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The first Ukrainian children and young people are in the community. In Ettlingen, there are 50 in advance classes. Further teachers should be provided.

In the classroom: In the Schiller school in Ettlingen there are young people from Ukraine and other German countries.

Photo: Julia Trauden

Plötzlich stimmen sie im Klassenzimmer der Schillerschule ein Lied an: “Unser Vater Bandera”, e patriotisches, nicht unumstrittenes Volkslied, das im Autbst 2021 in der Ukraine zum Internethit geworden war.

The 14-year-old Roman grinned his mitschüler an, die neben ihm sitzen und mitsingen. The big break is a good room, in the room it is still unruhe.

The greatness of the students in the classroom is based on the text – 18 of 27 young people, who are in this middle class in the pre-school class, based on Ukraine. Vier von ihnen sind heute Morgen neu hinzugekommen, andere sind schon seit Ende Februar da. Nur ein ukrainisches mädchen, das bereits seit September in Ettlingen wohnt, ist nicht direkt vor dem Krieg geflohen.

Together with the youth of Pakistan, Palestine, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia and Latvia, the teenagers in the pre-employment class of the foundations of the German language. Coming weekly, the class has been released, but it is very easy.

Russian as a common language

Today is the first time a question has been sent. Lechrerin Stephanie Metzke projected a text on the line: “Wie alt bist du?” Und weiter: “_ wohnst du?”, “_ Kommst du?”

Arthur from Latvia, who is currently in German, is overwhelmed by the fact that the new Ukrainian students do not understand him. He also speaks Russian. Three by the hour, Stephanie Metzke says. “Und wir gehen jeden Tag spazieren in Ettlingen”, erzählt sie.

We have a nice teaching manger.

Stefanie Wagner, managing school teacher Ettlingen

Not all students are so excited and like the Clique of Roman and Arthur. Schwestern Maria and Veronika, the new ones in the class are up to date, not yet still vocabulary, and other students have their heads in the limited army on the school bank. “Many are very happy, they are sleeping badly,” said Lehrerin Metzke.

“Some are traumatized,” said Stefanie Wagner, Rector of the Schiller School and Business School in Ettlingen. How many children from Ukraine come and find the best students, they are safe. “It simply came to our notice then. But we have a nice teaching manger. “

For support also search for men with Ukrainian and Russian studies. You can find yourself in the third school, the most popular pre-school classes: the Pestalozzischule for the youngsters until the twelfth year, the Schiller school for 13- to 15-year-olds and the Bertha-von-Suttner school for 16-year-olds.

Wagner said that he was not allowed to stay in Dauer, according to Wuer.

More than 50 children and teenagers will be able to attend classes before. 257 Ukrainians are registered at the Mittwoch City Hall in Ettlingen, 93 children and young people (57 at school age). With more than 500 flights, the city is located.

Also in Rheinstetten and Malsch are VKL-class plants

The situation in Ettlingen is the same situation in the commune in the district. In the Rhine region he is one of the leading school students Doris Wesserling and no Ukrainian school children. You have to talk about it, that these things come.

Dafür sprechen die Zahlen: 86 Ukraine-Flüchtlinge ware laut Stadtverwaltung am Mittwoch in Rheinstetten regriert, darunter 22 Kinder und Jugendliche im Schulalter. With up to 260 flights, the city is located. Pre-school classes are located in the Black Forest Primary School and in the Real School of Plantation, including Wesserling.

Mälch überlegt laut bürgermeister Markus Bechler (Freie Wähler), Vorbereitungsklassen in der Hebel- und der Hans-Thoma-Schule einzurichten.

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