Ukraine-Krieg: Dornhaner Gemeinderat Berät über Unterkünfte für Flüchtlinge – Sulz & Umgebung

The municipality is protected by accommodation opportunities. Photo: Petros Giannakouris / dpa

Ask a round about accommodation, public relations, language courses, school visits and childcare for warlords from Ukraine to avoid the municipality at the young residence in the city hall.

Dornhan – The most war-torn war in Ukraine with its overwhelming folks is worth the number of protected persons, the burgher mayor Markus Huber an. The first persons are in private contact in the city of Dornhan and are well established.

The title of the 90-day visitations of the Visagrean is to be recommended by the present day, so that the employees can register after the registration of the registration of the Landratsamt. From the description, the management has 18 reimbursements for available apartments and rooms. You will also be able to enjoy the services.

Ethical apartments are available

“Our goal is, for example, to separate separate apartments, so that one of the longer stays is open,” Huber said. Ethnic apartments are still available. The city stands with the Land Chamber in Contact. While attending the first letter, all of the above-mentioned addicts have been appointed, and other applications have been made on behalf of the state of affairs.

Vorrangig sei die Acquise von möglichst viel Wohnraum. Eine eigengene Hilfsaktion plane die Stadt nicht. You can apply the funds to the funds for the payment of the aid to the Council of Ministers and the Transport to the appropriate agencies.

Preparatory courses for students

If you want to take advantage of the help of the Hilfsangeboten, you will be able to read the refreshments from the Guild after the German courses. High return speech with Jan Schneemann, school director at the state school Donaueschingen, only for pre-school courses for students. The rights of the Integration Managers of the Landratsamts are also protected.

A job can be done and adhered to in the above-mentioned working markets theoretically possible, but a question of language skills is also a qualification. In the case of the 2015 Fall of Defense, the Ukrainian Protected Persons in their Homeland will return, and they will be able to find some pollen or Czech Republic as well as Germany.

Prove your building

“It looks great like a fantasy for the world, that relatively fast talk goes,” formulated Alois Schanz of her experiences. Felix Lehmann is also interested in the state of affairs. Laut Hauptamtsleiterin Daniela Dettling is on the Schillerstraße accommodation 4 nights away. They are well maintained for asylum seekers, and other countries are also available.

From the volleys schöpfen könne man nicht, stellte Markus Huber fest. The municipality has to be well-known, and the city is surrounded by friendly buildings. Man werde die eigenen Liegenschaften einer Prüfung unterziehen. The housing market is well-known, well-known for the provision of social housing of its own value.

After the auspices in the children’s ward fragments Stadtrat Ruben Pallesche. Huber language from the professional community as a limiting factor. Congratulations on how to start the 2015 payment year and the situation.

“Theme wird uns weiter beschäftigen”

If you want to keep the standard, you can still use it. Surrounded by the standard man’s senses, a surcharge for children. A non-bureaucratic commitment with “two chairs more here and there”, as Roland Jerke said, is not without further interest in making sure that the bearer grows out of the forefront of childcare management. In Baden-Württemberg, the highest staff members in the Bundesge area, as well as the systematic groups of employees, can only be accommodated with the above-mentioned keynotes and inquiries from higher authorities.

Felix Lehmann has included “Ukraine-tips” on the city’s website or land district. In the minutes of the protocol, a two-pronged letter of thanks for the beetles and helpers is not known, the most famous questions are, “the last time his phone was turned off.” Huber declares that he is the first speaker in Ukrainian and states: “We want to give the maximum help to men. The topic will be used by others.”


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