Ukraine-Krieg: Russia is back from Kiev

Kiev / Lviv.As in Butscha in the vicinity of Kiev have Russian corpses also in Borodjanka 35 Kilometers northwest of the main town of Trummerfeld from the rest of the houses hinterlassen. In one of the drones, a video was released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education, the administration of the city, which has a population of 13,000. You will be able to see people again on the roads, including cars. Doch véle Häuser sind zerstört, nicht mehr bewohnbar. “Die russischen Besatzer haben Tod und Ruin hierher gebracht”, teilt das Ministium mit. Doch nun wehe in the city again the Ukrainian blue flag.

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Six weeks after the war, we will be able to increase the number of rebates of the Russian army from the surrounding area. The streets on the road from Butscha are also famous. The Ukrainian Behörden will be honored, but many of the best graves will be available.

After the return of Russian troops: Selected visits to the camps

The Ukrainian President Selensky visited the camp site in the area around Kiev.

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Visa Registry Officer Iryna Wereschtschuk in Kiev has received special information about the location in the East Ukraine. Dort gehen die Kampfe unvermindert further. Wereschtschuk ruft die Menschen in den von besonders bloutigen Gefechten betroffenen Gebieten Charkiw, Luhansk und Donezk auf, nach Möglichkeit die Regionen zu verlassen. Zugleich räumt sie ein, dass das gefährlich sei, weil es kaum möglich sei, das Feuer zu stoppen.

Daily is the new humanitarian Corridor fest. There are always more civilized people on the air. “It simply came to our notice then. Solange es sie noch gibt “, sagt sie flehend auch mit Blick auf die humanitäre Katastrophe in der von russischen Truppen belagerten Hafenstadt Mariupol.

Dort im Süstosten sind na Angaben der Stadt bereits alle Häuser zerstört. The men are on fire in the streets of Freien. But not much more. The city speaks of a Hungarian catastrophe. “The only way out of a tragedy in Mariupol is that the world from the time of the concentration camp of Nazis is not known,” said the mayor Badyrmeister Wadym Bojtschenko. The Russian military has the Hafenstadt in Todeslager.

“Die Mörder verwischen ihre Spuren”, according to the city council on Wednesday night in the news channel Telegram mit. Mobile crematoria is available, the rooms are equipped. The city protects the number of years in the majority of the population. “According to the international relations for the Genocide in Butscha, the Russian leadership should be included, but we will be able to use their armies in Mariupol,” the city council said. The Moscow region, the Kremlin and the Ministry of Justice, are also open to the public, as well as the weekly war, civil and civil facilities are not included.

Scholz has been providing additional services in Ukraine

The Chancellor Scholz reports in Berlin that Ukraine’s support is still available. Always reduce the number of additions to Russia.

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Auch im Fall Butscha, wo mehr als 300 Leichen – teils gefesselt – gefunden wurden, betont Russland, die eigenen Soldaten hätten niemanden angerührt. Many people, journalists and experts document the claims of the parties, and the parties to the agreement.

Unweit von Butscha, in the main town of Kiev, has various cafes and restaurants open again. Doch Bürgermeister Vitali Klitschko has the right to die, the city is located, but not to mention the end of the week. “It’s a very unpredictable story, but it’s about the air raft,” he said. With stand Wednesday covered by Kiev since the war on February 24. 89 Tote and 167 damaged houses.

With a train made of pollen at midnight only a few people. A young woman, who, after a month on the air, has returned, has learned, is in the Supermarket, more than the sun. The prices are always higher than before the war. From the Ukrainian production, the sun blossoms are a matter of course. Nudeln haben sich fast um 30 Perzen verteuert. The U-line is accessible on a limited basis. The underground stations are surrounded by bombs.

Also in the western part of Ukraine, where the most protected people are, it is a matter of time after the teaching of the Russian corps to the mark. No return on the border for cars. At the Übergang Budomierz – Hruschiw drive to all small carriers with help in the direction of Ukraine. Dominate other cars with women and children in the setting, which your home is located. Und der Explosionsdonner unweit der von Russland vor knapp trei Wochen bombardierten Kasernen des Truppenübungsplatzes Jaworiw erinnert daran, dass weiter Krieg im Land herrscht.

Trotz Tötung von Zivilisten: SPD-Chef Klingbeil weiter gegen Energie-embarargo

Klingbeil also enjoys the benefits of civil servants in Butscha at the time of the release of a number of energy imports from Russia.

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It is also 60 kilometers from the Polish border of the western Ukrainian metropolis of Lviv. An inclined tendency is not to be found, as a reporter of the German Press Agency reports. The restaurants and cafés are well served by the sunny spring weather. Souvenir shops offer the best T-shirt hits in the blue and yellow colors.

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