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How do children with experiences like war and air fly?

Heike Stammer: Das ist serster schiedlich und abhängig von den Erfahrungen, die sie in erlebten Kriegssituationen und auf der Flucht hemacht. In addition to the potentially traumatizing situations, play a role. Zum Beispiel: War eine Bezugsperson dabei, die beruhigend wirken konnte, oder war diese selbst in großer Panik? How bad is the experience? What kind of personality does the child bring? Why is it very similar?

Why do you want to get rid of children, aren’t you?

It is also individual: accommodation, allotments, sleeping quarters, mutism, social assistance, aggression, depression and many more.

How do you dream of this trauma?

Traumata entstehen, wenn Menschen potenciell lebensbedrohliche Erlebnisse haben, die sie in dem Moment nicht verarbeiten können. Wenn also Flucht oder Kampf nicht mehr möglich ist. You are in a mental state of mind, and in a different way to a long-term mental destabilization can be found.

Who knows, is a child traumatized?

It is an offensive symptom of how old and mischievous it is, but it can also be overcooked. Aggressive and aggressive relations can also be developed.

Mehrere Tausend Ukrainian children are in the middle of Baden-Württemberg in the school. How can they get better?

First of all, it is important, but it is possible to learn something like normal in a certain environment. The hot, their best possible experience is a school opportunity and sports activities in leisure activities.

How do other children go to Ukrainian schools?

You can offer your support, but you can only get one “Sonderstat”. All Ukrainian children are not allowed to do so. You can also use a retractable retractor.

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In the long weeks we have many Ludwigsburger flights from Ukraine to the house. How do you go with Trauma?

External use of the family is possible in a very practical way. For the greatest solidarity, the moment in Germany to experience, a great help. Open a solution to his aggression, the guilt of the Ohnmacht and Hilflosigkeit out, watching a strong checklist over his life. My tip to all, the ones with the flights to the tune have: Ask you the men today, was sie am dringendsten brauchen, welche Form der Unststutzung hilfreich ist.

How can you find this trauma?

It hangs from their resilience, also from their psychic resilience. They can be trained by trauma teachers in schools to teach teachers and teachers and pedagogical specialists. In addition to the complex traumatizations, a psychotic therapy is possible, but it is not in the moment of great distortion problems on the basis of language barriers.

How long have you been in the trauma?

It is very interesting and very important, as long as this war still happens. Solange der Vater, der Bruder oder Großeltern noch im Krieg und damit noch in Lebensgefahr sind i jederzeit die Nachricht einer schweren Verletzung oder eines Todesfalles eintreffen kann, immer neue Bilder der Zerstörung der Heimat gesewen swerwen.

How do you get rid of children?

Manche Kinder can be “switched off”, as well as the opportunity to play in the game and pay for the money. It is important that the children today have good knowledge and are also interested in it, but they are free of charge.

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Event for students: How do you treat traumatized children?

Heike Stammer, Professor of Psychology at the Evangelical High School Ludwigsburg, died on Tuesday, April 5, at 7 pm in a 90-minute visit.

You can enjoy the current concepts of trauma education and their application for children and young people.

As a result of online tutoring, schoolteachers also teach teachers, traumatized children and young people, and their activities are organized and help can be organized.

The share of the contract is free. Employment notice per person not available at accommodation@eh-ludwigsburg.de.

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