The ECDC Memmingen stalmals in the half-finals of the Eishockey-Oberliga – Sport in Allgäu

Riesen-Jubel beim ECDC Memmingen: It is possible that the Eielockey-Oberliga-Playoffs of the Eisenheck-Oberliga-Playoffs be used as part of the Halffinale.

The sensation is perfect: Der ECDC Memmingen steht zum ersten Mal im Halbfinale der Eishockey-Oberliga. The Indians entered the service on 2642 of the Memminger Hühnerberg in Tilburg “Trappers” with a ratio of 5: 1 (1: 0; 1: 1; 3: 0). The end of the series was awarded to the top champion and the house favorite with a score of 3: 0. In the case of the Halffinale in the German Federal Association, the Ministry of Economic Affairs found itself in the State. Der Gegner stoch noch nicht fest; The Indians did not Heimrecht, but they did not.

For the purposes of this Agreement, the Parties shall inform the Indian authorities within one hour. Instagram, play-off-Topscorer Jaroslav Hafenrichter (neun Tore, vier Assists) a gravierenden privaten Gründen fehlen werde. ECDC-Trainer Sergej Waßmiller also said that the company was briefed: For the German Government, the Palatinate and the French People’s Republic of Germany.

If the son-in-law in Tilburg lasts 4: 4 in 55. The minutes after the induction were performed by Sergei Topol at 5: 4 in the second and second part of the ECDC from the background. .

In addition, “Jaro” Hafenrichter has been the subject of a decision by the Indians: Doch sie ride Geduld: In the 19th minute of the minute, Max Luke’s Indians with 1: 0 in Führung. Bereits am Sonntag in Tilburg hats Lukes den ersten Treffer für die Memminger erzielt.

Der Tilburger Max Hermens kassiert eine Disziplinarstrafe

Und die Tilburger? These must be unavoidable, so that they do not pass through the open air. Now, for 20 minutes, the nervous and cash flow of the high-speed cross-section of the high-speed barrier is maximal. According to Marco Eisenhut, the owners of the goods were not allowed in the area. These measures were taken as a matter of course, with the result that the application was completed.

Kilian van Gorp erzselt in der 32. Minutes den Ausgleich zum 1: 1

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In this case, the neutralization of the teak tea is limited. After 32. Minutes: The kiln was replaced by a pair of corpses, which were removed at 1: 1. To this end, the head of the unit, the lower limit of the control, is set to Matej Pekr in the 37th Minute. And that is to say, in the case of Pausensirene.

Schrillten bei Tilburg nun die Alarmglocken? Die Antwort ferries: Nein

Do you want to drop the alarm in the cabinet? In this case, the “Trappers” will be used for a period of 20 minutes in which all of the products are not suitable for use. Die Antwort ferries: Nein. In the 47th minute, the solution is set at 3: 1 for ECDC. Als Torschütze wolde zweiten Mal an diesem Abend Max Lukes gefeiert.

In this case, the defective unit is used in the first part of the ECDC test in the field of operation, and a maximum of 52 hours per minute is used by Max Hermens in 52 minutes. The series was published.

Wie man’s macht, demonstrated that the other Memminger was born in the first half of the year: Ludwig Nirschl was awarded 4: 1, and Peter was 5: 1.

For the purposes of the present invention, the applicant may not be affected. Was for the Hungarian public Abend, was for the Hungarian public Serie!

The journey to the Indian Indians, the play-offs of which were carried out by the United States, were completed.

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