Train and train effectively: Knackiges Home-Workout in nur 15 Minuten:

Stay busy in the Celtic for a few rounds of jogging, you can also get a kick out of it and get a workout in the same place where you are going. The Sportexpertin Lea Light will show you how many hours you can train in the Housing for up to 15 minutes.

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Vielleicht hast du dir vorgenommen, jetzt zu Jahresanfang deine überflüssigen Kilos schmelzen zu lassen. Close your eyes to the ice in sports and sports training and training only when you are free.

Even if you do not want to do that, you can use our Home-Workout to get your Sportmate home from your Fitnessplan plan.

Sportexpertin LeaLight lifted down and created a workout, with only two minutes left in the Huffstopen of Kampf.

The best dabei: If your brauchst does not have any extra output, then the workout can be tightened and tightened. Zum Beispiel in deiner Mittagspause im Homeoffice – So hast du deenen Arbeitsalltag gleich sportlich gestaltet u du hast dir auch an kalten u verregneten Tagen ein bisschen Bewegung gegönnt.

15 Minutes Without Pause:

Lege dir for a workout a Sportmatte bereit, die nicht rutscht. Still direct to a glass of water in the Reichweite, the damper does not have to pause. In the next few weeks the training sessions should not be interrupted, as long as they last 15 minutes or longer.

Jede Übung dauert jeweils für 30 Secunden, dazwischen gibt es keine Pause, sondern es geht direkt mit der nächsten Übung weiter.

Damit du nicht während deinem Training stoppen musst, erklärt dir Lea erst einmal, was es bei den fünf Übungen zu beachte gilt. Do you have all the verstanden? Wenn ja, dann kannst du auch sofort loslegen!

1. Lunge Kick – links and rights Page:

The first’sborg sorgt for straine Beine and a knackigen Po! You can start with just the right amount. If you want to get more stability, you can go to Bauchmuskeln.

Acht also darauf, your Oberkörper w derhrend der Übung möglichst gerade zu halten. Your flight will take place further north and the next corner will be built from Boden to Herabsenken only fast.

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2. Knee to Elbow Plank – links and pages:

This publication is provided by a standard number and trained in bodybuilding. Give your Spanish body to Körper an! Here are some of the following: Ziehe die Schultern weg von den Ohren, your electric cable active in the open and almost all the rudders in the middle.

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3. Squat Kick – links and pages right:

Squats or even kniebeugen can be found in the Wundermittel, even if it is one of the most beautiful and well-formed. In this variant of the Kniebeuge the muskels and the upper arms are trained.

Acht darauf, das dein Gewicht immer auf den Fersen liegt. One Oberkörper should be the most comfortable, and you should not be left alone, not in a Hohlkreuz zu fallen.

Denke an die Muskelpartien, die du aktivineren möchtest. In this Fall the Muscle Strands on the inside of your body and your breasts.

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4. Side Plank Crunch – links and pages:

This booking goes directly beyond the Side Plank. Here are the two steps you can take to begin the process. Also: Place your Ellenbogen directly on the Schulter, in addition to the Bauch, so that with the Körper a Line picture list.

Die Übung wird einfacher, wenn du deine Atmung an deine Bewegung anpasst: Atme aus, w duhrend duin Arm and das Bein zusammenziehst and anschließen wieder ein, wenn du dich lang machst.

Side Plank:
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5. Bridge Kick – links and pages:

Du hast es fast geschafft! At the last post there is a balance of some valuable products: If you want to get the link you need, please help Fuß zu führen.

„Wenn es so a bisschen wackelt in den Übungen; lass es wackeln, lass es ziehen, lass es zittern – I can also not guarantee, that I am always strong and balanced “, exclaimed Lea. “Nimm es, wie es kommt.”

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Have you ever worked out with Lea Light Spaß?

Try to follow your next workouts!

7 Minute Booty Workout:  Train with LeaLight at Knackpo:

7 Minute Booty Workout: Train with LeaLight at Knackpo:
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