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  • Vodafone supports Mitarbeiter-Engagement and full Spendentopf for creative ideas
  • Spend payment: 56,000 Euros for 20 federal organizations
  • Spending action in this form is unique in Germany

Düsseldorf, April 12, 2022. Ideas to sum up and give money to good people together – ringing after fantasy? Not at Vodafone. Beim Düsseldorfer Kommunikationskonzern zahl sich Geistesblitze gleich doppelt aus: fürs Unternehmen und für den guten Zweck! Thanks to the innovative ideas management, there are 16,000 working days of the possibility, over the business year, and ideas and arrangements around the working day, products or customer service are included. In the current business year, a round of 1,300 impulses. Undu genau dieser Proces lästst Vodafones Spendentopf für sozialne Einrichtungen anschwellen. Indem Vodafone supports the commitment of its employees, the content of which is 56,000 Euros and 20 credits to the Bundesweit. 2,800 Euro for the good lunch on the therapeutic pages for Hanover and surroundings e. V. übergeben.

Diese Spendenaktion ist in ihrer Form einzigartig in Deutschland: Wenn Vodafone-Mitarbeitende einen Verbesserungsvorschlag ins Ideenmanagement des Unternehmens einreich, befasst sich ein interner Experte mit dem Geistesblitz. He has a good idea, but in the use of the idea he will be evaluated. When the presentation of the Gutachtens is included in 14 days, the Vodafone has been paid as a thank you for a fee in the Gutachter-Spendentopf. Dieser Anreiz guides dazu, dass die vielen guten Ideen der Mitarbeiter zeitnah beverttet and idelerweise auch umgesetzt werden. Before all, come to your attention for good taste. In the completed business year 2020/2021 there is a written fee of 56,000 Euros. It is now possible to protect this speed limit.

Hold a fee of € 2,800 in this year’s following organizations:

  • Berlin shows Herz eV
  • Children’s Hospice Munich
  • Magic Circle Essen
  • Children’s hospice bridge
  • Bethanien Kinderdörfer gGmbH
  • Kinderhospiz Bärenherz Leipzig eV
  • Nursery for youth “Room 58” Essen
  • Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands gemeinnütziger e. V. (CJD)
  • Leipziger Foundation for Krebskranke Kinder
  • Kindervisionen eV Erfurt
  • Deutsche Herzstiftung eV
  • Christlicher Hospizdienst Dresden eV – Trauerarbeit mit Kindern
  • Verbund Sozialpädagogischer Projekte eV – Specialty School of Education in Dresden
  • Sonnenstrahl eV – Förderkreis für krebskranke Kinder und Jugendliche
  • Therapeutic reiten für Hannover und Umgebung eV
  • Soonwaldstiftung “Help for Children in Nut” and Lützelsoon
  • KinderEngel RheinMain eV
  • MainLichtblick eV
  • Wolfsträne eV
  • Ambulantes Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Halle gGmbH

Vodafone Germany We are

Vodafone is one of the leading communication companies. Every second German is a Vodafone customer – on the surf, telephone or call; ob Büro, Bauernhof od Fabrik mit Vodafone-Technologie vernetzt. The Vodafone Network connects Germany: Families and friends as well as politics, economics and society. You will also find dabs, different sectors and education and health activities in the pages of COVID-19 on the run.

The Düsseldorfer offers internet, mobile phone, festive network and telephones from one hand. As a digitizing partner of the German economy, Vodafone’s start-ups, middle-class traders like DAX-Concerns are for customers. Vodafone is the # 1 im German mobile phone: No other company in Germany is available for mobile phones, more men and machines. No other German companies are available at the Festnetz in addition to Gigabit connections as well as the Düsseldorfer. Und kein anderer Konzern hat mehr Fernseh-Kunden im Land.

With over 30 Million mobile phone, fast 11 Million broadband, more than 13 Million TV customers and many digital solutions Vodafone Germany has a round of 16,000 employees each year.

As a Gigabit company, Vodafone runs the infrastructure construction in Germany before: Today, Vodafone has a wide range of cable glazing units for 24 million people, more than 23 million people per day. In 2022, Vodafone will be able to use all types of devices with Gigabit connections. With its 4G network, Vodafone is 99% higher than the house in Germany. Vodafones Maschinennetz (Narrowband IoT) for industry and agriculture operates at a fast 97% of the German area. Since mid-2019, Vodafone has also launched the first 5G network in Germany and includes 45 million people. Up to 2023 will be Vodafone 5G for 60 Millions of people to build.

Vodafone Germany is with a share of 30% of the total share of the large agricultural company of the Vodafone Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Vodafone has more than 300 million mobile phone customers, more than 28 million holiday customers, 22 million TV customers and 142 million customers with internet access.

Vodafone offers men and machines worldwide. And she gives you a better job for everyone. Denn: Technology is the path to a digital world. If you work for Vodafone, your business can be used and the environment will be protected. Die Ziele: Bis 2025 climate neutral and bis 2040 emissions free. Around this time, Vodafone uses 100% green electricity, electrifies your vehicle fleet, sets up a green delivery system and keeps a safe, this network technology is always available again, sold or recycled. Simply help Vodafone with smart IoT technologies and other companies so that their C02 footprint can be minimized.

Diversity is in the company culture of Vodafone fest created and made by many people. The number of offers for family and business activities is also available in the network for women, water or LGBT people, including for a variety of training courses for fugitives. Vodafone respects and respects all people: unhappy with ethnic heritage, commitment, old age, sexual orientation, sexual identity, glauben, culture or religion.

Further information: www.vodafone-deutschland.de or www.vodafone.com.

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