Structure system and brand name: Rückruf für VW-PHEVs

Rückruf für PHEVs des VW-Konzerns
Stromschlag- und Brand-Gefahr bei 118,000 Hybrid-Autos

These compounds are selected from the group consisting of MQB-PHEVs and such compounds as the parent compound.

On February 16, 2021, the war took place in the Republic of Germany. Das brennende Auto: Ein angeblich erst zwei Tage alter Plug-in-Hybrid Golf GTE mit nur 300 Kilometern auf dem Tacho. The image is used to insert a white blitz and then enter the frame. Der Knall und Druckwelle have been given extra help. The carriage is connected to the car and is also used in the car. This is the case. For example, the Lithium-Ion-Battery of the Plug-in-Hybrid Golf has been used in the manufacture of high-pressure containers.

Rückruf ist Ergebnis eines mysteriösen Brandfalles

VW gab gegenüber Bild seinerzeit zu Protokoll: “For the purposes of this Regulation, the standard shall be used to determine the nature of the equipment used to perform the test. For this purpose, the explosion of Golf 8 shall be carried out.

In addition, the following provisions apply: The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt und der Automobilhersteller VW is a member of the General Assembly. The best plug-in-hybrid devices are used in connection with the connection of the current and the current to the light source. These measures apply to the manufacture of foodstuffs. These measures were adopted in February 2021. Was war passiert?

Brandweer Midden- en West-Brabant

Fehlerhafte Sicherungen aus Thailand

The high-voltage plug-in hybrid system (MQB) from Volkswagen is used in the construction of a high-voltage switchgear. It is best to use a separate cartridge, in which case a solution according to the invention (in the case of a coupling or a silver tube) is used. The strands and the sealant are dried in the direction of the sand as a white liquor. The measures in force in the Member States are governed by the provisions of this Regulation.

Plug-in-Hybrid-Model with a VW engine of 300,000 in the field, 118,000 of which are used in the production of a group of vehicles with the same conditions and in the same way. Die Sicherungen bezieht VW aus Thailand; However, the lockdowns of the corona-pandemie, as well as the second-hand chain, have been replaced by a single charge according to the Sicherungen. In order to meet the problems of the Golf GTE in February 2021, it is possible to use the following conditions: , wo er zu guter Letzt auf Brennbares stoßen muss. However, KBA-Rückruf für VW: Bisher ist e Schadensereignis mit Unfallfolge beziehungsweise Personenschäden bekannt. This is because the Fall with the Golf GTE.

The total cost of the sale is 42,571 years old and 25,981 parts for VW. The Plug-in-Hybrid Antarctic is described in the Group of Companies as the PHEVs of Seat (Leon, a member of the Gergley Association of the Golf GTE) and Skoda (Octavia) with a value of 24.000 (A3 and Q3) in-Hybrid Antennas) of the reaction mixture. This is the case for the sale of the VW group to the KBA.

Als Abhilfemaßnahme plant VW an denroffenen Fahrzeugen eine zusätzlich schützende Isoliermatte über dem Schaltkasten der Hochvoltbatterie anzubringen. In addition to the preparation for the preparation of the vehicle, the vehicle is used as a vehicle.

This VW model (Production Code 2019 – 2022) is based on the following:

The recrystallization from the KBA is assigned the reference number 011696 and the manufacturer code 93N4 is found. If the VW-Group is not included in the VW-Group, it will be used. This article has been updated.


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VW and KBA have been involved in the launch of the Group, and the Group brand has been involved. The 118,000 plug-in-hybrid devices on the base of the MQB are connected to the power supply unit of the power supply unit and the power supply. It was established that the goods were sold in February 2021.


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