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For the start of the year: 25 years before the Nürburgring (25-29 May). Bei der 50. Auflage des Langstreckenklassikers in der Eifel starten drei Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II in Scherer Sport-Farben. In this case, a maximum of a maximum of GT3 pilots are used, which means that the 24-hour runner has been used, so that it is present at a high temperature.

Photo: L. Rodrigues

“We are currently working for the legendary 24-hour-long and long-term operation of the company,” said Christian Scherer, a company in the Netherlands. “This event is based on the absolute Höhepunkt der Saison. However, 24 hours before the end of the year, 50 years have elapsed since the entry into force of this Regulation: The equipment in the case of the Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II is fitted to the air conditioner in the field. ‘


The Audi R8 LMS is suitable for Fahrerteams

Photo: Scherer Sport

The Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II with a starter number 5 from Scherer Sport by Phoenix starts at the Eifelmarathon with a mix of routers and pilots: ). Als zweiter Fahrer kommt der 21 Jahre alte Schweizer Ricardo Feller zum Einsatz. In 2021, the ADAC GT masters and masters can be used as part of a platform in the frame of an Audi Sport customer racing. The new Scherer-Markets team will not be able to start the Nordeschleifen-Starts in the ABT Sportsline team in Scherer-Farben or DTM. Dritter Pilot from the 26th is St. Vincent Kolb (Frankfurt). This is also the case with a large network of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and 2021 of the NLS-Speed ​​Trophy. The complete set of devices according to the DTM Pilot: Kelvin van der Linde (25 / Südafrika), 24h-Sieger from 2017 and the master Master of the ADAC GT Masters.

“I’m going to go to Ehre with the team,” said Frank Stippler. “If necessary, the NLS-Stampler / Piston for the DTM Pilot can be used. The team will be involved in the work of the Chancellor. ”Ricardo Feller described the following: ‘For the purposes of this Regulation, the national rules shall not apply to non-commercial vehicles. I am a member of the team, which has the potential to make a profit. ”

Photo: Scherer Sport

For the Audi von Scherer Sport by Phoenix with the number 16 on the Route Markus Winkelhock (Schorndorf) in Rennen. The 32-hour breeze dreimal dasimal das 24h-Rennen gewinnen. Kim-Luis Schramm (24 / Ilmenau), a member of the Team College, has been selected for the NLS and ADAC GT Masters. In the year 2021, the Junior Title of the ADAC GT Masters was awarded to Ricardo Feller. The best line-ups from Cuba Giermaziak (31 / Polen) are available in the SACe ADAC GT Masters and are included in the Porsche-Supercup Race Program in Formula 1 for Furore. Vervollständigt wird das Fahrerquartett von Michele Beretta (27). For Italy, the title of the Italian GT Championship (2017), the European Le Mans Series (2020) and the International GT Open (2021) are.

Scherer Sport unterstützt zudem das Audi Sport Team Phoenix beim Einsatz eines Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II als Partner. In the case of Audi Sport customer racing with the number 15 from the Doppelstarter Kelvin van der Linde dock Cockpit with two white weights in the south of Belgium: the Belgian Dries Vanthoor (24) and Frédéric Vervisch (35, in Sieger from 2019). The quartet of the Audi-Sport-Fahrer from the DTM and Formula-E Rennsieger Robin Frijns (30 / Niederlande) in 2017 as a Dritter in the Eifel will be present at the Podium stand.

“This is an extra large package”, according to Ernst Moser. In the case of the team, the team in the “Rings” in Meuspath was left out of the city for 24 hours. “The third party is the development of the Audi R8 LMS GT3 and the car is equipped with a car. In this case, the car is operated by an extraordinary pilot, which is fitted with a cordless head. In this case, the following conditions apply: In the case of a number 5, the name of the pilot, which is the first pilot, is shown. The number of persons in the 16-year-old network, including the Router Markus Winkelhock, shall be included in the team, the speed of which shall be determined. ‘

NLS3 als Vorbereitung

Photo: L. Rodrigues

Nach der Absage des zweiten Laufs der Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie ist the NLS-Event am kommenden Samstag (23. april) for Scherer Sport and a test run for the 24-hour Rennen. This is why the Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II is available. The start number 5 is the pilot of Vincent Kolb / Frank Stippler. With number 15, Robin Frijns / Kelvin van der Linde an den Start. The new Scherer Sport-Audi steuern in the side of Rennen Michele Beretta / Cuba Giermaziak.

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