Stützpunkttrainer Florian Münch erklärt neue Konzepte – Sport im Allgäu

The DFB has been reformed for the purposes of this Regulation. Stützpunkttrainer Florian Münch erklärt, das für die Talente im Allgäu bedeutet.

Jürgen Lutz

02.04.2022 | Stand: 05:15 Uhr

The proposed reform of the German Football Association (DFB) has been approved by the Federal Republic of Germany. Kleinere Spielfelder, kleinere Tore, kleinere Mannschaften, keine Torhüter mehr, kein Kopfballspiel. Keine Angst. The football will be used. This is not the case for Torwart. The reforms are described in the following terms: Mini-soccer ball and yellow gel for the night.

Nachwuchsfußball im Allgäu: Was a jungen Kicker erwartet

For the purposes of the invention, a mixture of U6 and U11, and such a mixture is used in the construction of the structure and is also used for the treatment of the machine. “The main subject of the special contract”, Florian Münch, DFB-Stützpunkt-Trainer in Sonthofen. The reform was carried out by Saison 2024/25 in the Vereinen umgesetzt werden. This is the case where the new company is located. Mit waserer also, als das, was man sonst so immer tut. It is possible to use the foot-and-mouth equipment. It is necessary to regulate, in the light of, the legality of the Football Association in Germany.

An was given to the Trainer, Übungsleiter etc. are the trainings available? We have been able to supply the Mini-Ball, which will be sold in 2024. In Bayern that is not the case. Schon seit 2018 hat der Bayerische Fußball-Verband (BFV) Mini-Fußball im Programm.

  • Keine Schiedsrichter Die kernen is selected from the group consisting of the same and the same invention. The first green lift is replaced by a special purpose vehicle.
  • The spindle of the heating system in the field of the ball is set on a white background (20×25 Meter): Passen, dribbeln, schießen. Spielfeld ist in drei Zonen aufgeteilt. Zwei Schusszonen, in the area of ​​the Neutral Zone and the Neutral Zone. And I went to the ball in Schusszone for a while. However, the batches are inspected and treated with waste paper.
  • In the case of foodstuffs in the direction of three minutes, the goods are removed for a few minutes. In the case of the Member States, it is considered to be an exaggerated measure. The tourists play a new role in the field and in the field of the field. In the present case, the relative importance of Gegner is determined to be the same as the motivation.
  • The surface of the green of the sea is very large, with a volume of 2.99 meters. These are unrealistic. Beim Mini-Football can be played with the meter and in the direction of the meter.
  • Keine Torhüter Im modernen Fußball muss der Torhüter auch gut kicken können, siehe Manuel Neuer. It is known that the mixture has a spherical shape. If the U11 enters, it is possible to enter the position. In this case, the head of the U6 and the U11 are removed from the table, which can be removed. However, they may be used in the form of a greenhouse in Greece.
  • Kein Kopfballspiel Es ist keineswegs so, wie in England: dort ist Kopfballspiel untersagt. The ball is definitively defined by the Community. For this purpose, the measures referred to in Article 1 of this Regulation shall not apply.
  • Fazit: Beim Mini-Fußball gibt es nur Vorteile. Kinder lernen tactische Varianten. Keiner steht rum, alle sind in Bewegung. In that case, Eltern was granted the right to pay the benefits. From the end of the year to the ground, they are used to remove the spices from the baths and the fleece.

Portraits: Das ist Stützpunkttrainer Florian Münch

The 42-year-old Würzburger from the Sports, Chemistry and Biology of the Allgäu Gymnasium in Kempten. It is located in the Region. The train was operated by Würzburger FV, which was replaced by the U15 and U17 trains of WFV in the Bayernliga. In 2006, the A-License, in 2010 the Munich DFB-Stützpunkt-Trainer with the station in Kempten, Marktoberdorf and Sonthofen. In the case of the Schulfußball-Beauftragter in Schwaben, there is a Jugendausschuss des Süddeutschen Fußball-Verbands and damit in the Schulfußball-Kommission des DFB.

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