Waldhof-Pläne: Geislinger Gemeinderat soll klare Position Beziehen – Balingen & Umgebung

In what direction will the Geislinger Gemeinderat position be made for the KSK-Gelände am Waldhof? “We have to position ourselves,” said Hans-Jürgen Weger. Photo: Mollenkopf

The Geislinger Gemeinderat Hans-Jürgen Weger has been promoted, but the Gremium also has a position to support the Bürgerinformationsverenstaltung position on the KSK-Gelände am Waldhof. Derweil gibt es Kritik, dass diese Veranstaltung nun doch nicht im Internet live gestreamt werden soll. Sorge ist, dass interested bürger außen vor bleiben müsen.

Geislingen – (wus). The plans of the Bundeswehr and the State Ministry for the Waldhof have the Geislinger Gemeinderat in the right-wing, open-minded state of affairs. Your members, as well as freebies and other burghers, have a good time, come on weekly and more information can be found.

A good month after the public events of the KSK-Geländes on Geislinger Plantation, which can be added to the press on the selected bureaucrats, open, which is in this section. Hans-Jürgen Weger (Aktive Bürger) said in a nutshell: “We want to position ourselves as a member of the Government!”

“We want to help you with your grace

On March 22, the municipality planned to present the information provided by the Waldhof-Plans. “We will be at the helm of the Lords,” said Weger’s picture.

In addition to many burghers, the public will be welcomed, the members of the community and the mayor of the city, Oliver Schmid, will be able to speak at all. Vor allem wollen die Geislinger genauer wissen, was für den Himmel über dem Waldhof geplant ist und welche Folgen das für die Umgebung hat.

“We will be in the rain”

Of course, the self-proclaimed shopping is worth it, according to the Bürgermeister Schmid. There is a question on a question from Gerhard Gulde, one of the cashiers of the young “Initiative Waldhof”.

Er, so der Bürgermeister, und die Gemeinderät würden dem Wunsch nach mehr informacionen gerne nachkommen. However, the Ministry of State and the Ministry of State did not say anything:

Unmut and questions

The Geislinger Rathauschef is directly criticized in the public, and the criticism of the internal communication of the people of the world is criticized. As soon as you are ready, you will be able to find out about the information provided by the citizens.

At the same time, he is “very old”, so that the outspoken Burger can keep this information, the next week in the castle park is open to you. First of all, before the public meeting, Schmid took the middle of the meeting, but the Bundeswehr is able, the event is also available online.

Unforständlich, dass Infos nicht online gestreamt werden

Unconstitutional for the mayor and all interested parties is supported, that the citizen information is available as a pure online conference. “Not online? Das ist eine Farce!”, Commented Gerhard Gulde von der BI Waldhof.

“Ich bin ratlos und fassungslos,” said Geislingens Bürgermeister, a member of the Air Force. The words of the conversation between Streben and the democratic part and the transparency: “Das halte ich für nicht zeitgemäß.”

“Man hat uns das Projek vor die Rathaustür gelegt”

Diese 180-Grad-Kehrtwende birgt die Gefahr, dass Menschen, die sich auf der Grundlage von Informacionen aus erster Hand eine sachliche Meinung pictures wollen, diese nicht erhalten. In addition to the possibilities, the fact that the persons, the mangels place or the common grounds are not in the castle park can be found, this event can be found, you have to read the letters in the black forest trees.

Bürgermeister Schmid hofft darauf, dass die Versammlung mit maximal 600 Zuhörern nicht die einzige bleiben wird. He is also in the municipality, but he is also a member of the Waldhof-Pléne city, but he does not act:

The plant Bürgerinformationsverenstaltung soll kommenden Dienstag, 22. März, ab 18 Uhr in der Geislinger Schlossparkhalle stattfinden.


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