Trotz Corona-Krise: Volksbank further on exchange rate – Gold & Surroundings

Sonnige Zeiten trotz Corona-Krise bei der Volksbank Herenberg-Nagold-Rottenburg – hier der Standort Nagold Photo: Fritsch

The Volksbank Herrenberg-Nagold-Rottenburg can – very often the most important frameworks – for the 2021 business year a priority result is available. Customer loans are widely available – insured in the area of ​​private housing. In addition to the service department, the Bank has good results in important business meetings.

Nagold – The Volksbank Herrenberg-Nagold-Rottenburg has a 2021 exchange rate. The balance sheet total of the Volksbank flag in annual terms at 97 Million Euros per capita 3.6 Percent per round 2.8 Billion Euro. The existing customer loans are awarded in the amount of 124 million Euros per 2.4 billion Euros. The foreign balance sheet volume reaches 189 Million Euros.

In the production department, we can also find “a good result”. Zugleyich wurden einzelne Geschäftsfelder Corona-bedingt schwächer nachgefragt. In addition to the value of securities, the bank is completely overwhelmed and a record holder is realized. This is due to the high inflation, error insurance at the accounts and the good stock market development. Special information is provided by the Fund, which is free of charge. In 2021, 3278 new funds were closed. They believe that the Bank’s customers have annual savings in the Fund for a round of 12 million Euros. The volume of the customer deposit flag in the annual deposit for the 31st of December at 20 percent per round of one billion Euro (Bank Deposits and Union Deposits).

Record area in the field of real estate

With a final volume of 78 million Euros, the results of the trade union are based on the previous year. Also, the new acquisitions of consumer loans are available. With a round of 5.8 Million Euro Answering Credits over easy credit.

In the business field, real estate accounts for 2021 are recorded in the year 2021. “Gäu Neckar Immobilien” has a total of 168 properties with a volume of 50 million Euros. The “Gäu Neckar Hausverwaltung” is located in the surrounding years in a large and well-managed house management in the region. It can be used for more than 3,200 units. For the year 2022, the contract will be closed for around 300 more units.

New tochsegellschaft in the real estate sector

The bank has the property strategically built and founded on January 1, 2021, a new real estate company. In the Volksbank Immobilien Projektentwicklung GmbH, the development and design of residential projects is completed. Dabei is a company in the first year of business, various landlords to acquire and design for construction, the only time to sign in the market. The People’s Bank real estate project development is based on a construction site in Herrenberg in the central location 13 apartments and two commercial units. In Oberjettingen, there is a project for senior residents living in the orphanage with 19 apartments, in Wurmlingen there is a family house in the orphanage with two family houses with a total of 16 apartments and a wide range of projects.

The Tochtergesellschaft Fischer Versicherungsmakler kann, laut einer Presmemitteilung der Volksbank, für das Jahr 2021 eine solide Entwicklung verzeichnen. In total, a large number of backpacks are paid in person, a dealer in a number of 40 million Euros. The insurance company has a total of 12 percent per year.

Balance of 2.8 Million Euros

The Sach- and Personal Costs are, on the basis of additional investments in the digitization, easy to understand. With the good development in the service business, a very risky risk situation and stable costs, the Bank for the Business Year 2021 can be used for a good year. For the year 2021, the Volksbank Herrenberg-Nagold-Rottenburg has a stable balance sheet of around 2.8 million Euros.

Volksbank has 55,000 members

On the 31st of December, 2021, the Herrenberg-Nagold-Rottenburg Volksbank was registered with its 413 employees (Vorjahr: 425), and 23 employees. 366 Employees are employed at the bank. The quote of the tax collector, the part of the work of the bank, is very high. Work time, without explanation of the expenses, round 50 percent of the clerk in part time. Also working on mobile work. In addition, they have more than 40 percent of the banker’s ability to work, mobile to work.

As of 31 December 2021, the Volksbank Herrenberg-Nagold Rottenburg has 54,914 members, the business units in the High of 37.0 Million Euros (Pre-Year 34.0 Million Euros) left. The members of the Volksbank Herrenberg-Nagold-Rottenburg are listed at the annual meeting: The balance sheet is based on the bill of exchange and the recruitment agreement provides a dividend of 2.0 percent.


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