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Dorothee Eisenlohr (from the links), Florian Kling (OB from Calw), the Rastätter Landrat Christian Dusch, the Hornbergs Bürgermeister Siegfried Scheffold and Karl-Heinz Dunker (Managing Director of the Nature Park Association). Photo: Fritsche

Members of the “Natural Park Black Forest Middle North” in Schramberg zu Gast

Schramberg – The city of Schramberg is located as a guest of the member assembly of the “Natural Park Schwarzwald Mitte Nord” from.

On the 21st member meeting and the first in the present day, two years ago, 130 members were invited to the 100th annual meeting. You can choose from the Landrat Christian Dusch, a new landlord, a new representative, Florian Kling, Oberbürgermeister von Calw, and Siegfried Scheffold, Bürgermeister von Hornberg. The bishop’s nature park, Klaus Mack, has been selected since September in the Bundestag, and his stelvertverter Margret Mergen, Oberbürgermeister Baden-Baden, is no longer available.

Nature life

Also informed by the new presenter and Oberbürgermeister Dorothee Eisenlohr in one of Uwe Baumann moderates Talkrunde about Ziele, Entwicklung and projects of the Nature Park Park. “The Coronazeit has been published, but in the case of men there is a great deal of love for nature,” said Christian Dusch. Siegfried Scheffold believes in the great acceptance in the population, which in the event of the event of nature parks. “How can the cultural landscape with its buildings, the Black Forest houses, take care of and preserve and how can the ancient architecture be given to us?”, He asked a central question. “Ohne a positive zukunftsbild kann man nicht gut leben”, betonte Florian King. The nature park can be found here with the homeless person.

Balance and view

The number of members of the city and community is in the first year of 115 weeks. Also, the municipality of Malsch is still alive. 52 Projects are free, 2022 will be 57 now. 1.3 million Euros are available for delivery. The “Humus project” is a piece of art, and the land of hummus on Acker and green plots is built. Selection of issues and more fruit market are the effects. The first project partner is the alumni manufacturer Duravit in Hornberg: 1500 tons of CO-preparation will be accepted by the company.

An additional project has been arranged on the Hornberg Hemarkung. The 400-year-old “Dritte Hof” is located on the Bundesstraße road between Hornberg and Triberg. Markant ist aux das “Projekt Wilde Sau”, um Schwarzwaldwildprodukte aufzuverten, oder die “Naturpark-Märkte”, von denen es de dieser Saison 24 geben wird. “Dort kommen die Visucher mit regionalne Erzeugern und ihren produkten in Kontakt”, erläuterte Kling (In Calw found the last of the 1st of May).

The Oberbürgermeisterin Eisenlohr lists the projects and projects of the Nature Park in Schramberg and the cities. On April 28, a 750-square-meter high-altitude “Bühender Naturpark” with the right class of the Berneckschule under the Lauterbacher Straße was opened. “For the future we can create a nature market, and also other nature parks schools and nature park gardens can be used for everyone. The goal is that the nature park and some of the black forest resources are included.” .

After the meeting of the Eisenlohr, a “botanical gardening” in the darkly protected “Park der Zeiten”.

Info: Nature park projects in Schramberg

The projects in Schramberg im Einzelnen: Premium hiking trail Auerhahnweg and the AugenblickRunde in Tennenbronn; The GeoTour from Junghans Gewerbepark zur Hohenschramberg (in the environment); The beautiful nature park (area near the KiTa Oberreute, Sulgen); Das Thema Wilde Sau an der VHS;

The following additional nature park projects are available on Wednesday’s event: Hiking route Dorfblickrunde in Tennenbronn; AugenBlickRunde in Sulgen (with the water tower as a striking point); Naturparkschule Berneckschule (starts in September)


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