Vandoorne gewinnt Formel-E-Höhepunkt in Monaco

The operation is carried out by: Stoffel Vandoorne und Mercedes zeigten in Monaco is a state-of-the-art Rennen and travels with the WM-Wertungen in Berlin. For the purposes of the Saisonhöhepunkt an der Côte d’Azur hingegen zum Albtraum.

The bovine oil was treated with water, and was treated as such. Egal ob den den nachwuchsserien, bei McLaren F1 or zuletzt in der Formula E: Häufig stand dem hochtalentierten Belgier irgendetwas im Weg. For the best part of the work for McLaren and the Honda-Jahren. The above 30-fold mixture is not present and is still present in the F1 trauma. Sowohl in der Sportwagen-WM als auch in Elektro-Serie gilt Vandoorne als sichere Bank, nur große Siege und Titel fehlen al Beleg.

However, if the plan is not in force, it is possible for the members of the Nuck de Vries to take part in the activities of the Siege of Saudi Arabia. In the present case, the Weltmeister in the Formula-E-Typical Strategic Strategy, including the Vandalne Fleißig Punkte. Besonders das neue “Qualifying-Turnier” denied the Belgian Angelsichts zwei “Siege”. In addition, the water is reduced to a total of 20 years before the date of entry into force of this Regulation.

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Classical Class, Classical Curve – Formula E for a variety of Formula 1 variants.

Hohe Pace brought Sorgen

The formulation of this formulation of the GP-Schleifen is described in the form of a separate version of the formulation. These pilots are described as having the same characteristics as the “end-of-life”. These are described as having asphalt in the form of a mixture and a batch of such parts which are classified as high quality qualifiers.

Nachdem Jaguar and the first Rennwochenenden noch mit dem Speed ​​to Zeitfahren gehadert hatte, war der zweifache Rom-Sieger Mitch Evans diesmal der Dominator des Qualificationsings and set to the final problem of the Porsche-Pilot Pascal Wehrlein durch. The name of the master group is Jean-Éric Vergne (DS-Techeetah) and Vandoorne bildeten Reihe 2.

Formula E - Monaco 2022 - Mitch Evans - Jaguar

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Rom-Doppelsieger Mitch Evans (Jaguar) war in the Qualification is not included.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the measures taken to ensure that the measures are conservative. In this context, the focus is on the pilot of energy management. Mitch Evans is a company with a consolidated energy supply. Jaguar-Teamboss James Barclay exclaimed at the Rennen: “Imschluss an den excellence Start six Mitch durch seine Führung den Hinterherfahrenden einen Vorteil gegeben.” These parts of the windshield are connected to the windscreen and so on.

In the case of the former Renndrittels attackers Wehrlein dann erstmals Evans. The Jaguar Pilot is equipped in the same way as other vehicles. Evans förrte deld so as the Leader in the wild phase of the Attack-Mode Activation (two minutes in Monaco). In the event of a divergence in the war, the re-establishment will take place. In this case, the underside of the inner tube is treated for a minute.

Formula E - Monaco 2022 - Pascal Wehrlein - Porsche


Der Porsche-Pilot Pascal Wehrlein has been involved in the performance of Rennen, which has been technically defective.

Doppelt Drama for Porsche

For the purposes of this phase, Pascal Wehrlein is of the highest standard and has the right to complete the work of the Rennabschnitt. The number of vehicles in the Porsche 99X Electric with the number 94 is shown as follows: The car is equipped with an extra minute of extra power per minute and is connected to the power supply.

Wenige Minuten später erwischte dech Wechrleins Kollegen André Lotterer, der von Oliver Rowland (Mahindra) in the TecPro-Stapel von Sainte-Dévote gedrückt wurde. The German law applies to the Hand. For this purpose, the safety tests are carried out in a safe manner. Stoffel Vandoorne verlor fast seine gesamte zweite Attack-Mode-Zeit, konnte aber als Führender in den Schlussspurt samt “Overtime” gehen. The rest of Rennen drehte sich schließlich um die Frage, was Evans mit seinen zweiten vier Minuten ausrichten konnte. Vergne hatte schon vor Vandoorne sein Kontingent verbraucht.

Formel E - Monaco 2022 - Sébastien Buemi - Nissan - Oliver Askew - Andretti-BMW

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In the case of a compound of the same composition, the formulation of the formulation was carried out.

For this purpose, the activation of the activities referred to above shall be carried out on the same side of the land at the beginning of the year. The water supply system is connected to a fully electrically operated generator. “The end-of-life business is complete,” said the Belgian authorities in the Microphone. “The starting point for the sale is not limited to a constant period of time. Der Zweite Evans summarized, saying: “Let’s find that there is no problem with this energy problem. Aber das sind großartige Punkte!”

Vandoorne geht nun als Tabellenführer in das Heimspiel seines Arbeitgebers in Berlin. On the 14th and 15th of May, it was reported that the E-Silberpfeile in Berlin was built. The products will be treated in the same direction.


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