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Am 21. June 1960 wird der Bergmannssohn Armin Hary weltberühmt. The second sprint of 23 meters is 100 meters in 10.0 seconds. Ein pairs Wochen später triumphiert er in Rom, holt zweimal Olympia-Gold. Heute wird »Hurry Hary« 85 Jahre alt.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the Council of the Republic of Germany shall apply. »We are just looking for a memorial. Ich muss jetzt endlich auch mal an mich denken «, says Armin Hary. In the case of the Monastery of the Duchy Olympics, Hary Schooner was appointed as follows: He was appointed to the Doppel Olympics in 1960.

»Mein Gott, es geht wieder besser. Ich bin and kein Mensch, der ruin and rasten kann. Ich will so winter all selbst machen «, sagt Hary. Behind Ehefrau Tina ist er seit 56 Jahren in besten Händen. The words “Muss ich ihn nicht, ich muss ihn nur verwöhnen”, Christina Hary, are intended to be used in the manufacture of Wohnorts Adlhausen in Niederbayern. »These are the links you want. Armin fand einen Umzugswagen irgendwie unsportlich. «

The man is still a sportsman. In 1960, Jahr des Armin Hary, a member of the Ministry of Education. On June 21, 1960, the explosive starter was 100 meters long after 10.0 seconds. Genau 72 Tage is from the “Blonde Blitz” or Olympiaeger: Gold about 100 Meters – and is set to a large shoulder of the triumph with a staff of about 4x 100 Meters. In the case of the European Community and the German Republic, the applicant may be registered in the light of the market conditions. The staff member Bernd Cullmann was born in September 8, 1960 – and the first time was on the 5th. Das war unglaublich! The first step is to read: «82, Jährige. “For the Olympic Games in Germany,” said Cullmann, of the Cologne World War and the Rhine-Eastern German region. “These telephone sets are not present in the body”, the diameter of the diamond ring.

Schlitzohr mit filmreifer Vita

Auch Armin Harys Vita ist filmreif. Derived from the island of the Netherlands, all of these are handled by handball and handball, and all of them are covered by the rules. Derived mechanics are sports students, tellers, manufacturers, mobile dealers and sales agents. The following is the case: For the purposes of the resolution and the application of the press articles, the basic provisions of the 1980 Act were amended in accordance with the 1980 Agreement.

Exemption from traumatic injuries and seizures in the field of occupation in the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. However, in the case of foodstuffs of the kind used in Ukraine, such products may be used for the production of the goods, which may be the subject of a special operation. Hary concrete, which is particularly sensitive to the grain, the Nazi region is sensitized. In this case, the Swedish company is responsible for the development of sports and sports. Hungrig nich nur im wörtlichen Sinne. «

Noch vor demen golden Sommer 1960 sprint Hary 1958 in Stockholm to the European Championships. After the Autumnfall in November 1960, the wall was built in May 1961. The autographs are set out above. “In addition to the following Autogrammbriefe, mal einen, mal zehn«, erzählt Hary. »Haultsächlich aus Deutschland. Aber auch viele aus Amerika, England, Frankreich. The following measures are taken: In this case, the case is 80, and in the case of the 18th part is shown in this section.

For example, the first step was performed by Hary zu, which would have reached the point in which Jahres – the WM in the USA and the EM in Munich – were verified. »If there is a problem, or if you do not want to use it. Were die Kerle heute alle asuf der Aschenbahn laufen müssten, dann möchte ich die malhen. «Eine große Party zum 85. »Jeder, der mich mag, ist herzlich willkommen. They may not be used as such. “

Armin Hary was born on 21 June 1960 at the Recreation Center and the Spikes, the Olympic Games in Rome. ARCHIVE PHOTOS: DPA

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