Stadthalle in Dornstetten: Preisträger im Architektenwettbewerb stehen fest – Dornstetten & Umgebung

The foyer of these buildings and the extended town hall in the outskirts of the first prey. Photo: Visualization: Walter Huber Architects

Dass die Dornstetter Stadthalle saniert werden soll, unstatt sie neu zu bauen, ist seit 2019 klar. Now there is a favored plan, made by a price list of experts, community members and administrators, who have chosen the resources of their employees.

Dornstetten – Am Dienstagabend präsentierte der Gemeinderat vor seiner eigentlichen Sitzung mit Vertretern von Planungsburo, Kommunalentwicklung und Preisgericht die bislang favorisierte Lösung sowie witere Planvarianten anderer Teilnehmer. He is also a member of the “Walter Huber Architekten GmbH” (Stuttgart) association with “Burkhard Sandler Landschaftsarchitekten” (Hohentengen) and “drei ingenieure Biechele Brunner Zauner” (Stuttgart) mit der Tarnzahl 1116.

For the 3rd of June, the following are discussed. Dabei can also be a planner, the bishop of the two plains and three of them, nohmals ihre Ideen erläutern. Generally, the plans in the common weeks for the public in the city hall can be seen. The Rathaus is still open again.

Zweigeschossiges Foyer

Ingenieur Lutz Fricke von der Kommunalentwicklung, die freie Architekten Maren Dannien aus Tübingen sowie Walter Huber und Christian Burkhard als Planer der bislang favorisierten Variente ließen die Arbeit des Preisgerichts nochmals Revue passieren beziehungsguiguegügegügegügüngen

Experts of the most favored variants of concrete in their planning facilities under the authority of the City Hall as well as important buildings in social and cultural affairs in the center of Dornstetten. With its fascinating and energetic modernization, you can see that the old-fashioned presence is strong, and that Umfeld is attractive for gestures and for the relaxation of freelancers with a high character. The input structure in the building structure is reduced to the lowest.

Hauptstraße einspurig?

Only in the undergraduate school, the technical and house masterpieces “with the back construction of the open arcade structure of the Gunsten a clear building geometry” are new. The new Foyer is conspired as a two-way farm. The building is also being modernized energetically, and since 2024/25 the plant has been closed.

One of the most important things is also possible: The planner is suitable, but in the ideal fall the main road is clean, also on the railway line, available only. The square is well maintained. The main street renovation in Dornstetten Theme ist, bleibt abzuwarten, was tatsächlich geschieht. Bürgermeister Bernhard Haas once again has no specific answer to this answer. Sandra Thewes (Freie Bürger) is very short, but I have to make sure that she has to talk to me, and she follows the road surface.

Langes Prozedere

The decision on the price of a pre-warrior should be made. The minutes of the price list are based on a request for information provided to all employees in a review. In terms of circumstances, the day-to-day operations are just as simple as possible. In the chosen way, working is written in detail, and then the discussion is about a discussion about the number of members of the Council, and who is in charge of opening the bill of quantities.

The terms of reference should be considered in accordance with the requirements and the evaluation criteria. Diese luteten im Einzelnen: Gesamtidee, städtebauliche Einbindung, architektonische Qualität – räumlich-funktionale Bezüge, Freiraumqualität – Hauptstraße, Freiflächen Stadthalle-Schulhof Schnittstellen; Business and renovation concept, energy concept and maintenance facilities.

Freiraum concept

According to the report on the review and the explanation of the review report, all the parts of the price list for the time of the price review must be decided on the appointment.

The teams of architects, landscape architects and professional planners can be selected for their specialty at the planned planning conference. Zehn reichten fristgerecht ihre Arbeiten ein. All work should be anonymised and recommended with a variety of targets.

As well as the location and condition of non-planned planning projects, there are good and well-developed plans for the renovation of the city hall, including the fireworks and a concrete concept, which includes a “central building” with special lively food.

According to a description of the price list of the price list, the protocol is based on other criteria and rules, which are based on the renovation, which is: Bühne and Umkleidebereiche sowie Einbindung in die Topografie

Vier Preisträger

In the second place, the valued circumstances are not included in the question of the amount of work to be recovered from the price list. Definitely close the rankings as well as the ranking of the prices and prices. For the first price is 21,000 Euros, for the next 17,000, for the first 12,000 and as much as possible for the fourth 10,000 Euros.


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