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The best accommodation for stone and surroundings

In the geographical area of ​​North Rhine-Westphalia lies the city of Kamen with its fast 43,000 inhabitants in the district of Unna. The stone is bordered in the west by the largest city of Westphalia and near Dortmund. Through the Kamener Stadt area, take the A 1 and A 2 motorways, the cutting point of the majority of motorways, as well as the “Kamener Kreuz”.

The central location in the outermost area can be used as a place of entertainment, which is surrounded by stones. Parks, zoos and landscapes offer free leisure activities, which are culturally rich and west-western gastronomic.

Sauerländischer Gebirgs- und Heimatverein Methler

The 75-year-old SGV Methler has the opportunity to hike, travel from the spring to the autumn hikes or bike tours under the professional guide.

For tourists, the city of Kamen and its surroundings can be reached, but in the United States there are 6 and 13 kilometer long distance hiking trails. The pervasive hiking time is based on a single drink and four hours.

On the hillside there is the Sauberland Gebirgs- and Heimatverein Methler im Rahmen der Heimat- and Brauchtumspflege der Naturschutz am Herzen. From time immemorial, many years have passed since the construction and care of Nisthilfen for Vögel, as well as crop protection and biotope care.

Spielbank Hohensyburg

gluecksspiel21 2KWCasino Hohensyburg is located next to the famous Burg in Dortmund and has a casino area of ​​more than 15,000 square meters. In the building of the playground you can visit two restaurants, a bar and a nightclub. In the Sachen games portfolio, the casino Hohensyburg Dortmund is not covered by the competition. Also visit the 14-seat American and French Roulette. For Blackjack, there is a table, three for Texas Hold’em and a general poker table. Weiteren unlimited 360 play machines for delivery. From 3 pm the game bank is open, on Fridays and Saturdays you can play until 5 o’clock.

If you don’t want to go to Hohenyburg, you can play in an online casino, which is an attractive Free Casino Bonus free of charge. Free Spins up to date verschenkt. Die Glücksspielplattformen mit kostenlosen Freispielen haben den Vorteil, dass man rund um die Uhr spielen, zocken und gewinnen kann und man keinen Öffnungszeiten oder einem Kleiderzwang ausgesetzt ist.

Glücksgriff Boulderhalle

Bouldern nennt man das Klettern mit einer Absicherung durch spezielle Fallschutzmatten. For the Bouldern we have no choice but to use it, but it does not work and we have no choice. Children can be seen from four years ago in the Glücksgriff Boulderhalle, and there are many other borders. Bouldern is a fascinating sports leisure activity, the bodybuilding and gigantic fitness provided.

The Glücksgriff Boulderhalle is located in Dortmund Wickede, Zum Lonnenhohl 14. It is open from 11 pm (on weekends from 10 am) until 11:30 pm. There is also a shop with a coffee shop.

Naturmuseum Dortmund

Not only for the inhabitants of the city of Kamen is the Dortmund Museum of Natural History a fascinating place, a view of the geology of the 4.56 billion old history of the world, and also for tourists. Here you will find the living rooms of the home of the Carbons, the Cretaceous as well as the climate, flora and fauna of the region. The selected objects are covered by the history and features of the visitor and an emotional access to a meaningful atmosphere.

Jungen Museumsbechern bietet das Naturmuseum Dortmund eine Museumsrallye soe eine Führung zu den Themen Geologie und Okologie an. The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – closed.

Center for International Lighting Art

The ZFIL – Center for International Lighting Art – In Unna set up a foundation in the year 2001 of 3,000 square meters of large area of ​​the enormous linden brewery adjustable in the art of light. Mittlerweile ist die Austellungsfläche des Museums zu einer hochkarätigen Daueraustellung mit eigener Sammlung geworden, die Räume für Wechselausstellungen beherbergt.

ZFIL is the first and only museum, and the light art is presented and this printed art is presented. The “Dutch (De) Light” light park is located in a light area for 10 light-hearted trips on 10 different routes to the city of Unna.


selbachparkKWThe Selbachpark im Hammer Stadtbezirk Pelkum is not just for the Bürger in Hamm an optimal leisure area, but also for tourists from Nah and Fern and from the Umland. The park is well known for the large freibad Kamen can be found, which is located with its welded bath in the summer at an exit point.

In the Selbachpark there are leisure activities for young people and young people on 27 hectares of land. On the beautiful freibad you can also see a view and watch mini-golf, tennis and football courts as well as the riding area. Besonders believes that the world-famous fields of sightseeing and relaxation are the ones that provide a lot of people with a lot of nature.

Luftsportfreunde 2000 Kamen / Dortmund eV

Wer sich für die Fliegerei intereresiert und die Fliegerei erlernen möchte, ist bei den den Luftsportfruunden 2000 Kamen genau richtig. The airfield at the Derner Str. 128 is in the region a well-developed airport with a terrace, playground and sandbox for children. There are also complete airports with wind farms and landings. It is possible for sailors, motorcyclists and runners to take part in the Fascination of the Airlines.

The all-finite Drache Festival “Kite” or “Open the day” is not only on the airfield, but also on the terrace.

Dortmund Zoo

The Dortmunder Zoo offers your stay under other highlights: The Regenwaldhaus “Rumah hutan” with Schabrackentapiren and Sumatra-Orang-Utans, the three-story Amazonashaus with huts, Schildkröten, Fröschen and Haweswa The largest graveyard of South America, the Jaguar, and in the vicinity are the Nashörner, a watchtower of a new Dortmund.

Further Attractions in the Dortmunder Zoo are the Pandas in their spring 2004 2004 offerings, parrots, penguins as well as the lions and tiger in the rabbit house. The zoo is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Halde Großes Holz

heerenerholzKWSteile Hang is also a great destination to see, which is one of the most important mountains in the flags in the mountains. The Halde Großes Holz is a reclaimed and landscape-like Bergehalde des Bergbaus inimten des als „Großes Holz” bežichneten Waldgebietes. Man nennt sie auch die Bergkamener Alpen.

It is an optimal leisure area for hikers, walkers and mountain bikers. With a 200-hectare plot of land, the land is the largest Greenland landscape in the Ruhrgebiet area of ​​the Hoheward Landscape Park. External access to the largest continents on the European continent.

Heerener Holz

Round 66 hectares of natural conservation area Heerener Holz was built in 1992 under natural protection and located in the Kreis Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia. The nature protection gilt here provides support for the armored Eichhen and hainbuchenwalder, the orders from Erlen- and Eschenwalder, for the altolzbestände, for the standing and lying Totholz also for temporär and water.

Heerener Holz is a unique area with hiking and walking paths. Neben einer Vielzahl von typischen Waldvögeln fallen aufmerksamen Visuchern des Gebietes die in den Baumkronen horstenden Greifvogelarten wie Mäusebussard, Habicht und Sperber auf. The Wild Woods are a favorite land for all nature friends.


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