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Cars are also available from the Hechinger AfD store for life on the market place. Ob da eine Foßgängerzone nicht besser ankommt, wird man nach dem diffusen Ende des KlimaMobil-Projekts so schnell nicht mehr erfahren. The community has not been discussed yet, but we have been included. Photo: Stopper

According to Stil, there is certainly no masterpiece, the city and factionists talk about the footpath zone project on the market place, which is located on the Donnerstag at the end of the bill of exchange in the City Council. Clear as well as: The decision to refer to the majority of municipalities.

Hechingen – The trial short-term trailer zones are available in the Hechingen project. Other municipalities in the country, which have been selected for their choice, have been widely distributed in the Sachen traffic police. Hechingen flog raus, wil es se foissgängerzonen-Projekt frühestens 2025 unpacken wollte.

Obviously someone has chosen, the land and the land for this year of the planned project, but the three years are different, you are determined. The provisions of these provisions are one of the most important for a street, which is still available in the municipality on the basis of the Donnerstag.

Enscheidung after a massive protest of single traders

Der Zankapfel: Die Entscheidung, die Fußgängerzone auf keinen Fall diese Jaur auszuprobieren sondern sie auf das Jahr 2025 zu versieben, fiel letztlich in eine kleinen Fraktionschef-Runde mit Bürgermeister Philipp Hahn, denchdem änchätmer Einzel Allerdings have been given a beautiful view, in the majority of times the footpaths are always open.

The Bürgermeister Hahn has a possible mistake

It is not uncommon to find out what is possible, but it is also possible: The project-advisory country does not have the opportunity to do so. They don’t like it, they are their answer. Also gar nicht, entschied dann Bürgermeister Philipp Hahn. Although this is a possible mistake, it is also possible to do so on Thursday. “If you want to know them, we will be able to live in March in the municipality,” he said in his statement. Womit Hahn aber Recht hatte und sich auch darauf berufen konnte, nicht eigenmächtig gehandelt zu haben: Dass die Fußgängerzone auf keinen Fall diese Jahem gemacht bel soll, war in einer vorangegangenen Sitzung mit den Fraktionsvertreter besprochen wor. Aber da ging man davon aus, dass dach noch im Gemeinderat besprochen wird.

Lots of work in the project

Besonders erbost hat dieses tés Vorgehen die Bunte Liste, wo unter anderem Almut Petersen viel Zeit in die Projektbeantragung gesteckt hatte. Also, Roland Huber is one of Freien Wählern’s best friends, who is very busy for these footballers. Petersen and he has a chance for the inner city, which is located in the small town. In addition to this position, the decision is made, in addition to the position of the public, which does not only apply to the property, but also to the perpetrators of the lawsuit. Hatte in the Ratssitzung found, find sie.

Ratsentcheidung plays AfD-Rat Rosenstock in the cards

Really bitter for this evening, the rightness of the majority of the community is given, but that the AfD-Gemeinderat Kai Rosenstock plays in the maps. The AfD war from the start of the night zone, as well as the Rosenstock, as well as the necessary restrictions from the car traffic in the inner city, is in its own network of concrete. Footballers are responsible for their thinking about the free driver’s license, and the car is located inside the Tode. Warm ausgerechnet der ziemlich autofreundliche Hechinger Marktplatz so viele Leerstände hat, darauf ging er nicht ein.

The great mercy of the other Rates verzog zwar das Gesicht über Rosenstocks drastische Argumentation, ließ das aber mal so stehen. Only the style-criticism of the politicized tone of the AfD-Ratskollegen has been expressed. You can still enjoy the style. Denn wie Rosenstock are also a footballer. Last ten years.

Regina Heneka: “The CDU has completely completed this research”

Lediglich Regina Heneka hatte den Mut zu sagen, “die CDU hätte komplett gegen diesen Versuch gestimmt.” Ob da stimtm, und wiele anderen Räte so denken, hätte eine Abstimmung im Rat an diesem Abend zeigen können. It leaves an unbearable taste.


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