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The war in Ukraine goes further. Special offers are from the city of Kiev and Charkiw. Ukraine leaves the highest standard against Russian officials. All news in the news.

Kiev – Two weeks ago the invasion of Ukraine * by the Russian army began. Doch der Feldzug von Wladimir Putin * does not have to leave, as the Russian presidents do. In front of all the largest cities of the country – Kiev and Charkiw – you are also in a hurry. The Ukrainian street forces have the highest resistance. An overview, was in the night on Thursday (March 10, 2022) passed.

Keep the Ukrainian soldiers in the city of Charkiw.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Russia has been represented by the United States and the United States in the war zone. Ukraine has a long history of big cities, in the main city of Kiev there is a fly alert. For the first day there is a new visit to the plant, at a regional fire break men from surrounded cities. Hoffnung ruhte aber vor allem auf dem ersten hochrangigen Gespräch beider Seiten seit Kriegsbeginn.

War in Ukraine: New diplomatic statements

Dazu traf der ukrainische Außenminister Dmytro Kuleba im türkischen Antalya ein, wo er am Donnerstagmorgen mit seinem russischen Kollegen Sergej Lawrow Optionen für ein Ende des Kriegs ausloten will. Vermitteln will be the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Cavusoglu. The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Rafael Grossi, will discuss the security of Ukrainian nuclear power plants in Antalya.

As a reference to a position of the foremost in Russia, Ukraine is still in a neutral state. In addition to Kiev, the annexed Schwarzmeer-Halbinsel Crimea, as well as the Russian separatist region, is an independent destination. The Ukraine is the only place in the world. President Wolodymyr Selensky has chosen a promising compromise.

Am Donnerstagabend kommen dann Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz und die übrigen die EU-Staats- und Regierungschefs zu einem Gipfel in Versailles bei Paris zusammen, um die Lage zu beraten.

War in Ukraine: The war

For the United States, after the Ukrainian engagement, a new visit is made, about three air corridors of people from the cities of the Sumy region in the north-east of the western city of Poltava. For these air routes from 08.00 German time a waffle iron plant, part of the area management of Sumy with. From the surrounding Großstadt Sumy, there are only 50,000 people on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The evacuation of the southern Ukrainian port of Mariupol is still possible. At the end of the Wednesday, a meeting was held at the Gebirtsklinik – also with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the end of the “sinless violence”.

The war in the night on the Donnerstag is very insignificant; The Ukrainian authorities are bombed, Russian airlines have been bombed by Sumy, given living spaces and a gas station. The Ukrainian army spoke out against the Russian army in the main city of Kiev and the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, as well as in the region of the Millions of cities in Charkiw in the East. Doch habe man die russische Offensive gebremst.

War in Ukraine: Featured teachers for children

A travel agency comes to Germany – as well as other EU countries – as an undertaking in the management of flights from Ukraine to Ukraine. Since the war on February 24, more than two million people from Ukraine have joined the UN-Engagement, and more than 80,000 wars have been registered in Germany.

According to the Kindergarten and School of Education, the Ministry of Education and Science Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP) will include teachers and teachers from Ukraine, as well as the Funk Media Group. The head of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Detlef Scheele, always spoke in the conversation with the editorial office of Germany, unbureaucratic support at the labor court.

Russia is the source of resources in Ukraine

Russia has recently become one of the leaders in Ukraine. “Leader wurden mehrere Fälle (bestattigt), in denen sich Wehrpflichtige in den Einheiten der russischen Streitkräfte befanden, die an militärischen Sonderoperation auf dem Territorium der Ukraine teilnahmen”, sagte der Sprechert desiguis22 Russkischen Vergiantis 10 Verssian ). Some of the weights of the Ukrainian Streets can be found.

He added: “It is worthwhile to take the most important measures out of the minds, to make the most promising in the camp, and to have the freedom of the soldiers to defend themselves.”

The Kremlin has announced that President Vladimir Putin has made the appointment a “categorical decision”. It means that the Office of the Officer, according to the definition of wehrpflichtigen in Ukraine, is likely to be “protected”.

IAEA also allows connection to European nuclear power plant in Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also been involved in the construction of the European Atomic Energy Agency in Ukraine, Saporischschia. IAEA-Chef Rafael Grossi said on Wednesday that the data connection for the transfer services in Saporischja was excused. Russian corpses have received Saporisch’s long-awaited weeks. Dabei is working on a brand of car dealership.

The basis for the connection fee is still unclarified. Zuvor hatte die IAEA gewarnt, dass sie die Verbindung zu den Überwachungssystemen in der ebenfalls von russischen Truppen eroberten Atomruine von Tschernobyl verloren habe. According to the information provided by Ukraine, the information provided by Ukraine is that the current disaster has occurred. See “in this fall there are critical criticisms of security”.

The connection between the two nuclear power plants is also self-sufficient. “The transfer of data from the IAEA overhaul systems to nuclear standards in the world is a significant part of our oversight measures,” said Grossi. The databases “are possible, the core material and activities of these standards are to be transferred, but our inspectors do not disclose”.

Ukraine is open to other German waffles

Ukraine is set in the camp against Russian tourists on further deliveries from Germany. The Ukrainian Botschafter in Berlin, Andrij Melnyk, according to the German Press Agency, the German Rural Industry industry, is a pre-emptive force, and the Ukrainian street forces are supported. “I know that the Ministry of Justice has been able to offer 60 pages of the company. We are waiting for a positive decision “, said Melnyk.

The company of the company is on a list of Ukrainian boats from the beginning of February. It can be used under other air navigation systems with a range of up to 70 kilometers, anti-drone traffic, minesweepers, radios, radar stations, night vision devices and ambulances. (writing with agencies) * is an offer of IPPEN.MEDIA.

Rubric picture: © Sergey Bobok / afp

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