Vettel for Saudi Arabia: “Sports in the Middle East”

The discussion in Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel said that he would be a member of the General Assembly of Saudi Arabia. This will be a sport in the world. News from Jeddah.

In the case of industrial refining in Saudi Arabia Oil-Multis Aramco is used in the form of free trainings in Formula 1 for GP Saudi Arabia: Fahren od Absagen? This is the first step. The Rennser bleibt mit dem Fuß auf gas – oblohl Politik-Experten ein Risiko für weitere Angriffe nicht ausschließen wollen.


Hintergrund: Here in 2015, a man in the conflict in Yemen, and in Saudi Arabia, had been attacked by Huthi-Rebellen. In this case, various rockets and convoys are used in the convoys of the Kingdom of Germany.

“Dass es jetzt diese Angriffe hier in Jeddah gibt, ist ja klar”, said Red Bull-Motorsportber Helmut Marko ein. “The rebellion is very common, and the event is based on the very common nature of the event. Aberrant of the formulation of Formula 1 may be used as such. ‘

It is possible to check that it is not suitable. Sicherheit habe oberste Priorität, lässt der Promoter ausrichten. The aid was granted. Parallel geography of this connection is supported by the Internet. Doch die werden gekonnt ignored. “We are still in charge of the use of premium and leisure facilities.”

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem said naively: Read more about Rennen fahren! ”

Während Saudi-Arabien sich is selected as an engineer, a member of the Teams and the Ministry of Statistics. McLaren-Teamchef Andreas Seidl compares: For the purposes of Regulation No 1, ‘


Das Problem: The Autocratic State of the Kingdom of the Millennium, with the Image of the Sport Reinforced. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the Zehn-Jahre-Kontrakt is free from 900 million Dollars.

“Deshalb wird jetzt sicher auch Druck ausgeübt,” said Sky-Experte Ralf Schumacher. “It simply came to our notice then. Formula 1 is not suitable for use in the manufacture and is not subject to any risk. ‘ Laut Mercedes-Teamche Toto Wolff is currently working on the start of the work.

Ralf Schumacher was born in the first place. The F1 insider information is displayed at the same time. Auch sein British colleague Damon Hill said: “Were it easy?”, Twittert er. ‘This is the case. Das Rennen läuft. I find it interesting to see you. The F1 is designed to be fully equipped. “

Allein: Unbequeme Aussagen wie diese sind nicht erwünscht. Off-the-shelf work of the Automotive Association of the FIA ​​was carried out under the training of the training staff. Mick Schumacher said that the meeting had not been completed and that the situation had changed and that the TV camera had been used.

Sebastian Vettel. Credit: Aston Martin

Nur Sebastian Vettel (34) is also known as Maulkorb Verpassen. The Deutsch, Aston Martin-Team, in the form of a Aramco-derived formulation, has been shown to be a Corona-positive and has been treated in Germany.

The formula is based on the formula for formula 1, which applies to Germany, Democracy and Freedom. Schon im Vorjahr war er ein Kritiker von Rennen wie dem in Saudi-Arabien, wo massiv gegen Menschenrechte verirdßen wird. In this case, 81 persons have been identified.

The passport for the Heppenheimer Grand Prix in the middle of the Interview with the ARD and the DPA is set out in the following words: ” autocratic state. „I can say: Boykottieren, gar nicht erst hingehen. The other man must be treated with the following elements: These are the same as in the case of one or more of these. Is it safe to see if you have been left without a seat? ”

The Hellenic Republic of Dilemma, in which the Community rules apply, states: It is therefore considered that the Länder of the Formula 1 are used and that the present invention is further described in the present invention. How much more than that, do you want to do it? In addition, they are intended to be used as a financial intermediary. ‘

Genau deshalb müsse man den Sport in die Pflicht nehmen. “We are in the business of financing the interests of the sport, and we are kennel, and we are critically acclaimed,” says Vettel. “We are not in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the Olympic Games in China. For the time being, the country is still in the form of a Formula 1 calendar. This is not the only way to save the wall. Es geht ja um Vorbilder, gerade auch für junge Leute. It shall also be validated in the same way as in the case of verifiers and symbols. “

The Court of First Instance therefore ruled in favor of the Court of First Instance. Lieber is then treated with the number of seeds. I would like to go to the Nürburgring for the right to go to the right.


Formula 1 in TV

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