Ukraine-flüchtete: Stadt Hechingen verschickt Fragebögen an Helfer – Hechingen & Umgebung

In addition to digital connections, actures from facilities, city and country are also available. Your help for Ukraine will coordinate the city. Photo: Kauffmann

The largest number of flights from Ukraine are in Hechingen, which will be appreciated – and many people will be happy. The city will coordinate the offers, accepting a digital “marriage contract” on Thursday. Manch einem Teilnehmer arbeiten die Mühlen der Stadt derweil zu langsam.

Hechingen – Vereine, Stadt and public institutions want the Ukrainian flights, in Hechingen to help, and to have a number of initiatives initiated. To organize these activities, to act in an online relationship with the donor company together, one of them – like the name – will “get married” and coordinate. Eineladen dazu hatten Dorothee Müllges, die von Seiten der Stadt die Hilfen für Flüchtlinge organizes, und Integrationsbeauftragte Hanna Johner.

112 Ukrainer in Hechingen

How many reports, there are 112 people from Ukraine in Hechingen. Davon is 9 children in the kindergarten and 37 others in the school. You can meet all Ukrainians in private accommodation. There are several city apartments in Weilheim and Boll.

City of such “closed apartments”

Simply search for the city and other private accommodation for Ukrainians. Mild speech in this summary of an “overwhelming return”. You have already taken care of your apartment, you can also get an infrared. The date of the meeting is based on the Saxony of Liege, which is connected to the property of the Ministry of Transport – as the owner of the city of Hechingen.

In the apartments, which have a good life, they are “all of them”, from the perfect apartment to the sun, the city does not want to rent. Important for all private property, the living room is available for sale: The city has only apartments, which are closed. There is also a free room or a roof without any access. This living room is located on the initiative of Verena Schetter of the Asylum District.

Private accommodation Eigentümer with asylbewerber services

How does the registration of Ukrainians in Hechingen take place? Die flüchteten melden sich bei der der Meldebehörde im Bürgerbüro an. If you have any paperwork, you can choose one of the foreign countries of the Zollernalbkreises. In this case, the city is also familiar with the dates of the disputes, which can be identified. It is important, but only if it is registered, it is still asylum status, it was again a precautionary measure, and asylum seekers are allowed.

How many questions about the rounds are published, these services are also available and you have to pay for your living. We also have private accommodation for the benefit of the state, which can be used for state-of-the-art accommodation.


Important to know: When the Ukrainians in Germany, asylum seekers are attracted, it is also possible for a lawyer to apply for a kindergarten. Summing up with the tracks, the KbF also takes over the church, after the solution, because the warriors and the people who want to be united, as the Ukrainian Knirps, the warriors are just “overwhelmed” and comforted by a place. Nun ist man auf der Suche nach geeigneten Räumen und Ehrenamtlichen, die die Kinder ous der Ukraine wöchentlich stundenweise betreuen können. Pfarrer Herbert Würth spoke about “playgroups”, the hours of the week together.

Visit the school

Among other things, there are four Ukrainian children at the primary school and at the Werkrealschule 22 Ukrainian children’s classes. As Hanna Johner reports, you are in a position to take care of the children and learn the regular school classes. Die Frage sei jedoch, wie zelführend das ist. Man sei derzeit auch auf der Suche nach Tehrern, die ukrainisch sprechen können.

Detailed requests for a request

With a questionnaire, the unique offerings of the association and the facilities of Hechingen are not to be missed. Diesen wird Johner herumschicken. The city fastens the results together, a coordinating goal can be found.

It goes long

Einige Teilnehmer monierten, dass der Wille zu helfen zwar vorhanden sei, aber die Gesamt-Organizatsie durch die Stadt ist in ihren Augen nur schleppend. Important to know how to do it, was in the beginning of the day and was well received. Millges wies unter andrerem darauf hin, dass die Hilfe für ukrainische Flüchtlinge eine langfristige Aufgabe be.


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