Tactical Szenarientrainer Mittels Augmented Reality from Austria

Das im osterreichischen Kufstein ansässige Unternehmen MXR Tactics hat in diesem Jahr auf der Fachmesse Enforce TAC in Nürnberg erstmals seine neuwentwelte Augmented-Reality-Szenarien-Trainingslösung für eine behördliche S militia. The world premiere of the systems is completed in 2021 in California at the AWE (Augmented World Expo), the largest mass for Augmented Reality applications.

The MXR training solution provides the goal, straightforwardness and reputation of a flexible, cost-effective and out-of-the-box training in real-world enrichment. So realistic realistic tactics can be learned from the world and can be seen. The training is also available in a bureau, in a script house, a school or at the airport possible. This training method only provides a cost-effective and cost-effective solution for the special education. Beamten and Soldiers will be able to do so, tactical inquiries in real life will be given to them and they will be very confident.

Technically, these are a combination of a Hololense II Augmented Reality-Brille from Microsoft, a replica waffle and a HMU (Head Mounted Unit) – which can be found in a variety of specializations and realistically realized by other intelligent software and other software. left.

The training guide or trainer can be used to create and create unique beliefs. Diese Ziele werden der zu beübenden Person mittels der AR-Brille sichtbar gemacht, sobald sie den Raum betritt bzw. the overlap connections to the target. Be sure to call the replica of the replica waffle, the sensor of the waffle is the perfect point of departure.

The results should be analyzed according to training. As soon as the coach and the coaching staff of the trainings are finished, they can also find out about the long time. Dort können je nach Wunsch des Kunden die geforderten Daten – beispielsweise Trefferbild und Reaktionsiezit – abgerufen werden.

The MXR will provide the system with some additional information. Sufficiently, in addition to a traffic analysis, a “Ghosting” can be used. Damit can be used for navigation, tactical changes and views of the trainees in the space on a picture screen.

Tactical Szenarientrainer Mittels Augmented Reality from Austria

The use of the systems is completely classic. In addition, the CQB-Szenare complex offers a short and short period of time. A special infrastructure is not available. This sport, according to the company of companies and companies, is worth a while for special use of special shutters. Therefore, the training ammunition is designed to be available at any cost.

The company complies with the plan, its solution is as good as a purchase or rent for a small house in the month of the month. So sollen sich auch einzelne Dienststellen das System recht einfach beschaffen können.

Martin Gerstbauer, Mitgründer und CSO des Untenehmens, verweist gegenüber der Redakcion darauf, dass auf der Shot Show, der SICUR und der Enforce TAC mehrere Interessenten für das System gewonnen werden konnten.

It is based on the following user guides of MXR Tactics:

  • No ammunition available
  • 100 percent reduction of the cycling potentials to a different scale output
  • The unit is personable
  • The food is in real condition in 2 minutes
  • No input from statistics / roll models in advance area
  • rasche Qualitäts- & Perfomance Steigerung bei der Übtruppe
  • Data analysis and direct evaluation & video archiving are possible at all trainings
  • A timetable or trip with different training parts for ski training is not very convenient
  • Reusable training rating
  • Abbechslungsreicheres Training, so dass stetig new Reize
  • Simple adjustment of trainings

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