The EU will provide all available handheld data for Handy:

I:n of the Digitalization of Health Insurance is Germany within the EU bestsellers Mittelmaß. Not only do the northern European states of Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as far north as Estonia, have access to Austria or Spain. In Denmark, all patients from the Diagnosis, Operations, Medical Services and Labor Department can be identified with the Central Bank. Krankenhuser, Zahnarztpraxen, Labore, Apotheken od Patienten können darauf in Echtzeit zugreifen. They are usually very handy. Damit lasen sich Doppeluntersuchungen vermeiden, Abläufe effizienter gestalten und Medikationsfehler vermeiden.

The European Commission will now have the standard in the entire European Union and the German government in Germany. Bis 2025 solle alle Versicherten in der EU problemlos mit dem Smartphone oder Internet on electronic Recipes, Laboratories, X-ray pictures, Entry details and Impfnachweise zugreifen künnen. You can read the Dritten Daten, sprinkle odrzten oder Apothekern, zugänglich machen können, und das grenzüberschreitend. In medical records do not send any information about this data at any time. This is an entourage for an EU member state for a comprehensive European Health Data Center. The entourage is located at FAZ. Das Gesetz soll Anfang Mai offiziell vorgestellt werden, kann sich bis dahin also noch verändern.

Health data for the Forschung:

Auf deutschland kommt damit viel Arbeit zu. It is as if the electronic government card and the electronic Patient Certificate have been deleted. This is a bisher mehr Theorie als Praxis. This e-Receipt is now available as a pre-emptive blocker for the non-current account – Testphase hinausgekommen. The Committees of the Commission, which have access to the European Commonwealth Datasheres, are free of charge, as well as the Member States in the Digitalisation of the Commonwealth of Independent States with full further details. The European Parliament has also been informed of a major shutdown. Beide müssen dem Gesetz zustimmen, damit es in Kraft treten kann.

FAZ Frühdenker – The Newsletter for Germany:

Weekdays at 6.30 pm:


The business association has also been extended to other countries. The Commission will provide the Nutzung von Gesundheitsdaten for the Forschung. In addition to the genomic data, the data from the Clinical Studies of the Socialist Party and the data on the Leibniz style, the data on the population have the same. The data should only be viewed in an anonymous form, which should indirectly identify a Patient immediately. Davon sollen aber in begründeten Fällen Ausnahmen möglich sein. The sale of the data on Dritte is not limited to your own Nutzung for commercial advertisements or entries, with a number of Patients or Patient Groups Join Versions or Bonus Programs from Versions.

The Commission will not disclose the date of any such use, except that the Intellectual Property Intelligence Unit in the EU will be tested, tested, and KI-Algorithms in Gesundheitswesen tested, trained and evaluated. The governing body of the European Union should be given a chance to take part in the negotiations with the European Union, with the European Commission “Datenschatz” for the European KI-Branch to make use of it. The potential support program in the Health Sector is large. They can only be found in Krankheiten im frühen Stadium zu erkennen od Abläufe in der Behandlung zu verbessern and so also the Kosten zu senken. The test setting should not be delayed until the Hersteller at the largest size and size of the Patient Absorbent Datasheet can be adjusted, while the Program can be trained.


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