Veritas-Studie: Kubernetes ist die Achillesferse

Protection against ransomware Veritas-Studie: Kubernetes ist die Achillesferse

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Kubernetes will be quickly adapted to the German company. All information is available only at the request of the company about tools for protection against data protection in the context of coercion, public relations services. This includes a current study by Veritas.

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Patrick Englisch, Head of Technology DACH bei Veritas: “Many companies do not have any effective and efficient solutions, but their data protection and reconciliation measures are subject to copyright. That can be done. “

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Veritas-Studie sees that more than 30 percent of German companies are growing, and Cobernet in the coming months will be able to implement, while 42 percent of the open-source platform will be used today. All alerts are available just like a third of the companies’ tools for protection against data protection in cyberbullying.

From the German company, the cohesive people, as well as one of the two, have a Ransomware-attack on the container-based environment for you. And fast all (97 percent) in this attack a risk for their company.

Unprotective protection

Extensive data protection measures are available for additional protection. Patrick Englisch, Head of Technology DACH at Veritas, explains: “The Cubans are experiencing a growing presence, being implemented by companies and organizations, implemented and guided in short-term time for employment with flexibility and scale.”

It doesn’t matter, but many companies in their IT strategy on container-based applications. In English, he said: “Based on the rapid implementation, the systems have been implemented, and the company has developed a professional concept for the protection of data protection and parallel development. Fast two of the laws of critical criticism of the Copenhagen environment are not based on data, it was in the foreseeable future in many companies for the development of risk management strategy. “

Silos have different data management

The strategy is based on data security measures and, on a container basis, the current 46 percent of German companies. The above companies have a rudimentary or silo-based application for data protection in Kubernetes, which requires a fast-paced IT department (98 percent) to integrate an integral position in the absence of different data management services.

To the greatest risk insulated data protection is available:

  • “Complex, long-term data processing process by data transfer” and
  • “Higher costs for the implementation of the solution”

As the basis for the implementation of an integrated and centralized solution for protection against data transfer and transfer of claims, the following points should be considered:

  • “Only a settlement for the protection of the data protection” and
  • “Vereinfachtes Verfahren zur Datenwiederherstellung nach einem Datenverlust”

Ergänzendes zum Thema

About the study

The research was conducted by Opinium Research on 7 and 20 February 2022 in the key markets in the three regions – America (USA and Brazil), Asia Pacific and Japan (Australia, China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea) and EMEA (France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom) – handled by the request. The share is 1,100 IT specialists in the company with more than 1,000 employees.

About Veritas

Veritas Technologies offers Multicloud-Data-Management-Products an. The company has a total of 80,000 customers, giving 87 percent of Fortune-Global-500 companies. Veritas addresses a single position and supports more than 800 files, over 100 operating systems, more than 1,400 special units and 60 clouds.

Investments in data security

Allergings of the company go to the study from nowhere, their cohesive circumstances with the time to be protected. 22 Percentage of the companies, the Ransomware in the commensurate fünf fienf Jahren diesbezüglich kein Thema für sie sein wird.

The background is the highest expenditure for the protection of containerized data: The requested companies are willing to pay 50 years per year for the next year. Fast 70 percent goes from now on, so that by investing in their infrastructures in the next year, the years are good for the advent of their covenant-related activities. Only three percent of the companies will be able to file a long-term security solution for their copyright environments.

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