Ukraine-Krieg: Here you can find: Actions in Husum and surroundings for the favored

Frei zu lesen: The Russian War in Ukraine is for the undeserved leader. Damit finds himself in Husum and Umbebung not ab and wollen helphen. Here the Initiatives are open, you can support them.



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Husum | In the humus and surroundings run full of shares for the Ukrainians. Sowohl für jene, die aus dem Land geflohen sind und weiterhin fliehen als auch für jene, die sich noch im Land land befinden. You are always welcome, it was a great choice. Medical goods, hygiene products, food, animal husbandry, clothing, baby bedding. Also, the ideas for the recommendation are.

Verein Anker neV kümmert sich um medizinische Versorgung

With the anchor in the “Wollen wir vor allem medisinisches Material für die libensrettende Primärversorgung von Kriegsverletzten in der Ukraine beschaffen”, sagt Gruündungsmitglied David Fröhlich. Wer dem Verein bei seiner Arbeit unterstützen möchte, kann das am besten mit einer Geldspende tun. Send to PayPal at @ankerhelp (Vwz. Spende Anker neV) or to Banküberweisung at: David Fröhlich IBAN DE07 5001 0517 5406 4725 79 (Vwz. Spende Anker neV). If the anchor of Anchor is still on the activation of their activities, we will be able to provide information on the GLS Bank, and will have a private account for the sum of the expenses. It can be saved right away. Find more information and regular updates around your work.

March 23 in Tönning: Engagement-exchange exchanges

The Eiderstedt district, the Migration School in Tönning, was established on Wednesday, March 23, from 5 pm to 7 pm in the Tönninger Packhaus, as well as the establishment of the Deaconry Service in Husum and the Social Center of the Southern Nordic Region. Following an overview of the current situation in Ukraine, you can visit the various topics on specific issues before informing yourself (housing offers, sachets of money, bills of lading). Eingeladen sind alle alle, die ehrenamtlich ihre Hilfe für Geflüchtete adbieten möchten, und noch nicht genau wissen, was zu tun ist oder an wen sie sich wenden können.

March 25 in Olderup: Spendenlauf für Flüchtlingsfamilien

On the Bolzplatz in front of the Olderuper Kindertagesstätte can be found on Friday, March 25, at 11 a.m. The speed limit runs from the Dorf neighborhood to the open-air family families from Ukraine. Behind die Kinder der Kita an den Start gehen, wird Pastor Jebsen aus Hattstedt eine kurze Andacht halta. Surely, the requests and the sum of expenses will be released, you are very welcome.


The city of Husum is able to protect the warlords on the side of the page, where you can meet the barriers. Dazu werden Menschen zum Dolmetschen gesucht, die sich bitte be Diakonischen Werk Husum, Fachstelle Migration, per Mail an oder telefonisch unter 04841-8038453 melden.

Räder, Helfer, Spenden wanted

The number of visitors, in the northern Nordhriesland a certain accommodation was kept. The team integration of employment management is coordinated and sounded further with high-pressure help. It is also possible to use the support from the location. Drinking well, you will be able to find a different living room, as well as the most important ones. “It simply came to our notice then. In addition to furniture transport and facilities, the staff can be staffed at our borders, ”said Lars Schwerdtfeger, a member of the National Assembly.

Great work in good condition

The traffic police cars for children and adults are spent, but they are also part of the Team Integration or the Spend Chamber.

“It is also possible to be free of charge, the most important driving station repair shops in Bredstedt can be used,” said Martje Petersen, the ambassador, who provided more information at 0 46 71 – 91 92 of the mail. is available.

Coordinator Barbara Ingwersen was appointed from the Spendenkammer to hold a meeting on bicycle, school, play and sportswear for children. In addition to high-rise living rooms, large sofa beds, kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, laundry stands and basic handicrafts are well stocked.

The Spendenkammer des Amtes is located on Bergstraße 9 (Ecke Bahnhofstraße) in Bredstedt. Spend an hour before Tuesday at 9 – 12 o’clock. For the question is the teacher Barbara Ingwersen before the meeting or in the phone call 01 51 – 20 10 16 40 available. (Spending fee is in the room from 2 pm to 6 pm and during the week from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm)

Wer ein Hilfsangebot hat, kann den Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern des Teams Integration die Coordination lichichtern, in dem da eigens eingerichtete Kontaktformular ( used to be. The offer can be found on these days in the best possible way. For general questions, please also contact the following e-mail address: Telephone is the team under the management under 0 46 71 – 91 92 0 available.

Children’s protection such as help with childcare

The Kinderschutzbund-Nord in Husum says that men from Ukraine also come to Nordfriesland. We also offer a business offer for children from the country. “On Asmussenstraße, 22 planes are a meeting point for 0-3-year-old children and children,” said Gregor Crone. In the Bürgerschule school, the team of 3-6-year-old children will be able to enjoy the possibility of a kindergarten group in the pre-school hours. Dazu brauche is a lot of support. Worth: The people with a pedagogical education, the lust has, with children to work as well as men the Ukrainian or. You can speak English and the other ones as well, but you can also use the following paths (foreign countries, social center, social center, school, etc.). Gregor Crone will be honored, the students will be able and well, they can be reached at: 04841/9377120,

The living room is well maintained

Wer in Husum Accommodation options, from weekly week to day, can be sent to you, please contact us by mail at or by phone at 04841-666-321, 666-325 or 666-324. The clerk of the Ordnance Summit is in charge of other matters.

Auch das Amt Eiderstedt in Garding well-kept living room for breakfast, free of charge and for a half-year or long-term visit. Further information about Ukraine-help at

Special offers for living rooms Violet under or entgegen. Further info at

Ladies’ Circle Husum brings Hilfskonvoi in Ukraine

The Ladies’ Circle Husum is in the middle of the Bundesweiten action „Freunde helfen! Convoys. ” A main camp of this initiative is located in Mildstedt. Von dort werden in der kommenden Woche mehrere Lkw mit vor allem medisinischen Hilfsgütern, aber auch Lebensmitteln an die polnisch-ukrainische und die moldawisch-ukrainische Grenze fahren. Some of them are interested in contacting the initiative of Spenden and bring them to the region in Ukraine, which is widely used. The current only large-scale transport for Lkw-Transporte is provided by Ladies’s Circle Husum free of charge. It is well known that you are the owner of Vanessa Holdysz, President of Ladies’ Circle Husum. “One cent, we will be at Spende, we will be directly. The transport costs Lkw a petrol, Zoll and Maut 2500 Euro. ”

Here you can spend: Stiftung Round Table Deutschland – Verwendungszweck „Konvoi“

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft AG – IBAN: DE20 550 205 0000 0000 1954 – BIC: BFSW DE33 MNZ

Bredstedter organized a steep ride in the war zone

The Bredstedter Mike Husar and his steward have a large group of transporters with help and organize transport in Ukraine. Er ruft auf folgendes zu spenden:

  • Half-barbecue food, meat soup, canned food, rice, noodles
  • Hygiene item (new package)
  • Baby food and windmills
  • Connecting material
  • Decks, sleeping bags, isomatten
  • Clothing

It is free, however, to find all the cards in the cardboard box and with “Help Ukraine” as well as the description of the translation, which is the same in English. “In the fall of some Sands, there are no precautionary measures, but also in the case of money,” Husar wrote in his statement. “It simply came to our notice then. The following companies provide all costs: SAT Struckum, Björn Jacobsen sponsor of LKW and Diesel; Bahnsen Tiefbau, Paul Baumann set up the warehouse for the temporary storage; Mike Husar, Ohrenschmaus treats all other costs at the same time as the driver’s license and transfers. ” Wer Hilfsgüter spenden möchte, kann dies bei Mike Husar tun: Wittenburger Ring 20, Bredstedt oder unter 01703815891 oder bei Paul Baumann: Wittenburger Ring 24, Bredstedt

Pay the money to the account: Mike Husar IBAN: DE59 2175 0000 0164 7345 50

Ostenfelder assembled for the Civilists and the Front

The Ostenfelder Arthur Pietsch summed up the address Schwarzer Weg 5 in Ostenfeld, with the Polish-Ukrainian border on the road. “We’re driving two-way,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Da brauchen wir Hygieneartikel, Babynahrung, Windeln, Lebensmittel. “ “Da brauchen wir medizinisches Material, Verbandszeug, Schmerzmittel, Hustensaft.” Ist ein Transporter voll, fahre er sofort los, erzählt er. He has a lot of contacts in Ukraine, and now his company spends a lot of time in Polish-Ukrainian borders. “On the last rides, we should take a look at the return route. Dafür suche ich noch sieben- bis neunsitzige Fahrzeuge für die Wochenenden und hier vor Ort werden dann Unterkünfte gešucht. set: 0176 97 44 61 34

Pay money directly to: Artur Pietsch DE59 2175 0000 0166 0932 29

Do you know any other actions? Then send us to


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