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FIFA-Schiedsrichter Denys Shurman is a member of the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Ukraine. The 35-inch bed is then operated by a family in Hamburg and has been used as an amusement ball for children.

from Hanno Bode and Mats Nickelsen

I would like to know the name and address of the Vereinshaus des TSV Wandsetal im Sportpark Hinschenfelde. The WTSV Concordia has been awarded a 2-in-1 match at the right-hand side of the Hamburg-Eimsbütteler Ballspiel Club.

Spieler, Trainer and Zuschauer are discussed in the Commerce of Erfolgs. Shurman then met with Schiedsrichter-Assistant Marco Kulawiak and Björn Lassen an einem Holztisch and lestst the Abend bei eemem gemeinsamen Essen ausklingen. This is the case with the English authorities. Der Blick des Ukrainers feilt imei wmerer auf sein Handy. I bang Blicke.

The mobile phone is connected to a mobile phone that is free from the mobile phone and the device. “It is also used as a messenger group in the Ukrainian countries. These videos and other videos are also available in the country”, according to the 35th NDR.

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Spitzenreiter? Mittelfeld, Gefahrenzone, Abstiegsränge? Wer steht wo? The provisions relating to the application of the provisions of the Hamburg Act to the Federal Republic of Germany. mehr

The film is based on the Swedish and industrial activities of the Russian Invasion and the Heimat. “This is a clear situation for the land and the country,” said Shurman. This is the case, so it can be done.

Shurman feiert Fünftliga-Debüt vor 100 Zuschauern

Two hours before the entry into force of the FIFA Scholarship for the European Union in the European Union League, the debut in the Grand Duchy of Hamburg. Der Rahmen is still a small and formal company in the international group. For example, 100 vehicles are used for the purpose of sports.

Während Shurman die Mannschaften aus Feldrt, dröhnt der Hitit “Ich sterb ‘für dich” von Schlagersängerin Vanessa Mai aus den Lautsprechern. It is also possible to perform music in the context of the tragedy, which is the subject of the present case. Davon aber nimmt der 35-Jährige, der kein Deutsch spricht, keine Notiz.

Shurman is a well-trained, well-equipped and six-wheeler, and the Concordias Trainer Frank Pieper-von Valtier will start. The unit must be a kilometer short. In this context, the Party will be able to use the Intensity of the Party.

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This Regulation does not apply to the sale of goods in the State of Mariupol in Ukraine.  © dpa bildfunk / XinHua Photo: Victor

According to the decision, the State of the Court of Justice found that the situation did not exist. The land in the country is white. Die News im Überblick. mehr

Grobe Fouls is still in its infancy. Beispielsweise in der 33. Minute, als “Cordi” -Verteetiger Dallas Aminzadeh eine Hereingabe von HEBC-Mittelfeldakteur Hendrik Diekmann volley zu seinem Keeper Anton Lattke zurückspielt. Ein Pfiff bleibt aus. “Alter, wenn das keine Rückgabe ist”, motzt ein hinter dem Tor stehender Fan.

This is the case for the Ukrainian authorities

This is the only way to keep the food. Das Geschehen wird hektischer. For the purposes of the application, the dementant may be treated. “Ab 60. For a minute and a few minutes have been reported.”

Shurman hat in the first part of the part of the Gelbe Karten verteilt. “It is possible to use a tie-strap. This means that the Schiedsrichter may not be used in the region.”

Sein Coach Pieper-von Valtier ist ebenfalls angetan von Shurmans Leistung. “In that case, the decision is taken as follows: Oha, da lastst er aberien laufen. Da hat er internationale Walten slowen. Aber man hat gesehen, dass er schon ein, zwei Spiele gepfiffen hat.”

Bundesliga-Referee Ittrich Kümmert sich um Shurman

Nach dem Abffiff vershwindet Shurman rasch in der Kabine. I bitterkalt an diesem Abend. The training of the German Football Association (DFB) took place at the minute in the service.

Derysraic Schiedsrichter Denys Shurman © Hanno Bode Photo: Hanno Bode

Schiedsrichter Denys Shurman found a great place to play in the football field in Hamburg.

Patrick Ittrich, the Bundesliga-Referee of Hamburger, has been informed. The 43-year-old group is occupied by the Shurman and the family, in which case the Hanseatic League is known. The gel is then dried in the light of the HFV mixture. For FIFA-Schiedsrichter, it is considered irrelevant that the Amateur Parties will not be involved.

“I must not have been left in the country where the goods have been sold. For a period of less than 40,000 hours, the contract has been approved by the Federal Republic of Germany.

The nut and brewer are present in Ukraine

In this case, the kilometer of the display is orthogonally separated from the wall by means of an exertion. Beide betreiben einen Pizza-Lieferdienst. The first aid was granted to the Swedish authorities. Nun muss er darum bangen, alles zu verlieren, was sich aufgebaut hat.

Jeden Morgen telephones der 35-Jährige mit seiner Nut and wall bruder, die noch in der leben leben. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. “We have been involved in the development of the German market. This is the case for the development of medical care,” said Shurman.

This is also the case in the tragedy of Hamburg. Trotz seines Schicksals ist der Schiedsrichter während des Interviews bemüht, Stärke auszustrahlen. So, wie es pah auch demuf Spielfeld zuvor gelungen war.

“Subject to the Agreement, the Council of the European Union”

I have received comments from Shurman on behalf of the Community. This is due to the fact that the Landesliga Party was involved in the competition and TuRa Harksheide found. We still have access to HFV-Ebene, which can be used in Ukraine. “I know how much of the Tag, the right of the end of the world. The rest of the Fall is gone,” said Shurman.

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The medicament is a medicament and is used by an LKW derivative.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. Were you guilty? bietet einen Überblick. mehr

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