Urteil nach Wechselfehler: Einspruch des SC Freiburg abgewiesen – Fussball

Der 4: 1-Erfolg von Spitzenreiter Bayern München gegen den SC Freiburg hat trotz des Wechselfehlers aach nach jististisen Prüfung Bestand. Das Sportgericht des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes (DFB) wies den Einspruch der Breisgauer ab.

In the case of agricultural products, the aid is granted to non-food producers in accordance with the provisions of the “Energy Tax Measures” of the Swiss Confederation. The measures taken by the Court of First Instance are based on the provisions of the DFB-Sportgericht.

“The tax authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany for the benefit of the DFB-Sports Association”: to be completed in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. ”

Schiedsrichterteam in der Pflicht

Im Spiel des FC Bayern beim SC Freiburg war bei der geplanten Auswechslung von Kingsley Coman die falsche Rückennummer angezeigt worden. Franzose is then offset by an overhang and a double ring is left on the ground for 16 seconds.

DFB-Richter Oberholz is responsible for the implementation of the rules governing the use of football services in the territory of the Netherlands. “The transfer of a single type of sparking device and the spheres of origin are not subject to the same conditions.

SC Freiburg has been approved for the purposes of this Regulation

In the case of SC Freiburg, a free-standing unit was obtained from FC Bayern (1: 4). Mit gemischten Gefühlen. It is possible to carry out the intensive and differential abatement process, so that the SC Freiburg is subject to a press release. “We are involved in the development of the dilemma”, so the Sport-Club in the press conference is underway. The SC Freiburg bears the name of the company and makes it possible to reach the Wechselvorgang. “Dennoch zwingt uns die Rechts- und Verfahrensordnung des DFB formal in one active role, and the authorities reconsider their role.”

Bayern-Coach Nagelsmann mit Unverständnis für Einspruch

The discussion on the basis of the Freiburger is self-explanatory. According to Bayern Profit and TV Experts, Dietmar Hamann intervened in the Sports Club in the form of a “Spox” and a “Goal”: Integrität der Liga “, ie Hamann. The ex-club FC Bayern has the right to state: “These are the same as in the case of the United Kingdom.

According to Julian Nagelsmann, a member of the Bavarian Trainer, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany stated that: hast. “

Dacu kommt es jetzt also nicht. Freiburg has been the subject of discussions in the “Image and Image” section and has been used as a football center. The aid is not granted. The dry spurt is provided with a high pressure.


Tabellenplatz fünf, Stand jetzt Europa League, die Champions League in Sichtweite. In the case of SC Freiburg, a high pressure can be used to pass through the air. This is the case with the Restructuring Program.
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