Wahlkampf in France: Wehrhaft bleiben in Canjuers:


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The Army is the backbone of the French Foreign Policy, President Macron set out in Wahlkampf for the European Union-Autarchy. In Western Europe, large bodybuilding training coaches Soldaten for the Ernstfall.

Von Sabine Rau, ARD-Studio Paris:

Mortgages and shorts The clock is ticking across the Gang – on the Great Departments of Western Europe in Canjuers in the South French Department. Up to 900 meters Höhe is above all directions from this morning. In the field you can find up to 250 Soldiers and Soldiers and a round of 50 wheeled bicycles for a maneuver of the French street signs.

The Army is in France not far from Ukraine-Krieg in the Focus on Politics and Effectiveness. You are here unsubstantiated, a respectable order of business. Bewaffnete Soldiers and Soldiers go to the Innenstadten from the Terrorists of the Year 2015 to get the image.

Trainers at any Intensity:

The following commands can be found on Fäden: Information on the various units and units – Infantry, Artillery, Pioneers. At one point Dutzend Männer in Olivgrün followed the Geschehen on the Field to Funk and Fernsichtgeräte, etliche Kilometer weit entfernt. To find out more about Vornamen and your Dienstgrad – from Sicherheitsgründen, see how it is. Some large screens are allowed in the position. Lieutenant-Colonel Bertrand explained the message: “There are trainers here and there camping from the same Intensity, as in Mali or from Sahelzone. Here in this book there are some fictitious Gegner zu tun. Wir nennen ihn Mercury.”

This shows the overdimensional Schautafel. 120 Square Kilometers Area: “Der Feind verfügt über Panzer, Artillery, Flugzeuge. Die Aufgabe ist, die feindlichen Stellungen in den Bergen zu erobern uhre Aufklärung zu zerstören.”

When you arrive in Geländewagen, you reach the unbeatable Pisten, in the middle of nowhere. Selected Journalists so nah heran wie hier: Schwere Schützenpanzer, the canons on which the general arrangements hang, the soldiers with the machine guns on the scaffolding. “This is the Infantry Section,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Bertrand. “Die sind zu Fuß hierher verlegt worden, um in die Gefechtsstellungen da oben vorzudringen.”

Day without Schlaf:

Es wird scharf geschossen. Ammunition flies through the Luft. At the moment, listen to Ohrenschützer. Each shot from the Panzerkanon goes through Mark and Bein.

The men and women are united in their favor. Drei Tage daurt das Manöver – ohne Enterbrechung. The heat for you: without Schlaf. Expulsion, support, support – a map program.

The trainings, under which the French Soldiers train, are extreme. Viele wissen: When it comes down to it, you can become an Ausslandseinsatz Reality.

Picture: ARD-Studio Paris:

Distribution of NATO members:

The French Army is an Intervention Army trained in the Kampf and Anti-Terrorist countries around the world. As many as 500 members of the opposition NATO member states have already applied for a job in Romania. They will be crowned Putin’s visit to Ukraine in Hafenstadt Constantia am Schwarzen Meer verlegt, auf Befehl des French President Emmanuel Macron. Alber Oberbefehlshaber der franisösischen Straitkräfter hatte er der NATO NATOstützung angeboten.

“We are here for an intense Kriegsführung vor”, said the Commander of the Aussbildungscamps, Lieutenant-Colonel Jaques, “on a generous army. Also the Russian straight prints? “Yes,” said the Lieutenant Colonel, without hesitation. A self-sufficient, unlimited state Statement of a French Officer.

Credo Macrons:

The Army is the backbone of the French Expeditionary Policy. More now: President Macron is overseeing, while Europe in Sacramento and Verteidigung autark werden muss – unabhängig von den USA. Gerade jetzt.

From the Republic of Ukraine to the President’s the French Wahlkampf in the Center for the Political Debate – the most important part of the competition for the President is the President. Als Staatschef lies in all the encyclopedias, representing France in international Bühne, more than once.

Macrons zentrales Credo lautet sein Beginn seiner Amtszeit: european sovereignty. The height: european street design, european waffle system and european interests to be found. From Krieg in Ukraine you can easily understand.

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