The Easter gild in many churches in Bretten and the surroundings of a masquerade

Also live in the stream

Eighth-year-olds can be found in this year. Dennoch keeps many churches in Bretten and around the rules for masquerade, abstand rules and appointments fest.

FFP2 mask fee: In the most popular services in Bretten and surroundings, we offer a FFP2 mask fee. Underwriters will be able to follow a mask.

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Going to the Easter Sunday – one of the most important Feasts of Christendom – the evangelical and catholic church in Bretten and the surrounding area are filled. In addition to the Ostergottes service in this year, the Pandemic will once again be able to increase the size of the pandemic.

With the help of the most crowned Corona rules, it is possible to have a week at the church, individual regulations for their Gothic services. The provisions for mask, maintenance rules or registration can be shared with the municipality.

At the Evangelical Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, you can find out about the Gothic services at the Easter holidays online. But also without prior notice, you can visit the Gothic services. Dann sei jedoch – je nach Andrang – ein Sitzplatz nicht mehr garantiert, sagt Dekanin Ulrike Trautz.

In the Evangelical Church of the Bretten, the part of the newly founded community “Evangelical Church of the Bretten Region” is, according to the recommendation of the Baden Land Church: The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the state of affairs and the FFP2 mask to be traced.

The most popular churchgoers in Bretten see more Masks

Von den vergengenen Gottesdiensten seit den großflächigen Lockerungen berichtet Trautz zuversichlich. Bisher hätten sich alle an die Erfehlung gehalten und im Kircheninneren Maske gotragen.

Neben den Gottesdiensten in der Stiftskirche gibt es am Wochenende – die Dekanin hofft auf gutes Wetter – einige Feiern, die draußen und damit ohne Maske stattfinden können. The number of guests at the Osternacht am Samstagabend on the churchyard and the family service at the Ostermontag can be reached. “We will be able to enjoy a wonderful holiday,” said Trautz, adding that the war is still raging over the holidays.

At the Catholic community of Seelsorgeeinheit Bretten Walzbachtal, there are other masquerades and abstracts, according to Pfarrer Harald-Mathias Maiba. These rules are also available in Jöhlingen, Wössingen, Gondelsheim, Neibsheim, Büchig and Bauerbach.

For the Gothic services in Bretten, Neibsheim and Jöhlingen, there is also an appointment on the website of Seelsorgeeinheit or in the Parish Office possible. “We are holding on to the protection concept,” said Maiba.

The Catholic Church offers Gottesdienste im Livestream

In the current planning, find all the services in the Kirchen state, but there are also provisions in the Seasorgeeinheit unit, in the summer of the outdoor activities, such as Pfarrer. It is not personal in the church, but all Gothic services also take part in the live stream and live on the website of the Borsten Walzbachtal.

Maiba weis außerdem darauf hin, dass in allen Kirchen kleine Osterkörbe bereitgestellt werden, die für diejenigen mitgenommen werden können, die es nicht personlich in die Gottesdienste schaffen.

Angelika Ziebart, parish secretary of the Catholic Church of the Holy Virgin in Knittlingen, spoke to the Church. In addition, there is the inner sellege unit, which also includes the municipality of Sankt Maria in Oberderdingen and Sankt Bernhard in Maulbronn, a unique regulation: medical mask.

In addition to the Evangelical Church in Knittlingen, the FFP2 Maskplicht is also a member of the Wörgtemberg Landeskirche. The stand rules are here. At all other churches in the region, you can find regular regulations online or in different parishes and municipalities.

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