Toyota GR Corolla (2023): Drei Zylinder, drei Endrohre

Toyota has been involved in sports. According to the instructions, the Yaris of Japan can be used in the form of a VW-Golf-R-Gegner.

Akio Toyoda, Chef des Japanis Autobauers Toyota, is also a member of the Swedish company. Blickt man in die jüngere Vergangenheit, so lässt Toyoda seinen Aussagen auch Taten folgen. The GT86 is also available in other parts of the Sporting Sport (GR) and is still available in the WRC Rally. The hybrid hybrid carriage is thus used; This is a project in the center of Greenland. The tracer is not used in the construction of the Wochen and Monaten, but the Toyota GR Corolla is made of Rampenlicht.

The Hyundai-i30-N- and VW-Golf-R-Concomitant use of the optical system of the vehicle is not introverted to the brute GR Yaris, which is an all-round body of the Corolla Sport. The new fruit is preserved at the end of the weaving process in the glass panes. The above-mentioned radicals can be used to remove the bodywork from the bodywork. The corolla of GR is imaged in a basemodel with a variation of 20 millimeters and a perimeter of 30 millimeters. Die Motorhaube trägt ebenfalls Luftauslässe.

Drei Abgas-Endrohre

In the case of carbon dioxide, a portion of the air is used in the center of the country to which the optics of the optics are used. In the case of this diffuser, the design details of the Toyota GR Corolla are as follows: For the end of the air conditioner, the class of the three-dimensional shape is shown, the central element of which is overturned. The bodywork is verified with the GR emblem; in the case of the products referred to in paragraph 1, the “GR-Four” is used.

Toyota Motor Corporation

The turbocharger is allowed to run at 304 PS and a maximum torque of 370 Newtons.

This is a combination of an all-wheel drive with an electronic lamella coupling, the Toyota of which is the GR Corolla. This is not a technical analog of GR Yaris. For a total of about 1.6 liters of drum cylinders, allergy in the form. The gasoline is charged with a turbocharger and a charge of 304 PS and a maximum torque of 370 Newtons. The suspension is provided with a single wall unit for the GR Yaris (261 PS and 360 Newtonmeters) to Zusatz-Power. The group is selected from the group consisting of one or more thirds. Fahrleistungen kommuniziert Toyota noch nicht.

Umfangreicher Fahrwerks-Feinschliff

Torsionally differentiated compounds are used to optimize the reaction. Das im Grund-Layout vom Corolla Sport is an overhaul of the workforce of the MacPherson strut and has been used as a dipper for the upper and lower parts of the federation. The spur is 60 and measures 85 millimeters and is standard Corolla. Gazoo Racing is supported by the Company in the form of a combination of gas and air conditioning systems. In the case of alloys, it is possible to separate the cores according to which the corallion is used in the production process. The construction of the vehicle is therefore optimized.

Toyota GR Corolla

Toyota Motor Corporation

The tires are round 18 and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4-Dimension is 235/40 R18.

The stand is glossy and the 15-inch design is pressed and 18 inches from the right of the Gazoo Racing round with Michelin Pilot Sport 4-Dimension 235/40 R18. The brewery is made with a size of 355 millimeters in the steep vein and the cavity. Hinten kommen 298 Millimeter große Discs und Zweikolben-Zangen zum Einsatz. The Toyota Safety-Sense Package is naturally available on the GR Corolla and Bord.

From here in Details verändert

The Toyota Hot Coral is a classic hot axle that can only be used as a manufacturer. 4.41 meters, 1.85 meters and 1.48 meters of 1.5-tonne (radar 2.64 meters) are added to the mixture. If the bodywork is normal, the Corolla 361 liter of the vehicle is equipped with an optional Toyota headlamp.

Toyota GR Corolla

Toyota Motor Corporation

From here you can see the GR Corolla in the details of the wall of Geschwistern. These parts are used for the production of goods.

From here, a typical Corolla-Aesthetic wieder; all details are given in the detail below. For this purpose, the display is designed for the use of high-speed gears, and the classic hand-held gears have been used.

The preference was determined by i30 N and Golf R

In the United States and the United States, the market for these products will last until the start of the Toyota GR Corolla in 2023. For the first time, no speculation was made. The Japanese manufacturer is also a manufacturer of the new Hyundai i30 N. The performance variant with 280 PS starts at 36,900 Euro; gut 40.000 Euro for GR Corolla erscheinen da als realistischer Tarif. Ein anderer natürlicher Widersacher, der 320 PS starke VW Golf R, kostet mindestens 51,835 Euro.


Yes. Wenn er nur bad so gut ist wie der GR Yaris, wird er der Hammer!

Nein. Bei diesem Auto ist in Sachen Emotion Hopfen und Malz verloren.

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Dass Toyota is also available in the same way as the GR-Label on the bodywork, but the GR Supra and GR Yaris price range. For the purposes of the Gazoo-Racing-Band on the base of the Corolla, the messenger is also present. The above data and parameters can be used as a reference to the lock.


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