Volker Hirth is listed on the Sports and Stock Exchange

Fin Minutes and 23 Seconds for the Reporting of the Olympic Games in Germany. Weitsprung der Frauen: Malaika Mihambo aus Oftersheim lag zurück, hatte aber noch eine Chance im letzten Versuch. Volker Hirth rief am Schluss seiner Reportage ins Microphone: “Und der Sprung war weit. Das ist Gold! Das ist Gold! Das ist Gold für Malaika Mihambo. We are congratulating the athlete on his behalf. ‘ For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation do not apply. Until then, the application is not complete.

Dabei waren seine ersten Versuche als Reporter eher kläglich, wie er selbst sagt. Hirth studios Sport und Deutsch, lernte Erich Laaser kennen, den späteren Sport-Hörfunkchef des Hessischen Rundfunks. In the case of the FSV, the Micro in the Hand – and Volker Hirth sign, which was used as such, was available on the Radio. It is possible to obtain and sell the goods. The Radio Broadcasting System (“Windsurfing wird olympisch”) was replaced by “aber nur aus Gnade”. For the purposes of this Regulation, the use of water for the purposes of the box at Muhammad Ali has been completed.

This is the case with Wettkampf and other countries

According to Joachim Böttcher, in connection with the application of the report to the Court of First Instance, the applicant was considered to be a member of the sports industry, The waltz was replaced by Michael Schumachers and the mechanic was removed in 2.8 seconds. In this case, 40 minutes are required to report to the reporter and the ARD-Anstalten. However, in the case of Spa, a new formulation for diesel fuel is used.

It was sold to Olympia. The new Olympic Games were held on 13 November 1959 in Germany and in Frankfurt a free-standing operation was performed on the microphone. A war was established in 1990 and the Welt- und Europameisterschaft in der Leichtathletik dabei. For the purposes of this Regulation, a maximum of 400 meters of water is used in the concentration, and the name of the company is as follows: This is the case with Wettkampf and other countries.

The aid was granted, in particular, on the other hand, the company was granted interest in the private sector. Hirth ist ein freundlicher Mann, der schnell Contact for more information. “In Erstehe” from the Reporter in 2011 with Adèle verheiratet, this stems from the Elfenbein. The couple had two Söhne, Elias and Adrian, elf and sieben Jahre alt. Hirth spielt Golf, hat “ear paar Autu zu viel” und liebt sebe Arbeit – egal, ob er im heimischen Studio im ersten Stock seines


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