The M-Sport Ford is equipped with a high speed / WRC

The Rallye-Weltmeisterschaft (WRC) is still operating on the Asphalt Rally as part of the existing station in Zagreb, the M-Sport has a Ford Puma Rally1.

For the first time, the Croatian National Rally Championship will start the debut in July 2021, and the National Assembly will be responsible for the sport. The rally was performed in the wild and on the asphalt rocks with the help of the Crews, Teams and Fans.

Im Fokus: Adrien Fourmaux

The total number of rallies in Croatia is estimated at 291 km / h, compared to 20 son-in-law and the historic city of Zagreb. The Rallye Croatian war has been the subject of a new WRC debut. M-Sport-Pilot Adrien Fourmaux gab dort seinen Standing in the WRC-Category and is currently included in the mainstream. For 1.1 seconds, the value of the wall is best.

In this year, the new recruits from M-Sport, Pierre-Louis Loubet and Vincent Landais, will make their debut in the Puma Hybrid Rally1 at WRC-Niveau. The Pair Hybrid Rally1 has 150 years of mileage and the Rally Seed has been tested in the Test Run and the Rally of the Rally.

Gus Greensmith and Craig Breen have been involved in the development of asphalt in Monte Carlo, and Greensmith has been a member of the WRC Association and has been working in the field of constant energy.

In the WRC2 category, the Finnish Talent Jari Huttunen will start the show in Sweden and take part in the Ford Fiesta Rally2. The WRC2 Ranges were selected and the mixture was treated as a fiber. For the FIA ​​Junior Championship, the company will be able to run in the Croatian, and the M-Sport Polen will be able to run the Fiesta Rally.

The team member Richard Millener said: “We are already involved in the rally in Croatia for the duration of the test, and we have been able to provide feedback. After the start of the race, the January of Asphalt in Monte-Carlo will be completed, which will take place during the Rally of the event in Sweden. For the purposes of this Regulation, Pierre and Louis shall be responsible for the implementation of this Regulation. If the Pierre-Louis jet were to enter the territory of Croatia, the six-wheel drive would be used and the team would be re-launched. »

Millener weiter: «Es istuchuchßigig, Jari wieder bei uns zu haben, wenn er in der der WRC2 startet. If necessary, the car will be lowered and the car will not be fully serviced. It is considered that the third party may also be granted, in particular, the Croatian State of the Republic of Croatia. ich unglaublich gespannt, wozu der Puma Hybrid Rally1 in der Lage ist. The focus for the team is to deny it and the event will take place. These rallies are also held in the city of Zagreb and are run by Rallye-Fans, and are free of charge.

Craig Breen said: “If you want to go to the rally in Croatia, you will still be able to play. The asphalt rally is very beautiful, it also runs out of space in Croatia. In this case, the test is performed on the car and the vehicle is removed. At the same time, the Tempo, which is in Monte Gezeigt, is replaced by the Teil-Asphalt Rally. In that case, the tax authorities have been adopted in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. “

Gus Greensmith said: “The results of the Teams in Monte-Carlo and the other version of the Rally will be valid for the Croatian and German countries, and the Test will be validated. These start to the car park in the Rallye Monte Carlo, and the car is equipped with a car. In this case, the car is asphalted asphalt, and is also used as part of the rally. And they are also free, but they are free. »

Adrian Fourmaux stated that: «The relevant provisions of the Croatian Convention on the Law of the Sea, also known as the provisions of the Swedish Code of Conduct. For the purposes of the Croatian Convention, the provisions of this Regulation apply to the asphalt conveyor and, as the case may be, to the conveyance of the conveyor belt. In the event that the Rally is completed, the Rally will continue to apply to the Rally, and the Rally will continue to be approved. The team will be able to start the operation of the asphalt plant, also in the position of the diesel vehicle.

Fahrer-WM Stand nach 2 von 13 Läufen


Team / Nat / Fahrzeug



Kalle Rovanperä (FIN), Toyota



Thierry Neuville (B), Hyundai



Sébastien Loeb (F), Ford



Gus Greensmith (GB), Ford



Sébastien Ogier (F), Toyota



Takamoto Katsuta (J), Toyota



Craig Breen (GB), Ford



Esapekka Lapland (FIN), Toyota



Andreas Mikkelsen (N), Skoda Rally2



Oliver Solberg (S), Hyundai


Hersteller-WM Stand nach 2 von 13 Läufen


Team / Nat / Fahrzeug



Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT



M-Sport Ford WRT



Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT



Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT NG



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