Synchrony Anita Alvarez: Dramatic Rettung – Sport

In the case of the Dramatic Zwischenfall in Synchronschwimm-Wettbewerb bei den Weltmeisterschaften in Budapest rückt das Regelwerk des Schwimm-Weltverbandes Fina immer mehr in den Fokus. In the 25th century, Anita Alvarez of the United States of America was involved in the development of a solo plant and a span of the Spanish trainee Andrea Fuentes. Danach brakenen sie und e Helfer Alvarez an den Beckenrand, wo sie von Sanitätern behandelt wurde.

In the present case, the parties to the agreement, which criticized the State of the Wettbewers and the other members of the Commission, did not consider it necessary to do so. “In the case of blue-skinned, fresh or unroasted fruit, which does not undergo any reaction”, said the Spanish Government As: “I think that all the minutes are not just a matter of time, and we are right,” said Mr Fuentes. It is described as “Schasszling”.

The final rules apply to the establishment of the Hungarian authorities under the auspices of the Federal Republic of Germany in the context of the application of the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Community.

This was the case with the Signal of the Swedish authorities and the Committee of the Regions, which was criticized. The members of the Organizing Committee, Ms Zsuzsa Csisztu, were appointed by the Hungarian national telecommunications company Telex, and the trainers were involved in the war and the problems. The puncture may be replaced by the same as in the case of the pool.

Andrea Fuentes (rechts) is Anita Alvarez, who has been a member of the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Photo: Oli Scarff / AFP)

The above-mentioned method is described above, in which case the value is determined. Alumez in the context of the application of the rules of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Qualifications in Barcelona have been approved. The German Synchrony Marlene Bojer, who was in Barcelona and then in Budapest at the start of the war, said: ” However, in the same way, the stadium is used for choreography and may be treated with such reagents.

Schwimm-WM: Anita Alvarez in Budapest, for the dramatic Zwischenfall.

Anita Alvarez in Budapest, for the dramatic Zwischenfall.

(Photo: Lisa Leutner / Reuters)

In addition, the equipment is not used in the presence of Alvarez as an athlete at the start of the operation. This is the subject of the debate.

In addition, Alvarez ‘Rettung all ihre Vitalfunktionen überprüft worden, die US-Amerikanerin war dann wieder zich gekommen; The US-Federal Network has set up an application on Instagram that states: For the purposes of the Agreement, Alvarez is part of the team at the start of the study, “the best of which is Anita and the Mediator”.

Synchronic tuning elements are selected from Turnen, Tanz, Ballet and Schwimmen – am Beckenrand, über und unter Wasser. It is possible to carry out the operation of the components, the components and the components of the components and the components of the components. In this case, Alvarez was found to be free, but this was not the case.

Bundestrainerin Doris Ramadan said of SZ-Nachfrage: “This is an extraordinary event in the field of sport, which can be passed on.

For the purposes of the present invention, it is not possible to use the same program for the athletes (and the athletes for the mixed start). Until the end of the year, the provisions of this Regulation apply, and the letter is set aside.


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