War for NATO

ZWe are still waiting for Beginn des Angriffs auf die Ukraine to take Russia to war again in the west. The right night in the foil heals in Lemberg (Lwiw) and surroundings in the night before the sun on the air ranges. Good hours are the hours of men from 3.32 am in the cellar and protection rooms. Einwohner berichteten, sie hatten aus den oberen Stockwerken erstmals seit Beginn des Krieges selbst den Lichtschein von Explosionen am Horizont gesehen. The nights in the cellars are long overdue.

The last night is a base of the Ukrainian army near Jaworiw near the Polish border, about 50 kilometers west of Lemberg and only 20 kilometers away from the Polish border. Jaworiw gilt as one of the largest military checkpoints in the area. City government offers pictures of destroyed buildings and bombers.

Morning has recently become famous, and the Ukrainian air force has lost more Russian missiles. See the pictures, but the options are available. Applicants from Jaworiw read the FAZ, that the plant is fully developed. There are more than 30 Russian rockets in the area on Wednesday. The city council of Lwiw and the governor of the region, Maxym Kosyzkyj, is located at the 35-year-old town of Angriff and is over 130 years old.

Power switch of western support

It is not that Mal, Russia is a military country in the West. First of all, on Friday, there are rocket launchers at the airfields in Luzk and Ivano-Frankivsk. Doch in Jaworiw backs the camp to the border of Poland, and to NATO.

Ziel did not agree to the Russian attack on Jaworiw, but he was here for a change of the West’s support for Ukraine. The Ukrainian Minister of Justice Olexij Resnikow wrote in Sonntagmorgen, Russia, that the international center for “Peacekeeping & Security” was attacked, and internationally, in other words. Dahinter verbirgt sich zumindest auch die Ausbildung von ausländischen freiwilligen Kämpfern, die zu Hunderten oder gar Tausenden in die Region strömen.

A photo of the city administration on Sunday at the end of the day, according to the photo, according to a report on a Russian language on the Jawori military base, is also a Polish border.

A photo of the city administration on Sunday at the end of the day, according to the photo, according to a report on a Russian language on the Jawori military base, is also a Polish border.

Picture: Stadtverwaltung von Lwiw

The Korczowa-Krakowiec border post is also one of the most frequent transports in Poland, which is dedicated to the Flüchtlings in the direction as well as to the international Hilfsgüter and Waffen in the others.

Moskau has just been on the occasion of Saturday in the direction of Kiev, but the Waffle deliveries in Ukraine are legally important. This time, according to the American government in Washington, I was able to buy more military goods and equipment worth 200 million dollars in Ukraine.

Not all free killers are militarily experienced

The masters of the foreign friendly Kämpfer stream down to their own faust in the country. After President Wolodymyr Selensky Kampfwillige from all over the world, in the winter stand against the Russian Invasion, behold, the Hunderte, who is not a thunderstorm on the road in the direction of Ukraine.

Many of them are militarily experienced and have a hard time in the western armies, but they do not care about anything. The masters come with the flight in Poland and drive along the trains and bushes to the border, where you can contact us, you know. Hinter der Borders has a small support point, in which the Kampfars are gathered together and the Ukrainian structures are built, they stay in the camp in the center and in the East of the Land.

For Lemberg and the West of the Land, the Russian tribe is also open, but with the constant security of the Polish border, it is not the same. Mindesten 200,000 Flüchtlinge aus den heftig umkämpften Teilen de Ukraine sind in der Stadt zwischen untergekommen, viele von ihnen wollen bisher nicht iiter na Westen, um ihr Land nicht im Stich z las lassen. Doch wenn die Angriffe auch hier heftiger werden, konnte sich da bald ändern.


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