Motor-Reglement 2026: Audi & Porsche are nervous

The first year of the FIA-Weltrat das Motoren-Reglement for 2026 am 29. Juni absegnen. Access to and use of Querelen slow down the Terminals. Audi und Porsche is used for the purpose of licensing. The FIA ​​case: Im Juli ist es so weit. The Fall war in Anfang is clear: Audi and Porsche are not … Read more

Montreal-Wende: Wie schnell ist Mercedes wirklich?

GP Canada 2022 Dritte Plätze wie im Kanada-Rennen sind für Mercedes kein Grund zum Jubel. This is the case. Wie immer bleiben viele Fragezeichen. Zum Beispiel: Warum waren die Mercedes in Montreal zeitweise so schnell wie Red Bull und Ferrari? The truck is located in the front of the Möglichkeiten. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell … Read more

F1 Bouncing-Debatte: Theater im Teamchef-Meeting

If the sport is not particularly active in Formula 1, it is possible for the policy to be completed. Doch so e Gezeter wie in Montreal hat man lange nicht in der Königsklasse erlebt. The Bouncing Problem is a new generation of pilots in the field of operation. In this case, Mercedes is used and … Read more

Red Bull gegen Ferrari: Verstappen siegt weiter

GP Canada 2022 For the purposes of this document, all of the following may apply: Siegben Siege für Red Bull, zwei für Ferrari. Obwohl Ferrari diesmal sogar schneller im Rennen war. Ferrari has been shown with the starter plate for Charles Leclerc. Und Red Bull siegt dank Max Verstappen. The duel of the Red Bull … Read more

GP Canada 2022 – Analyze Rennen: Crimean dank Tsunoda

Wer hätte ohne Safety-Car gewonnen? The Fans of the Grand Prix of the Canadian Grand Prix will be able to win over Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz. The crew of the Red-Bull-Junior Yuki Tsunoda has been sold in the Safety-Car-Phase, the Ferrari and the manufacturer have been replaced by a new vehicle. Some of the … Read more

Sebastian Vettel: Verbot für Montreal-Protest-Helm?

GP Canada 2022 Sebastian Vettel said that in the case of GP Canada, the design of the Helmdesign would be slow, which would lead to a significant change in the criteria. For this reason, the Protest Committee was re-established in Regal. Is it possible for the pilot to be trained? Sebastian Vettel nutzt seinen Bekanntheitsgrad … Read more

F1 GP Canada 2022 – Ergebnis Rennen: Verstappen-Sieg

GP Canada 2022 Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix of Canada. The provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Community have been adopted on behalf of the Netherlands. Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton came to the Red-Bull Spit from the podium. Mick Schumacher fiel mit einem Antriebsproblem aus. Max Verstappen hat eiteren großen Schritt in … Read more

Alonso in Startreihe 1: Kampfansage an Verstappen

GP Canada 2022 Fernando Alonso started for the first time when he started for the first time. For this purpose, the base setup and subassembly of the Cocktail for the last hour are performed. Beim Start muss sogar Max Verstappen aufpassen. 40 Yes and no other leise. Fernando Alonso had a great time in the … Read more

FIA-Rückzieher bei Bouncing-TD: Erst Daten sammeln

GP Canada 2022 The FIA ​​can also be used as an anti-bouncing agent. The Weltverband wird in Montreal does not have the same data, and the car has been sold. In this case, the consequences of the car are also determined. The Technical Directive TD039 is based on the present invention, which is not very … Read more