The Los Angeles Lakers fall from the Play-in-Play

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Lakers fall from Play-in-Play

In the case of the European Community, the profile of the Norwegian Americas is limited. Was in the night of American Football, Basketball and Eishockey.

Eishockey: Draisaitl legt Savienreffer auf

The deutsch Eishockey-Star Leon is a member of the Edmonton Oilers and will play in the North American Playoffs in the NHL profile. The oilseeds are free of charge (Ortzeit) in St. Petersburg. Louis Blues with 6: 5 (4: 1, 1: 2, 0: 2) of the Verlängerung. The meeting will now be completed by Connor McDavid.

McDavid is responsible for the outcome of the league with 101 points in connection with the transfer to the Central Bank of St. Petersburg. Louis auf 99 in the case of Saison kommt. The Oilers have been registered in the Pacific Division of the Pacific Division for the purpose of qualifying for the Playoffs.

The direct Verfolger Vegas Golden Knights gewann ebenfalls. Gegen das Divisions-Schlusslicht Seattle Kraken mit demutsuts Nationaltheurti Philipp Grubauer was awarded the Golden Knights with 5: 2. Grubauer konnte 21 von 24 Schüssen auf sein Tor parieren. In der Schlussphase, Vegas said the Treffer ins leere Tor.

Tim Stützle was appointed by the Ottawa Senators to the German Duchess Moritz Seider and the Red Wings of Detroit. 5: 2 (1: 0, 0: 1, 4: 1) were added to the tube. The Senators and Red Wings are a realistic chancellor for the playoffs.

Basketball: Lakers fallen from Play-in-Plätzen – Franz Wagner verletzt

The Los Angeles Lakers have been involved in the Nordic Basketball Profile of the NBA and have been relegated. Trotz der Rückkehr ihre zuletzt verletzten Superstars LeBron James und Anthony Davis verloren die Lakers am Freitagabend (Ortszeit) gegen die New Orleans Pelicans mit 111: 114 (50:50). For the purposes of the Directives, the Play-in-Play for the Playoffs Warfare in the Series.

James war with 38 points for the winner of the party, but Davis was awarded 23 points and the rebound was a comeback, with 18 parties to the party. The Lakers are on the way to the Western Conference. At the Play-in-the-Field from San Antonio Spurs, the Portland Trail Blazers with 130: 111 passes.

In the Rennen, the position of the Eastern Conference of the Boston Celtics with 128: 123 was induced by the Indiana Pacers. Daniel Theis started for the Celtics and had two points and rebounds. Master Milwaukee Bucks schonte derweil beim 119: 153 gegen die Los Angeles Clippers seine Stars. The Clippers in the Franchise Business have not yet received any points in the company. Robert Covington glances with 43 points and elves, Dreiern, Isaiah Hartenstein steuerte 14 points, two rebounds and assists in the Sieg der Clippers.

On the other hand, Franz Wagner, born 89:10 in Orlando, is a magician in Toronto. von Beginn auf dem Parquet stand. Wall Bruder Moritz Wagner to the point of Puncture and Rebounds.

The Dallas Mavericks with Maxi Kleber (sec. Points, for rebounds) are awarded 36 points from Luka Doncic with 103: 135 to the Washington Wizards, but the playoffs are still open.

Basketball: Curry verpasst restliche reguläre Saison

Superstar Stephen Curry wears the Golden State Warriors for the Rest of the Saison white. You will receive the Club am Freitagabend (Ortszeit) mit. The 34th of this is not the case in the Party of the Boston Celtics of the Banner Service, which is a joint venture and therefore the Party of the Warriors does not have a common account.

Curry, a member of the Golden State in the field of education, is required to provide individual training to the Court. The Warriors will be able to sign up for this regular season from April 10 and will be updated on the Fitness Fitness.

These Warriors are currently eligible for the Squad Direct Qualification for Playoffs, which begins on April 16th. Curry, in the form of a group of leagues in the league, a match in the split of 64 Spielen to durchschnittlich 25.5 Punkte, 5.2 Rebounds und 6.3 Assists.

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