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  • Auch White-Label Co-operation from ViveLaCar with Hyundai, Renault and Mercedes Benz on the plate

Fach dach Fazmagazin auto motor & sport hat die renommierte Unternehmensberatung concertare is not included in the current Auto-Abo-Anbieter unter die Lupe genommen. As a result, ViveLaCar, a non-branded platform for white-labeled vehicles, has been used in the manufacture and import of motor vehicles, and the above-mentioned plate has been used in the production of high-grade plastics.

The jet is connected to the Sieger-Treppchen, the “Junge Sterne Abo” and the EQ-Abo of the Mercedes Benz brand, which is directly operated by ViveLaCar on the spark position. The top 5 of the Hyundai Click & Go Abo sowie das Renault Abo, powered by ViveLaCar. Alle genannten Plattformen sind Entwicklungen der ViveLaCar GmbH.

In this case, the tests are performed in the form of mobile telephony, e-mobility, online and telephone consultation, probability, in-service, comparative testing, retrieval, installation and connection. This is not the case with the introduction of an account in the BCA cooperation with The innovative trade-in-the-market has been implemented in the first place.

“We have been able to maintain the position and work of the ViveLaCar team until the 2023 position at the end of the year and to replace them,” said Mathias R. Albert, CEO and CEO of ViveLaCar. The products of VarLaCar are used in the preparation. If necessary, the White and Label Platforms of the Monate are used.

Einfach, schnell und ohne Risiko zum Wunschauto.

Ganz gleich ob Cityflitzer, Familien-Van, SUV or Transporter: ViveLaCar has been approved as an Assortment – a manufacturer and service provider. ViveLaCar has produced Pkw and Nutrition from the market for flexible subscriptions. In addition, the goods are handled and used in Germany and the vehicle is equipped with a warranty. You can go online to transparent and free of paper.

The subscriptions for each of the two kilometer packages are 200 and 2,500 kilometers per pass. In the case of a fixed installation, the requirements for the operation and maintenance of the vehicle and the operation of the vehicle are determined. Nur ums Tanken bzw. The batteries are sold to the manufacturer. Both the monitors and the kilometers are shown. ViveLaCar ist nachhaltig: Wer weniger fährt, zahlt weniger! Das Auto-Abo von ViveLaCar hat keine Mindestlaufzeit. It is considered that the original equipment has been used. The expert’s report is based on the expert’s report. Imohaus erfolgen Übergabe und Wartungsarbeiten. For this purpose, a suitable gel is used.

About ViveLaCar:

Mobility Fintech Start-up from Stuttgart with Standards in Berlin, Vienna and Zagreb. With an innovative solution, ViveLaCar is used in the automotive and fishing industry under the Act. In this case, the products are designed to be used in the construction of vehicles, the supply of goods and the use of optimum nutrients in the production process. The ViveLaCar business-modeling VALOR® is optimized for the production and operation of the car in a perfect Auto-Abo. ViveLaCar ONE® is a new type of vehicle that is suitable for flexible operation. These clicks are available on the platform at and are currently available in all brands and models. ViveLaCar den Kunden einzigartige Flexibility is suitable for the operation and maintenance of the unit. ViveLaCar is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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