Trainers like a Top Model: 5 Tips by Lena Gercke:

adidas Bra Revolution:
Trainers like a Top Model: 5 Tips by Lena Gercke:

Sport is for the 33-year-old more like a tool to perfect the body. It’s at the moment, while we get lost and others are released:

Model, Shipping key, Mama and official news from the new adidas campaign: Fit zu sein, gehört für Lena Gercke dazu. Doch Sport is for the 33-year-old more like a tool to perfect the body. It’s the moment, indem wir loslassen and all other other sollten. In the Interview you will be trained, as well as the most motivated, well motivated and always welcome the new adidas Bra Revolution Collection.

Study document: About 90% of women take a fake Sport-BH:

The adidas tracks well-worn women with training in the fake BH – and quickly adds to the closed study data on the shrinking bracket through the bracket support. No Wunder: Beim Joggen is the fastest and most concentrated G-Crankshaft selected as a Formal 1-Wheel beam Rennen. Self power in Power Walking is the equivalent of a strong star. And not only: “Werden Brüste bei einem Marathon nicht ausreichend gestützt, legen sie durch die enorme Bewegung nochmal 4 Meilen alleine zurück, wie Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr of the University of Portsmouth verrät.


From Pilates to Running: For Gercke muss der passende BH immer dabei sein:

Das ist nht wah wahnsinnig unangenehm, sondern kann auch gesundheitliche Folgen haben – denn unser Gewebe is hochempfindlich, sodass es bei starken Belastungen u unzureichendem Schutz zu Verletzungen und Rissen (z. B. Dehnungs)

Tatsachen wie diese haben adidas zur Bra Revolution inspired: Containers with Biomechanics at the University of Ports show the large collection of Sport-BHs, which is beyond the scope of the company. With an outlet of 43 models, an online Fitting Tool and the right handbrake all the green ones come easily enough to find the perfect bra for your hood, your style and your Sportart. More skills, Individuality, Space, Performance and Support. And before: Um mehr Aufmerksamkeit auf das Thema Brustgesundheit zu lenken.

Starker Support, starke Frauen: The Gesichter der Bra Revolution Campaign:

Is a Sport-BH a Frau? Gibt es nicht. This science is: Wir alle sind einmalig. And the gilt for the form to send Brüste ebenso as for our personalities or our Bedurfnisse. To get the most out of this ad, adidas also for Bra Revolution-Campaign ganz unterschiedliche, aber allesamt schone and starke Frauen gewinnen.

Neben Ellie Goldstein and Lisa-Marie Kwayie, is also Model Lena Gercke an Bord. Not only this, with the help of Running, Pilates, Kraft training, Tennis or swimwear you can also enjoy. They also want to have the right Sport-BH, but when they come to Wahl they have to spend some time together and if they want to get rid of it, they can take the Schweinehund inside. Beim Interview has shown you some of the best tips.

5 Tips by Lena Gercke:


Lenas Lieblingsteil aus der Bra Revolution Collection is the “Powerimpact Luxe Training Medium Support Bra” in Rot

For Lena Gercke is a sport with a large number of players, after all. Aber wie schafft man es, einerseits so motiviert zu sein und andererseits so eine gute Figur zu machen?

1. Motivationssub:

The best Motivation for Sport? A new outfit! Das hat für mich nichts mit Oberflächlichkeit zu tun, sondern vielmehr mit Selbstliebe. Durch das, was wir tragen, k wirnnen wir unsere Persönlichkeit und unsere Laune ausdrücken. Do you want to be there even without your training? The perfect look for me is not just for you, but also for the best. I also have some easy ways to get the most out of adidas parts, a new sport is out of the question – and I’ve got enough Lust to train.

2. Find the right Sport-BH:

Beim Running trace and Model with as much Support as possible to help and avoid any problems. Support tracks and Sport-BHs with Moderate Support, in which I can also run and drive. My favorite style from Bra Revolution Collection is the “Powerimpact Luxe Training Medium Support Bra” in Rot. Darin trainers I currently find super great, like and very good at Pilates and gerato find.

3. Add a message:

I do not train well, I do not train well – I can only train well. A workout is at the moment, in which all the loops are loose and the handle is tightened. Nicht darauf achten, was andere denken könnten und einfach das eigene Ding machen. Egal ob im Gym oder zu Haus, alleine oder in der Gruppe.

4. Gemeinsam trainieren:

With a good friend to train, swing totally – I’ll win the super gerne. Man can be a bit of a coach, trainer and general staff. It also has support for your tuning – like a Sports Bra.

5. Pilates at the Performer:

Incredible women can have this workout only! I love it, we love it for long, sleek and defined Musclen’s and I also give a fantastic fit. The musculoskeletal system is activated and is a very important training, which is very easy.


The new adidas Bra Revolution Collection up to 4 Lines: Everyday, Studio, Train and Run:

So find also the perfect Sport-BH:

The new adidas Bra Revolution Collection up to 4 Lines: Everyday, Studio, Train and Run. For the “Coreflow Luxe Studio Medium Support Bra”, the ballett inspired and maximally adjusted frequency range is selected from “Fast Impact Luxe Run High Support Bra” with 360 ° -Flexibility, AEROREADY-Technology and Optimized Conversion: Up to 43 models are guaranteed without a drawstring. If you want to find and directly download cannabis, you can use the Bra Fitting Tool inclusive Bra Finder online for free.

The entire collection is from February 14, 2022 at adidas-Onlineshop, owned by Einzelhandel on the adidas App.


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