump,” said Daniel Swoboda. “This is the same as the standard vibration and standard vibration system. These are realized in terms of volume and volume of sales. ”

For the purpose of the method, the microgeometry is used to determine the volume of the volumetric metals in the volumetric series. With the addition of the extra circuit and the vibration arm, the power of the power mini shrink is used to carry out a wide range of operations.

Open Mind Colleague Jakob Nordmann states that: “For the purposes of the Arbeit War, this is the case for DXF and STP files. If the Homepage is used, the model can be used. With the help of the Hypermill Toolbuilder, you will be able to integrate the data in the database and set up the program and simulation. ”

Augsburger Panter CAD / CAM Werkzeuge
In addition, the Virtual-Machining-Center-Module Optimizer in CAM can be programmed. In the case of Vorfeld, the parts of the X-Achs-Limit are not used in the construction of the base, and the automatic operation of the unit is performed. Bild: Haimer / Open Mind

Hilfreich im Augsburger-Panther-Projekt: Ein CAD für CAM und Simulation

The optical transmission system is designed to meet the requirements of the present invention. Erster Knackpunkt: Der Panther wurde als STL-Datenmodell geliefert. Hypermill-Specialist Jakob Nordmann explains:

In addition to the details of the passageways, which can be used for the purpose of generating or relocating the gate, but also for the purpose of generating the hypertension with the STL-Netz combination slowly. ” The “CAD for CAM” system is designed to be equipped with a programmer.

In this case, the situation is different from that which may arise from the application of the provisions of this Regulation. “We have been able to use the ‘gear changes’ function,” says Nordmann. ‘The products may be treated in the same way as in other parts of the product and treated as such. That is the case. ”

Augsburger Panter CAD / CAM Werkzeuge
In about 13 hours, 500 millimeters of panther are placed in an aluminum block. Bild: Haimer / Open Mind

This process is based on the Hypermill Virtual Machining Center, a process of NC simulation, and is based on the actual implementation of the process and the use of the collision technology.

Rund drei Wochen dauerte die intensive Teamarbeit bis schließlich der erste Panther stand. If you are interested, you can use the model or the open air to open the fair. In the case of commercial vehicles, the Panther is a model for the construction of the stadium in the Cabinet Tunnel, which has a high level of motivation.

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