The situation of positive personality is important for personal travel is

Ob on business trips, in the holiday or underwriting in the crisis area: Security at foreign trips is for a man. However, it was used, and the personal security is very popular, there are some tools. Three of the most important safety tools are expert Florian Peil.

In the agent thriller “The Bourne Identity” there is a scene, in the main figure Jason Bourne (played by Matt Damon) a restaurant opened. Your first view of the exits. A second long view of the restaurant is located, a festive event, a waiter’s shop owner and barkeeper is an experienced camp leader. You can also use the number plates of six cars, which are located in the restaurant on the parking lot.

Da Bourne unter gedächtnisverlust leidet, kann er sich nicht erklären, wieso er seine Umgebung derart prízise beobachten und einzuschätzen vermag. His acquaintances (played by Franka Potente) are here, as well as his acquaintances, but he is only a barber and a waiter. Besondere an Bourne ist die und Weise, wie er seine Umgebung wehrnimmt. If it is protected, it is open to new information and can be found on the basis of its application. Bourne can read your surroundings.

The air can be read

The description “situational awareness” (English: situational awareness) is not included in the film. Aber genau darum geht es in dieser Szene. Bourne has an excellent situation, but not a single one. Bourne sees more. The current situation is not the same as the most important and most important change of origin. Awareness is our driving radar. It is a frustrating system, which can be used on possible occasions in the case of other cases, including criminal offenses or charges.

This situation is determined by the situation, which is self-propelled, sounding possible. Wer Awareness is practiced, we know about a time point, it was in its own environment. Awareness is the most important and valuable tool for personal safety in travel and all days.

In Japanese, this error is due to a certain pressure: “the air is read”. The description of the facts, (social) situations can be understood without explanations. In the underworld of the individualistic cultures of the western lands, the people in Japan collect collectively. Dazu provides, Situations and the relations of Mitmenschen without additional explanations. The air can be read, included in social intelligence – and really safe.

Wie Awareness You can protect criminal offenses and violence

After the All-Day meeting, the Awareness of your safety is completely doubled. To help us, possible misdemeanors, criminal offenses and criminal offenses, violence or social problems should be identified. If you have a potential interest, you will be able to do more of this time, but you will be able to take the right measures, and you will be able to escape from the traffic.

To the other, the situation is highly defined in many cases. Denn jede feindliche Handlung erfordert beim Täter eine gewisse Vorbereitung. Dabei gilt die Faustregel: Je complex of the plant Tat, this long distance before the time of departure of the driver.

situational attitude

We are unapproachable and in the public eye with your smartphone, you can quickly choose from a pocketbook. (Photo: asiandelight)

In the case of the payroll for the payroll, this processing time in the regulation is short, but the plant is not very complex. The crocodiles are like a bag: you have a revue, and you have to go to a busy offer and a cheap time point for your catch. Dafür muss ein Taschendieb also sunnächst e e lohnendes Opfer identifizieren, um sim diesem sodann möglichst unbemerkt zu nähern. Here comes the situational attitude in the game. Wer aufmerksam und wachen Blickes unterwegs ist, wird vermutlich gar nicht erst auf dem Radar das Taschendiebs auftauchen. Sobald celebrates a potential challenge, but he is still busy and has a direct view of his direct contact, then the truth is that he is also, and this person is also a member of this company. can be ignored. Allein dür Ihre situative Aufmerksamkeit Sie zu einem „harteren Ziel” geworden und haben den Angreifer abgeschrett.

How does Awareness work in practice? You have been able to do so, and you have been able to get the most out of it. In addition to the application, a vehicle is available for six years: the Cooper Color Code.

The four steps of Awareness: the Cooper Color Code

Jeff Cooper is a US-based shooter, the system is developed, one of the most handicapped features in the situation is up to date, and one of the most important things is: the Cooper Color Code. This system is also very important to the military and security guards. Ich setze den Code seit Jahren in meinen Sicherheitstrainings ein, um die Teilnehmer mit dem Werkzeug Awareness vertraut zu machen.

situational attitude

Coopers System is based on a color code with color white, yellow, orange and red. Jede Paint stands for a best grade of Awareness. We are all grounded in a step by step. We are looking for the best grade for awareness, red for the highest.

In Stufe Wei is a place where you can enjoy and enjoy and enjoy our surroundings or just a little beach. We know the color of the routine, the business blindness and the all-day construction – and the “Hermdaddelns” on the smartphone. On these steps are not in the location, potentially drive away, talk about it, take action to react. On top of that, the uppermost elements are yellow. In Stufe Gelb we are entertaining, but we also have to pay attention to other things. In yellow, your driving radar is switched on. You know, and you are there to be around. Und genau darum geht es: Wann immer Sie sich in der Öffentlichkeit bewegen, sollten Sie Sie in Stufe Gelb sein, also Ihren Gefahrenradar aktiviert haben – so wie Jason Bourne in der oben beschriebenen Filmszene. In addition, you can: Pack your smartphone, take the headphones from the door, read the U-Bahn book. You can also use your own information. The majority of people will be able to learn the most important things, so that you can find out which ones are not up for grabs.

In Stufe Orange we swap, you have a potential identification in Ihrem Umfeld identified. Lots of light on your intuition, but it doesn’t matter. Your situational skills are well established and focused on possible possibilities. In Stufe Orange nimmt Ihre körperliche Anspannung zu und der Herzschlag irhöht sich. You can easily treat your hands and take a nap. There are typical stress reactions and signs that the body is on the stock.

In Orange, you focus on your ability to learn as much as possible, so that the situation can be determined or the potentially experienced can be harmed. Then switch back to yellow. In addition, you will be able to make sure that your appointment is completed and ordered. Then exchange in Stufe Rot. Red watch Ernstfall. In this step you have identified a specific and identified specific issue. It is very easy to find one or more of your personalities, to be close to you and to be of great interest. Red hot: Action possible. Your heartbeat has never been too high, the adrenaline will be taken away, your son is the best. Your body is ready for a lot of archaic reactions on the road: camp or fly. This condition can be found, but no management exists and you can find a safe place. After that, the body was rebuilt after a while, until he was and again after the Stufe White, the condition of the rest.

The color code in the practice set

The color code depends on the value of your choice. While waiting for the day, we can change the way between the four stars. The most popular times are in the Stufen White and Yellow, some in Orange and only in the Ausnahmefällen we are in Stufe Rot. The most popular people find the ever-increasing time of mental health in Stufe Weiß, as well as the rest of their lives in other countries or other protected areas. Das beudeutet jedoch, dass sie kein Auge für ihre jeweilige Umbebung haben. These verses have two engraved traces for their own safety: First of all, we are in Stufe Weiß not in the location, potential frustration can be identified. As a result, we will be able to respond to the situation in the event of an emergency, respond appropriately, and also be able to respond to the situation. Denn in a professional situation must be removed from this mental state. We can not directly from Weiß zu Rot to exchange, sobern brauchen dafür ein paar Sekunden der Orientierung und Anpassung an die Situation. Und das dauert in Bedrohungssituationen erfahrungsgemäß meist zu lange.

Fazit: Warum Awareness is important for personal security is

Situation Affirmsamkeit erhöht Ihre personliche Sicherheit auf Reisen und im Alltag. To identify a potential concern, to be able to provide awareness of a definite effect on potential offenders. For your personal travel security to be effective, it is important, you can follow these tips:

  1. With the Cooper Color Code, you can get your situation up to date.
  2. Switch on your bicycle radar at the same time, you have to enter (Stufe Gelb).
  3. Smartphones are Awareness Killer. You can use your smartphone in your bag and use it as soon as possible.

Good trip!

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